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Big changes coming for the Melbys. So excited to be a part in helping the least of these.

My girl has a new favorite band. Gold Frankincense and Myrrh rocked it out in Carthage tonight.
Both kids found it much too loud. But overall a fun way to spend an evening.
Summer Rockfest was great! Thanks First Baptist for putting it on!

Heading camping this week. Time for some annoyance free outdoor spray. No nasty chemicals for us!

Here we go again.

It is a Wishys kind of day. Yum!

We've had a most exciting couple of days here. Anna has been catching monarch caterpillars all summer. She is such an attentive keeper. Fresh milkweed every day. Flowers for the butterfly that came out first.
It was such fun to watch her happiness as they doubled in size every day. I'm pretty sure she taught them tricks like she does her cat.
We got to let our first butterflies go today. We've so enjoyed watching their metimorphsis. I have to admit I'll miss them hanging above our dining room table.

Welcome to my mud room. It is one of the more stinky places in my house. It is where onions and garlic live. Teenager shoes take residence here. It where pets go to ask to be let outside. We even have the occasional past prime (read horrible smelling) potato in this room. To top it all off our mud room is carpeted. Why? I don't know! But it is. And we deal.
Enter my friend, Purrifcation. Purification is a lovely little oil smelling of citronella, lemon and tea tree. Its light aroma doesn't cover up bad smells, like most air fresheners. It actually takes stinky smells right out of the air. It is like they were never there at all. It also has the added benefit of not adding any toxins to your air. Very few if any grocery air fresheners can say that.
I like to use a metal or glass spray bottle. I add around 4 drops of Purification and top off with water. That's it. Give it a good shake and spray as needed. Another good application is add a drop or two to your stickiest loads of laundry. Works great for oder removal.

Pretty darn excited to start reading this book I more or less stole from my mother today. Mwhahaha!

Enjoying this not quite to beastly day making a family fav. Strawberry jam! What are you doing to celebrate the cooler weather?

Hot and dry are doing lovely things to my flowers this year. They are putting on such a pretty show.
Happy 4th everyone!

Little factoid. The Melbys don't have air conditioning. I've never liked the way AC makes the house feel. Stuffy and closed. I'm a windows open kind of girl. This week though...wow! Thank goodness for my friend peppermint. One drop on the back of the neck cools me right down. It is a game changer for me. Feels so nice!

My baby turned 11 today. Where did time go? You are beautiful both inside and out. God sure blessed our family when He added you to it. Love you girly! Happy Birthday!

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