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Calories don’t count on the weekend ☝🏼⚡️ #bali #elsaswholesomelife

I love the rawness of the Philippines.
Currently mapping out some of the places I want to visit for the rest of 2018 ☼⋆
#philippines #elsaswholesomelife

UNICORN SMOOTHIE BOWLS IN BALI 🦄🌈 @unicornsuperfoods
Little snippet of smoothie bowl makin’ at home ✨✨ FULL video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (yasss finally posted 💁🏼‍♀️😝🙈) link is in my bio!! Let me know what you guys think?
Smoothie bowl magic made with my fav @unicornsuperfoods powders!
Get 20% off using my code ELSA20
#unicornsuperfoods #elsaswholesomelife
Music: Escape ~ Holmsey

Love people, use things. the opposite never works ~ the minimalists

I love this documentary on Netflix, and I highly recommend you watch it 🙏🏼 as a social media influencer it’s hard to not have a lot of “things”, and this documentary really made me rethink a lot of the things I have. I’m trying to share more, resell more, throw out things that don’t work anymore, and accept less new things. Have you watched it? ⋆ #minimalists #byronbay

Moon⋆☾Dust Berry Beauty Smoothie

This is the second recipe I have created for @nutraorganics using their NEW hemp protein mixes! I’ve used the Beauty Berries flavour, and it’s so so delicious! I especially love this one, even just shaken with water or almond milk for a quick drink after the gym, and I love that it has collagen boosting ingredients, which is good for your skin 😍🙏🏼

Jump over to the @nutraorganics page to get the recipe for this two tone smoothie! And don’t forget to use my code ‘ELSA20’ for 20% off storewide.
#nutraorganics X #elsaswholesomelife

Who else is doing #nochella ? in bed from 7:30pm, dreaming of tropical and far away places ☼⋆☾ #maldives

Salted Caramel Raw Hemp~Nola ⋆
Packed with plant protein, adaptogens for balancing your hormones, zero cooking, and can be served 3 ways! (SWIPE across to see the different ways I eat this).
I’ve created this recipe for my friends at @nutraorganics to showcase their new HEMP protein range! (as you’ve noticed, I’m hemp obsessed RN!)
This recipe uses the salted cacao maca flavour (my personal favourite!) and you can use my code ‘ELSA20’ if you’re interested in trying them out!
Jump over to @nutraorganics latest post to get my recipe! ⋆⋆⋆
#nutraorganics X #elsaswholesomelife

Part human, part mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ @conrad_maldives #maldives #twins

Why should you eat more plants?
Plants are rich sources of many nutrients that are important for good health, including unsaturated fats, vitamins (such as folate), minerals, fibre and protein.
Eating a plant-based diet is linked to lower risk of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.
Eating a plant based diet is also better for the environment. Just 1 calorie of animal protein requires 11x the fossil fuels of 1 calorie of plant protein.
Home cooked plant based meals are cheaper to cook than meat and dairy based dishes (I still get annoyed when I’m charged the full price for my meal minus the meat, eggs & cheese 😭)
There are plenty of delicious plant based protein options, and no, going plant based won’t make you protein deficient, generally we eat a surplus of protein vs our requirements. Extra protein isn’t stored as muscle, it’s used for energy or converted to fat (in a very long and complicated biochemical pathway that I had to recite for exams and never wish to revisit again 😂)
Research now shows that there are plant based sources of active vit B12! Certain mushrooms (shiitake and lions mane), algae (such as nori paper), and tempeh (created by bacteria in the fermentation process of the soy) contain good amounts of the vitamin.
Cooking plant based meals challenges you to experiment with different ingredients and use them to create different flavours and textures. I find it fun to be able to recreate a dish in a plant based and healthier way, it’s amazing what you can do with foods when you’re not fixated on using meat as the star on your plate.
SO, I’m interested, what is stopping you from wanting to go plant based? Have you tried eating a mostly or completely plant based diet? Where do you go to for recipes and inspiration? And what are your favourite recipes you cook at home?
Ps. I would like to add that although I choose the eat this way, there is no judgment towards others who choose not to! I want to try break that stigma that follows the vegan lifestyle, and instead want to work with others to help them become their healthiest version! #plantbased #plantpowered #elsaswholesomelife

Happiest when on islands and wearing @misterzimi 🌺💁🏼‍♀️

A coconut a day, isn’t that what they say? 😎🌺🌴
Coconuts are my favourite way to hydrate after a run!
@conrad_maldives #maldives #islandlife #elsaswholesomelife

In paradise with you @alexwatson
we visited this place just over a year ago. Seriously can’t believe how quickly the last 12 months have gone by 😭...
It’s so nice to be back somewhere we’ve been before, finding new things we love about it and revisiting some amazing memories! It kind of feels like coming back to another home ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎
#maldives #elsaswholesomelife

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