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Elsa Duncan  Calligraphy mingled with gardening SLC

It's gift wrapping time! Not to be confused with gift rapping which I exclusively do on birthdays. Actual truth. Sometimes on my siblings birthdays I write a custom rap then perform it on their voicemail. I don't really like to feed into stereotypes, but they are basically the whitest raps of all time. Not in the Eminem sort of way. Not even in the Vanilla Ice sort of way. In the 31 year old white woman rapping on your voicemail sort of way. #giftrapping

I'm cross contaminating seasons with springtime stamps on my holiday cards. I mean, I suppose I could make a trip to the Post Office to get Christmas stamps...with 3 kids...on the week of Christmas. I choose life.

Friday the 13th 👻
This tablescape is scary beautiful.

I had a baby. She is beautiful and chubby and practically perfect in every way. Ever since she was born I've been dead to Instagram, but look who's undead now 💀💀💀. It's good to be back.

Happy summer!!! We welcomed the season with triple digit temperatures yesterday. My husband suffered a near death experience when he snuck the thermostat up to 79°F when I wasn't looking. It's not incredibly wise to mess with a pregnant lady's thermostat. 🔪👿🔥

Btw, I'm super pregnant. Due next month with a little baby girl.

The other day...I cleaned my kitchen, I put on real pants AND makeup. Then I went to the Dr office with both my kids and the sweet nurse told me (unprovoked) "You're such a great mom". Armed with such praise plus the confidence of wearing not sweatpants in public I decided ​that I could totally conquer Costco with both my boys in tow. And you know what? I totally did! I didn't even lose my cool when the 6 year old cried actual tears and prostrated himself on the floor over the color of the cheese packaging. Motherhood skillz on point! We got home, I put away all the groceries, and deboned the shiz outta that rotisserie chicken. Then I made dinner, and even decided to make homemade chicken stock with the chicken bones, as one does when one has mastered the domestic arts. I was basically Martha Stewart, minus the street cred of having served hard time. I was on fire! But turns out, in that exact moment, I wasn't the only thing on fire...so was my kitchen. More specifically a pot I forgot I was heating some oil in. It was super on fire. Set off every fire alarm in the house. Everyone is safe and the kitchen was spared any real damage, and I was sufficiently humbled. And that's the story of how my blossoming domestic prowess went down in a literal blaze of glory🔥

It's teacher appreciation week, so I spent like 2 hours last night making these crepe paper flowers for my son's kindergarten teacher in her favorite colors. Meanwhile the state of my house is, ummm, post-apocalyptic. But you know #proirities right? No? Okay.

Working up some samples on this fine first day of May. It's the best month that the year has to offer!

I would reward myself for finally completing taxes, but thanks to taxes I'm too poor for rewards.

Copper foil return address on soft blue envelopes 😍. I realize now that everything else I've done with my life was a complete waste of time.

Taking a photo of gold ink is a lot like trying to catch a feral cat, except with more swearing.

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