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sangita  melanin kali and the infinite radness


please do not topple down the dancing lion in pajamas fountain statue in downtown culver city, it is a symbol of my Heritage and Culture

floored that my biggest music+comedy+performance art+big fluffy hair cozy slouchcore vibe influence of all time knows that i exist and is riffin with my dumb ass

every variation of this has always been my boyfriend

i found an old version of final cut on my spare hard drive and i'm gonna recreate every dramatic posing montage part in the beginning of makeup tutorial videos before they actually show what the product is for

don't think ya girl too tomboy to do the ol' scrunchie-on-the-knob


out of all dogs, penny is the most dog

this is murdering me rn

when you're 31 you don't need much else for your birthday than the softest body pillow you can order on amazon that's even bigger than you and just lying in your bedroom with the AC and ur favorite band and ur favorite band shirt

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