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Joy Marasigan  I am blessed beyond any measure! Wife to a wonderful husband, mother to two amazing sons and one darling daughter! #phil413mom #iamJesustified!❤


Johann and Jotham playing with our neighbor's kids.
Next project: front yard fence.

@popeyeswinnipeg #CustomerAppreciationDays freebies #hisandhers

Stocked up on protein for the rest of the year.
Itching to go again to buy some more supplies while the crazy sale is on.

Anyone have any advice on supplementing while exclusively nursing?

Can't wait to get my Bosu out again! #hiitoftheday

Truth: the bosu ball was one of the first fitness stuff i splurged on. Im such a cheapo i dont but brand new stuff if i can. Anything over $30 brand new is usually too expensive... so off to kijiji or value village or ebay (for chinese knockoffs) i go. But for my bosu i went straight to Costco. Money well spent.
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Got less than 15 minutes for a quick workout? I got you cover with this BOSU balance trainer quickie. After warming up perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second recovery.
# 1 Lateral dome to floor transfer
#2 Revolving Burpee
#3 Lateral done to floor transfer (other side)
#4 Boxer crunch to standing hop
Cycle through the circuit 2/3x Enjoy! #bosu #workout #hiit #bosubalancetrainer

At 15 weeks, Anaiah was on her second trip to Toronto. This was our first time away from the boys and it was such a different feeling to not have them around. We made it a point to videochat with them as much as possible. This was also Anaiah's first time to attend a funeral. It was a bittersweet moment to see my youngest say goodbye to her Papa Edgar...bitter because he wouldn't be around to see his only granddaughter grow up, sweet because he got the chance to hold her and play with her a mere month ago.

Anaiah has become very vocal, not just with her crying while being in her carseat 🙈 but also with her cooing and aaahing and gurgling etc. And because there was usually a number of people around her, she was mostly amused.

She isn't rolling over yet but she is able to inch closer to me when i move away from her. She is a pro at using her head to find me. She is never stationary in bed anymore as her legs push her to different directions.
Something i noticed this week is how Anaiah likes to hang on to the blanket while she is being put to sleep. Another thing i noticed is when I'm carrying her upright, she keeps herself occuppied by putting her fist/fingers in her mouth. This usually leaves me with a dripping wet sleeve, and her needing a shirt change even if she has a bib on.

On Victoria day, we went on our first long-ish drive to Clearlake. This trip made me antsy as I didnt know how i would be able to calm anaiah down in case she threw a fit. She was so cranky in her carseat when we were in Toronto, and she was usually in it 15 mins or so at a time as we were pretty much just travelling a few blocks up and down sheppard so imagine my worry at the thought of 150 minutes vs 15 mins! Thankfully Anaiah was asleep going there and coming back. If she stirred up i'd play her song and she'd go right back to sleep.
Anaiah, you need to get used to being in your carseat because we will be going on many trips this summer! Thank You Lord for allowing us to make fun memories with our kids as we travel with them and show them the beauty of Your creation.

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When you have 3 kids under 4 and the sun is out ^_^

We face many challenges in parenting and are sometimes overcome with fear and doubt. In these times, we have a choice to indulge those fears or to meditate on the promises of God. Satan uses worry and fear to steal our God-given peace. It is an act of obedience to reject the lies of Satan and concentrate on God's love and sovereignty. We do not know the plans God has for our lives or the lives of our children. Our finite minds may have trouble understanding His eternal purposes. Our peace, however, comes in knowing that He is a God who is loving, wise, and in control. This verse calls us to concentrate on the attributes of God.
Instead of indulging your fears, choose to meditate on the goodness of God.

Bike ba kamo? ^_^

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