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Ellice  Body Positive, Proud little ☺️ Just trying to spread a little love and positivity πŸ’• Snapchat/YouTube: elmos_empire FaceBook: Elmos_Empire Cosplay


Velma sketch ❀️ #Elmob

Can't wait to do a Jessica Rabbit shoot for my Patreon in a couple days she's next month theme 🐰 remember if you wanna see the Harley Quinn pics join my Patreon soon before they're gone forever!!❀️links in bio or search Patreon.com/elmosempire #Elmob #Patreon (this pic is so old can't wait for new pics πŸ˜…)

Remember if you wanna see the Patreon exclusive bonus secretary shoot join my Patreon this month!!☺️ it's linked in my bio πŸ‘†πŸ’• (p.s this isn't the outfit it's lingerie for patreon😍) #elmob

GUYS!! Brickleberry is one of my fav cartoons and Connie is life πŸ˜‚ so I asked @richpage to draw her πŸ‘Œ go check out his feed and follow ❀️ #brickleberry #elmob #umetoys

Lip bite πŸ˜… used to do these kinda posts all the time haha πŸ™ˆ #Elmob

GUYS!! It's nearly the end of the month remember if you want access to the Harley Quinn cosplay and boudoir shoot join my Patreon linked in my bio, after this month the Harley pics are gone forever❀️ or search Patreon.com/elmosempire πŸ’•#Elmob

I love eyeliner 😍

Need to chill after work 😴😴😴

I like these pics I dunno why πŸ˜… #Elmob

My final form is just a dork who is awkward as anything and makes silly faces πŸ˜‚ stay weird friends ✌️️ #elmob

Corsets are so fun ☺️ #Elmob #curvygirl

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