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Ali El Alfy  I do my sun salutations at the far mosque that looks to the Heart. #YogaWithAli #OnRetreatWithAli


I was all packed and ready to hit the road when suddenly she called me...
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Scroll through any number of yoga hashtags and 99% of the content is asana based and highly polished, at that. Social media seems to only have time for aesthetically-pleasing flows and ridiculously advanced poses.

In reality, yoga involves a great deal of sweat and tears, some falling over and the unexpected passing of gas. And if you're serious about your practice, you probably kick off your day by clearing out the junk in your sinuses and nasal passages.

This post is dedicated to the other side of Hatha Yoga. That side we hide because, God forbid, it might not get enough likes. Today, I raise my neti pot to the wonderful world of kriya!

May all beings be happy, healthy and mucus-free.

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#yogisofinstagram, I don't know how to say this but I think you ought to know...

I've been growing in negativity and cynicism lately but today was a breath of fresh air. I rode an 8am bus back from Sahel with a group of oldies all coming to stand for the Gezira Club. They were protecting their interests, yes, but I so admired and appreciated their optimism and activism. And all over Facebook it was the same from people of all ages.

At the club, people swarmed with positivity, everything was so well organized and in the end 19,000 had mobilized and our goal (of keeping the government out of our affairs) achieved. And, to top it all off, we got 2,000 more votes than Heliopolis! ;)

Today, was a good day and I feel awfully proud!

#GeziraClub #GSC #Egypt

A rare sighting of me wearing a t-shirt this summer

📷: @raniazayan

Come get your dose of self-love at the #OTplatform in Hacienda every Monday and Wednesday at 10AM

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The beach in Sidi Abdelrahman is a wonder. Equally wondrous is the fact that no one really shows up until about 2PM.

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Next class: 10AM Saturday morning @ Diplo

Our practice will be a little challenging but all are welcome. Whatsapp me on 01211277710 for the location.

Catch my class at the OT Platform in Hacienda every Monday and Wednesday at 10am.

Call 01211277710 for more info!
📷: @haley_withers

#YogaWithAli #Sahel #Egypt

I love this.

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