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El Moe Hussaini  I keep it simple, but I don't keep it stupid. @CampIgnis @beatburns


Behind every self proclaimed cool tool, there's this cheeky, witty, brilliant, strong willed, independent, kepochi, betuah-punya-partner, mischievous, inquisitive, humble (she's sitting down), yoga-enthusiast, positive, butterfinger, determined, artsy, courageous, stay-true-to-the-game, focused, beyond awesome doll.

I do not know of which planet she's from, neither knowing where she had landed her spaceship but all I know she's interstellarly out of this world. And I am lucky.

This year I've ran out of wishes for my birthday. Nor I could think of asking anything else. I have the best of friends, families, crews, and on top of the icing, her. I can only wish for the people around me to be happy and healthy. Thank you for all your wishes, beloved Earthlings.

And thank you Love, you know how precious you are. Now I gotta step up my game. 😂🤗😘

"Who cares if one more light goes out // In the sky of a million stars //It flickers, flickers // Who cares when someone's time runs out // If a moment is all we are // Or quicker, quicker // Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do." • • • • • •
Thank you @chesterbe. Thank you for your music. Thank you for your voice. Thank you for your words. Thank you for being there through my youth since Hybrid Theory. Thank you for everything. You will be dearly missed. #RIPChesterBennington

A sample of what I did for #theredgiants' new jersy campaign with #alikhsansports earlier this year. Thank you @lueymotionlab for the op! Looking forward for the next one! #campignis #composer #postaudio #score #cinematic #advertising #sportswear #selangor

With the triple Jedi OG, Obi Uwan Kenobi. #foreveryoung #Eidventure #gammy #adaoranghepidapatduitraya

On a rare occasion: dinner with my best girls. #fullcircle #anchors #jessnakchow


A year ago, I shifted my career into something I've been wanting to do for a full time ever since I've learned to install and operate a Cakewalk DAW on my low end Win ME Celeron PC circa 2001, on and off at it not knowing what it was, just strictly limited to randomly clicking here and there mapping a simple MIDI version of Sunday Morning a few years later.

I had no formal lessons on these things. And with just a basic understanding of notes on a beat up green Kapok acoustic guitar (courtesy of my cousin who bought it just to play a few songs before he shelved it with dusts), I find the comfort in making a piece regardless how simple it is.

I self-learned the basic of recording back when I was in college somewhere in 2006 using a standard issue soundcard, and a copy of Sony Vegas Pro (it was more of a video editing tool actually) when my peers were out playing futsal or having fun doing collegy stuffs. Youtube was very limited at that point as well as a decent Internet connection especially when broadband was just getting their way to remote places. By then, with an electric guitar (and a borrowed DS1 pedal) and a simple drum mapping, I recorded some of my earliest stuffs.

As much as any other self taught audio junkie, and with the help of @gin_minho, Abang Rom and few people, I learned about EQs, Compressors, etc - all by the concept of trial and errors. I couldn't afford to fare myself for a better gear, let alone to switch into expensive audio courses or schools.

I recorded and produced my bands (I was in a few at that time) EPs with it, and some other friends who needed an amatuer job to get their track fixed over the years.

Fast forward to where I am now, it has been quite of a journey. There were times I thought I would've put all these to rest and do something else. But for some unfathomable reasons, I am still here doing what I do.

I guess it is true, that when you really put your mind onto something, it's bound to be how you want it to so long as you keep yourself at it.

Oh well. Imma see where it is going to get me in the next ten years. </enough rant>

It is finally out!

Goodness, what a wait. It has been a privilege to work with talented people in getting the work done.. and I am super happy with the result!

Thank you to @universalmusicmalaysia for making it happen, @nadiahramli for your above awesome assistance, @iamicara for your uber exceptional brain, @zulluey for your steady hands, @lueymotionlab for the perseverance, and the casts; @tonyeusoff, @jijiisa, @hangriii, @syedharriswins, and the untagable Ezra the kid. You guys, we made it.

Here it is:

#bbfire #beatburns #fire #vevo #beatburnsvevo #umusicmy #umdomestic #universalmusicmalaysia #lueymotionlab #icara #bts #behindthescenes #wao #womensaidorganization

The wait is nearly over! "Fire" MV will be released prrrrreddti soon. Like tomorrow kinda soon.

Stay tuned, people!

Also, the song is currently available in Spotify/KKBox/Deezer and the rest of the streaming channels there is so go ahead and have a listen!

#bbfire #beatburns #fire #vevo #beatburnsvevo #umusicmy #umdomestic #universalmusicmalaysia #lueymotionlab #icara #bts #behindthescenes #wao #womensaidorganization

Show me the power child.

#ipohrockcity #beatburns

Photo by @lovelyclicking

Sekali sekala post gamba atoto dengan tunang pulak. Hwehwehwe. #ipohrockcity

See ya gaiz there at 5.45pm!

#beatburns #sekalisekalalenjan #ipohrockcity

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