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cole  colgate '21


5 days, 10 friends, and 200 mosquito bites later

the other team plays soccer in a baseball stadium #NYisRED #RBNY

rearranged in height/tan order

Marriott's preferred customers #sameoldshit

Chris Christie can close bridges and beaches but he can't block this view. Happy fourth 🇺🇸

Four years of hard work and dedication all for a picture with Ryan Walsh and a cigar #PublicSchoolValues #TFM #checkyourprivilege #wemadeit

because the weekend had some dignity

thankful for three bridges school and honors bio testing 🇺🇸 #prahm

lady liberty + @fdny

thankful for her endless humor, immeasurable strength, and constant willingness to place others first -- today and every day.

can't match their academics or their hair but that oral hygiene tho

tonight was incredible, and I certainly didn't throw away my shot. Thanks to these guys for making this all so unforgettable. #mrcentral

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