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  If you see me on Venice Beach ask me for a photo& I'll take one of you in return! My girl, Loulou_in_LA is my press secretary—so write to me!

I think Momby missed me while she was gone!

Gelateria Uli offers a Pup Cup! What a civilized SPOT.

“A storm is threatening, my very life today”

Love this city of angels

I do wish the chauffeur would get the silhouette correct. I am *obviously* a POODLE.

“Who the f#*% is Mick Jagger?”

“My girl Loulou hanging’ with the fans at the Rolling Stones concert in Prague...Why didn’t she bring me a tshirt???”

...you know baby, that thing about ‘dog years’ doesn’t count when you’re a Rock Star...

Posting this for my Loulou—She was SO HAPPY she made The Rolling Stones Official Croke Park 2018 video!!!!!
(when Mick sings ‘girls’ at 1:12-1:14)!!!! What An Amazing Night!!!

My New Girlfriend. Hey, if Mick Jagger can do it, why not me?

Yes, of course that’s MY bed over by the fire...What’s your point?

Happy Year of the Dog!!

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