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sangita  never for money, always for love


babby's first brazilian. even if i tried to take a thotty photo about it it's still all red and chafed everywhere

succeeding in being the most cartoonishly SoCal looking person in the office

yep. this sums up my whole NY experience

just one of many rad murals at the 6th st community center in alphabet city. the building is an abandoned synagogue that became a historical landmark and were originally funded by a shared land trust that still operates. they still run in the day as a café and community organizing space and at night as a music/arts/events venue. building out the rad equivalent of a space like this in LA is my blood


EVERY time i gotta go "heh, BDFM 😏" passing this station like I'm 15 at a victoria's secret

this is the only time i've ever wished to be a verified account

meanwhile in los angeles,

belated valentines post bc i have to go thru months to find mushy pics of us! dave you're my favorite kind of thoughtful swaggy goof who saves my dang life about something or the other like once a week at least. like that time i injured my foot and you brought breakfast and crutches and a size xs jersey for me for no reason lmaooo 😭💗 I'm so glad you're way more than a friend and are my chosen family

i got hecka blonder

Nothing Was The Same

missin this cool nice dude who likes indian sodas real hard rn