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I am so proud that the Gabes Film Festival will launch its third edition this week. I will screen my movie 'Lost Walls' for the first time on Saturday. This whole project started in Gabes and it was important for me to premiere the film in my hometown @fifagofficiel #gff #thepowercomesfromthesouth #lostwalls #latunisietulaimesoutulakiffes

#TB to this wall in the suburbs of Paris. Just open your heart #inyourface

When @hgaussin finds your wall in front of the Pyramids of Giza #flyoverEgypt #missCairo #feelinginamosalsal #omaldunya

I write on walls, I write messages that speak to people. The wall is a pretext to open conversation with the public. After a wall is complete, the conversation exists only between the viewer and the art piece. My messages, adorned on public walls all around the world, were created with the intent to communicate. At @dubaiopera , I used the words of @hhshkmohd that says : "إن الفن بجميع ألوانه وأنواعه يعكس ثقافة الشعوب وحضارتها وتاريخها..."
"Art in all its colors and types reflects the culture of the nations, their history and civilization." Each stroke of a letter, or word, seeks to build an affinity with each person. It is a conversation between the poem, the language, the form and myself. I invite the viewer to walk through this exchange.
#declaration #fortheloveofpink #biancacastafiore 📷@christindim

These two pictures are taken 4 years apart. 2014 and 2018. I owe @lateefam my sculptural endeavour. She pushed me out of my comfort zone during my yearlong residency at @tashkeelstudio . 'Declaration' was initially an ephemeral installation intended to last the duration of the show. Today, the sculpture is a permanent piece standing in front of @dubaiopera and I can't wait for the next Lateefa's challenge #declaration #fortheloveofpink #biancacastafiore #MaktoumAlnehayan #SanaaAlnehayan #whatsnext

When I moved to Dubai in 2013, it was to start a residency at @tashkeelstudio . My final show after the year-long residency was titled "Declaration" and the lettering was formed in three-dimensional shapes, protruding from the walls and curving around the corners.

The words were taken from a poem by Nizar Qabbani, a Syrian poet famed for his sensual compositions, who wrote to his wife telling her no matter how much she aged, she would always be beautiful to him. I took those words to make a similar emotional testimony to my art and make a love declaration to calligraphy.
In 2018, when @dubaiopera commissioned me for a sculpture, I wanted to pay tribute to Declaration as a way of declaring my love for Dubai. Amidst the verticality of the city, I saw this as an opportunity to create an undulating scultpural piece that visitors could interact with and experience my work in a new manner. #declaration #fortheloveofpink #biancacastafiore #laboucleestbouclée #merciLateefa 📷 @christindim

The letters have finally landed safely at @dubaiopera and found their home under @burjkhalifa . A bird is already building a nest inside one of the letter. The journey continues. #declaration #fortheloveofpink #biancacastafiore #part1 📷 @christindim

In the Arabian Peninsula, fourteen centuries ago, a large village named Okaz situated near Mecca was known in the region as the rendezvous for jousting poets. Each year, these linguistically shrewd men would meet at a commercial and artistic fair where they would engage in a competition of elegance and poetic flare. It is reported that following these battles of wits, the victorious poems were embroidered onto textiles, which would then be suspended from the walls of the Kaaba; hence their name, Mu’allaqat, ‘suspended poems’. It is said that several thousand poems have adorned the walls of the Kaaba but only seven poems remained on the sacred walls and it was these poems that gave classical Arabic some of its rules and structure. The Mu’allaqat are the story of anonymous men belonging to the proverbial tradition who thus influenced the future by simply, yet eloquently, retelling the events in their everyday lives. In the spirit of the proverbial tradition, I try to retell my time and my social reality, and endeavors to influence the future.  A proverb is usually defined as a wise saying or message which can be universally understood. I believe there is nothing more malleable than a proverb, not in its formulation but rather in its meaning. It expresses the truth of an experience and these experiences are as varied as the human race. In light of this, I permit myself to interpret the proverbial tradition as an invitation to universal self-questioning and self-reflection. The messages I use not only create bridges between people who recognize themselves in a specific collective imaginary, but they also weave connections between the trivial reality from which they issue and different forms of metaphysical understandings.

Visit Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial at Sharjah Art Museum #sharjahcalligraphybiennial2018 #the7 #hangingpoems 📷 @christindim

The wind is blowing at Sharjah Museum for the opening of Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial #sharjahyesplease #the7 #thehangingpoems

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