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It was my first time in Beirut and I felt at home. For a few days, I spent my time on this street in Ashrafieh where I met Umm Simon, the owner of the building. She is a generous, caring and strong Lebanese woman from Armenian origins. Sitting in her little tailor shop, she invited me everyday to sit down for a coffee. We talked about life, love and bollywood movies. She was so happy to know that I was writing this quote from Amin Rihani"My wish is to live without disliking anyone,
To love without being jealous of anyone,
To rise without being elevated over anyone, and
To advance without stepping on anyone or becoming envious of those above me." #meetingofalphabets #whitewallbeirut - Merci @donrok69 and @yazanhalwani 📸@mangtronix

So excited to finally see this! I look like myself. Bigger things are just waiting to happen. So what’s that one big thing you want to achieve? Share it with us and you could be one of the lucky ones to see it come to life on one of the largest billboard in the UAE! Click on my bio to know more. #DoBiggerThings #iwishiwasspiderman
#sonof #theamazingAbderrah-Man @samsunggulf

TB to this amazing two days in La Marsa a year ago. Merci l'AGIM et l'ACMC #latunisietulaimesoutulakiffes #lamarsa #iamnotlosingmyhair #iusedtobeabboy #tunisia

When you need an inflatable dingy boat to check out your work @nabyldz is Vaiana #iampocahontas #myrelingueslabrumeuse #lyon 📸 @christindim

Myrelingues est brumeuse ce matin #lyon #myrelingueslabrumeuse 📸@christindim

'With great power comes great responsibility' - I am not sure about the great power but, what I know is that I have a big social responsibility through the work I do. I hope that I will inspire a generation of people who are proud of who they are and where they come from. #dobiggerthings and share it with the world - @samsunggulf - Link in bio #imjusthumanafterall #iwishiwasspiderman

🕸 Spiderman is from Auvergne 🕸 'Myrelingues la Brumeuse' is made of 81 panels that we had to fix one by one. Thanks to David, Nico, Cédric and all the team from Everest. Merci Doums, Mich, Alice @nabyldz @frederico_92i jade_t_h @christindim #lyon #myrelingueslabrumeuse 📸 @christindim

My installation 'Myrelingues La Brumeuse' aims to reflect the spirit of Lyon, which has always been considered as a city of legends and fairy tales. Curated by @maclyon_officiel for the @biennaledelyon , the art piece is a 120 meter stainless steel calligraphy suspended over the La Saône river. The mirror effect creates an illusion between where the calligraphy starts and where the river ends. My artwork has always been creating contrast with the environment. For this art piece, I decided to create something more subtle, mysterious in the spirit of 'Myrelingues La Brumeuse' the historic novel of Claude Le Marguet. #myrelingueslabrumeuse #mercilateam #merciEverest #selffundedproject 📸 @christindim

I always say "you need two hands to clap". People always see me in the forefront but they don't realize that I am backed up by the most amazing team anyone can dream of. We can only dream bigger if we work together. I owe so much to every single one of you guys #dobiggerthings #marseille - Share your dream with us - Link in bio 📸 @christindim

It was amazing to see how people reacted to my soap (Savon de Marseille) sculpture at @mucem_officiel in Marseille this weekend. People say that you always leave Marseille with a part of the city with you. The idea was to create a symbolic representation of Marseille and have people leave with a piece of the sculpture. The piece didn't last for more than 24h. Thanks to @savonneriemariusfabre and all the team who made this crazy project possible #savondemarseille #çasentaitbon #marseille #fada 📸@christindim

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