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Elvira Lesmana  If you never try, you'll never know 💉 Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia


While TB is curable and preventable, it is still a major medical problem to the world, especially in Indonesia. It could be recognized by its symptomps, which are coughing, night sweat and weight loss.

Today, as the day to raise awareness and gain action to end Tuberculosis, I am more than willing to help to eradicate TB by simple things to break its transmission chain, such as participated in a TB Campaign.
Please join this campaign, and follow @amsaindonesia and @richard_holman as Ambassador of Public Health for District 6 to gain even more information on this issue!


Let’s join our forces to raise awareness on this issue!
By the way, the most intriguing picture of this event would be win a prize! Go share it to world!
This “Mini Competition” would be opened until 6 p.m on March 26th, GMT +7 "Growing Further, Empowering Together"

Happy Birthday ya @erinjoannaa wanita berbibir pink, bersarung laptop pink, dan bertas pink (dan berblablabla pink)
Dari semua foto ku denganmu, kamu paling bagus disini, jadi baik kan aku upload in yang ini foto kamu ;) #best
Selamat berusia 20!
Stay there ya 😍

Taukah kamu?

Saat ini, penyakit jantung merupakan penyebab kematian no.2 di Indonesia. Kematian akibat henti jantung dapat terjadi dalam 10 menit dan tatalaksana awal yang disebut Bantuan Hidup Dasar merupakan satu satunya kesempatan korban untuk bertahan hidup. Namun, seringkali bantuan ambulans datang terlambat sehingga nyawa korban tidak dapat diselamatkan.
Staying Alive adalah sebuah organisasi independen yang bertujuan menurunkan angka kematian akibat henti jantung di Indonesia dengan fokus utama menyediakan media pelaporan kejadian henti jantung dan memberikan pelatihan BHD.
Dengan menjadi follower akun line official Staying Alive di @stayingalive (line@), anda bisa melaporkan kejadian henti jantung di sekitar anda sehingga penolong terdekat dapat memberikan BHD sembari menunggu ambulans.

Ayo selamatkan nyawa dan jadi pahlawan!

The one who also came from an all-girls high school
The one who picked us up at the airport
The one who accompanied me eating my first noodle in Taiwan
The one who is very shepa [extremely smart] (?)
The one who is extremely energetic

This past one week was really great. It's an honour for me to get a chance to spend a week with all of you guys! Hope to see you guys again in the future. See ya in August! 我爱你们!

Enjoy your life. No matter how hard it may seem, when life give you thousand reasons to cry, show the world you have a million reasons to smile 😅



EOTY is an annual event held by all university members of AMSA-Indonesia. This year's event intend to raise awareness towards hypertension and how to prevent it.

Many people think that hypertension is not that dangerous, but do you know that hypertension is the leading cause to another heart and blood related complication? It may even lead to death!😱😭. This is why people call it as The Silent Killer.

By Avoiding stress and making people around me happier
I am one step forward to prevent hypertension!

I am Elvira Lesmana from AMSA-UI. Our EOTY will be held on 6th & 14th May 2017. Keep yourself updated and go follow our instagram! @amsa_ui --------------------------------

District 2 in Cultural Performance and District Booth
Thank you for the time, sweat, laugh that we spent together in this such big project. It couldn't be done successfully without all of you guys! #best
#imstc2017 #VivaAMSA

is an annual biology and medical competition held by AMSA-UI , in Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia on 7-9th April 2017.
This year, with our theme 'REPRO', I, Elvira Lesmana, invite you, all senior high school students all over Indonesia to join our competition! We have prepared many prizes and fun activities such as campus tour, super fun workshop for basic clinical skills, and inspiring seminars while you compete here, in our beloved University of Indonesia Campus, Depok.
So, what are you waiting for? Register yourselves now here http://amsa-ui.org/pendaftaran-nmgbc-2017/ and join the fun of NMGBC!
Follow our instagram for more infos! @nmgbc2017

#NMGBC2017 #LifeStartsHere

We've done our best! Thank you everyone especially @aminoar & Karel for helping us with our video, @ricthomasss for your lens :3, @amsaindonesia for this opportunity, and also everyone for your support ❤

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