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elsbeth&julia's100happydays  Do 2 short people make 1 tall person?


Day 73: Happy bc weekend events boil down to a self-contemplating session of who we really are! ft. julia's rusty skillz

day 72: happy because Elsbeth had a better pun "there's no plate like home"
also happy to support our baseball team/arjun but rly we just rly like these shirts

day 71: happy bc our spring breaks were productive and our mondays arent!! (ft. @juliatzeng's spread)

day 70: happy because we both love our journals and doing nothing in apush

day 69: happy because we basically didn't have to school today and we got to eat a lot :))))) and sweepstakes somehow?

day 68: happy because it's happy day inception

day 67: happy bc it's over?
2 concerts and 2 rehearsals in one day? never again

Elsbeth appreciation post: 6 years of friendship and you're still 8!!! Thanks for the fun times you weird moose 😂😂 and here's to posting more embarrassing pics of me and nicer pics of you 💞

day 66: happy because it's #chsbeautyweek2017 PC @alicee_you

day 65: happy because we had so much food that we barely touched the cake LOL

day 64: happy because the week is DONEZO

Day 63: happy bc we repping orch for course selection night!!! 🎵

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