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FOOD πŸŽ—TRAVEL πŸ“Œ JAKARTA  πŸ“· Canon 5D mark III πŸ“· DJI mavic pro Endorsement / Invitation : β€’ πŸ“² Line : eloviie_photography β€’ πŸ“© Email : eloviiephotography@yahoo.co.id

Lemper tuna 🌯 #foodshare from @palmskitchen
Kalau denger tentang lemper ayam uda 😊 biasa yaaa, nah kalau lemper isian tuna pedes gini uda ada yang pernah coba belum nich???
Ternyata ini lebih enak lagi loh gaaesss, isi-an tuna-nya πŸ˜‹ padat banget, gak rugi deh saya langganan lemper ini
Penasaran πŸ€” kan rasa-nya seperti apa, biar gak penasaran coba deh di-intip di @palmskitchen πŸ‘ˆ
For more information :
IG πŸ“± : @palmskitchen
WA πŸ“² : 0857 7516 2008

Vegan ravioli pumpkin 🍝 #foodshare from @teraspadicafe
These tasty ravioli have pumpkin folded into the dough, which gives them a lovely orange color
It is certainly impress all vegan guests
If you want the other delicious indonesian food, it's mandatory for you to stop here @teraspadicafe
Big portion and enough to energize you after walking around an unique rice fields around this area
In here, your eyes will be spoiled with beautiful rice field scenery
Location : teras padi cafe, jl raya tegalalang, gianyar, bali

Silky Water Effect at Sanur Beach - Long Exposure Photography

Some days you eat salad and go for a long πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ run
Other days you drink two bottles of 🍺 wine, eat a whole πŸ• pizza and finish of a carton of ice cream 🍦
IT’S CALLED BALANCE πŸ™ Eat 🍽 Well, Run πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Happy and you can follow @bukanrunners

The greatest place to eat in Jakarta and perfect balance between great food and impeccable service at @piquenique.id
Enjoy your dinner too gaaaeesss!!! πŸ˜‰
In frame : black pepper beef rice bowl
Location : pique nique, PX pavillion @st.moritz, lt upper ground, jl puri indah boulevard blok U1, puri indah, jakarta

The first in Indonesia "Breakfast With Orangutan"
@balizoo launched a unique Breakfast 🍽 with Orangutan πŸ’ experience
Now, guests are not only able to enjoy breakfast like a king🀴, but also with kings of the jungle : Orangutans.. πŸ’
Head over to Gayo Restaurant at Kampung Sumatra, see the playful orangutans play in the playground
Other fauna’s will also be joining the hearty breakfast
A scrumptious breakfast is served during Breakfast with Orangutan
Start with assorted tropical fruits or fruit juice 🍹, followed by freshly baked bread 🍞, and optional choices of main course that ranged from Fried Rice, Buttermilk pancake, Classic Cereals and more 😊
For more information : πŸ‘‡
Visit the website www.bali-zoo.com
Location : bali zoo, jl raya singapadu, sukawati, gianyar, bali

A huge clock with flowers in @tamanbunganusantara - capture photos from above

Uda tau belum ada set ulang tahun πŸŽ‚ nich di @fuwafuwa_world , set ulang tahun-nya berisi 1 Cake Topper (tersedia 3 pilihan desain), 1 Birthday Memo (3 pilihan desain) dan 1 set Lilin Ulir (12 pcs)
Cucok banget kan buat melengkapi hari yang spesial orang terdekat!!!
Nah πŸ€— Fuwa Fuwa lovers, kamu-kamu bisa berkesempatan memenangkan trip ke Jepang 🎎 loh untuk 2 πŸ‘« orang selama 4 hari 3 malam
Mau tau cara-nya???
1. DAPATKAN Fuwachu Loyalty Card di outlet Fuwa Fuwa seharga IDR 100K (dapatkan FREE 1 Signature Cheesecake untuk 200 orang pertama)
2. TRANSAKSI sebanyak-banyak-nya yaaa di Fuwa Fuwa sampai dengan 14 Jan 2018
3. MENANGKAN trip ke Jepang bagi Fuwa Fuwa Lover dengan transaksi terbanyak yaaa
GOOD LUCK πŸ‘ yaaa!!!

Get start the day with a πŸ˜‹ good food #foodshare from @pappajack_asiancuisine
Have a good lunch too gaaesss!!! 😊

Bakmi pelangi 🌈 #foodshare from @makemie
Bakmi unik warna 🌈 warni, merah, hijau dan kuning, eiittsss don't worry kamu pasti 😁 happy, disini mie-nya homemade dan terbuat dari bahan-bahan yang natural dan healthy πŸ’ͺ loh!!!
Lalu topping-nya ada banyak pilihan-nya, ada ayam original, ayam kecap, ayam crispy, terriyaki sapi, rendang sapi, otak-otak goreng, bulgogi sapi, tuna balado dan sapi cah paprika
Jadi , kamu suka πŸ˜‰ yang mana nich???
Location : make mie, arkz food garage, jl tanjung duren barat III no 1,tanjung duren, jakarta

Pura batu bolong - small and unique hindu temple near tanah lot, Bali

Bihun goreng vegetarian 🍱 #foodshare from @teagarden_id
Yang vegetarian tapi bingung πŸ€” dimana kuliner-nya
Nah disini aja nich, @teagarden_id dengan rekor MURI Resto dengan sajian menu terbanyak πŸ˜ƒ loh dari chinese food, western food, asian food, dimsum sampai vegetarian food-nya juga ada disini
Walaupun πŸƒ vegetarian, isian bihun-nya ada udang, cumi gitu loh, but don't worry ini aman kok, daging-dagingan-nya dari bahan kedelai, tapi bentuk-nya mirip 😁 abissss

Price : IDR 32K
Location : tea garden, jl pluit kencana, no 124, pluit, jakarta

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