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sangita  never for money, always for love


meet me at the griffith park driving range top deck, haters

does it look too obvious that i worshipped rilo kiley and jenny lewis in my formative years



hi don't mind me i'm just stepping up my game

perpetual pensiveness

first time at dodgers stadium and meeting dave's dad πŸ™€πŸŒ΄βšΎοΈβœ¨

the legend of swagger vans

eeee she already does the agility course w/o needing treats!!

gentlemen prefer bronze

at all times

boring 'gram but i cleaned and downsized the whole common room areas!!! look how cute, soothing and spacious everything is now. idk if marie kondo's methods are something i'll outgrow or is just a trend but damn is it nice to make a 5-people-and-a-dog-and-cat home feel BOTH cozy and spacious

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