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Elly J Suggit  21 y/o from Yorkshire, U.K. I try to do special effects and I make good coffee 🤘🏽

I modified the mould with these two perpendicular rods that I saw @adamedwardstech do a few months back which makes running silicone that little bit more stress free as the negative will only make contact with the positive when it’s in exactly the right place.
It’s not exactly right just yet but it’s functional for its purpose so was definitely worth a try.😄
#sfxmakeup #specialfx #prostheticmakeup #transil20 #mouldmaking #fibreglass

Moulding the ‘crown’ to the elven warrior sculpt.
#sfxmakeup #prostheticmakeup #sculpt #mouldmaking #specialeffects #transil20 #fibreglass

I did all the cores for the previous sculpt in this deep purple colour just because I saw @ruthparrymua do them and they looked bloody beaut.
(Also because the makeup will be painted purpley) 💜
I ended up modifying this actual core after I cast it out to allow me to use a different technique for the negative.
I added the last pic of the waste mould cause I’m still fascinated that at the right angle it looks like a positive🤯
#sfxmakeup #prostheticmakeup #mouldmaking #specialeffects

Makeup I’ve been creating recently of an Elven warrior. Here is the sculpt before it was floated off onto its separate cores. She will also have some big leafy ears 🧝🏼‍♀️
#specialeffects #sfxmakeup #elven #prosthetic #mouldmaking

Few more pictures of the elven warrior makeup using the conform Moulds.
Modelled beautifully by @laurawhittlemua
#sfxmakeup #specialeffectmakeup #mouldmaking #lotr #elven #prosthetics #specialfx #specialeffectsmakeup

Elven warrior inspired makeup🧝🏼‍♀️🍂
Conform moulded prosthetics that where ran in @pscomposites progel10, deadened at 100%
Each cheek took around a minute to apply.
The gold metallic is from @mehronmakeup
And I used @pam_london maq pro palette to colour, along with some skin illustrators
All painted using @bdelliumtoolssfx
Modelled perfectly by @laurawhittlemua
Thanks to @emvesfx and @ashleyylovett helping me with the last little bits💛
I took the pics on my Nikon d5300
#sfxmakeup #specialeffectsmakeup #nofilter #prostheticmakeup #elven #warrior #lotr

Moulding of an antler. Scroll for process pics.
This was a cavity matrix mould. Silicone is @pscomposites PS28 with a fibreglass jacket.
I followed @frankippolito ‘s method from issue 3 of @prosthetics_magazine 😀
#mouldmaking #specialeffectsmakeup #prostheticmakeup #sfxmakeup

Conform Moulds I have spent the past week making.
Here are some process pics. Positive is PETG plastic, negative is fibreglass, silicone negative is @pscomposites pro gel 10, and ran in the same encapsulated in super baldiez. Keys are bits of wood that I trimmed to size and rounded the end off.
Still got sooo much to learn and some things need tweaking, but think I have my head around it. Can’t wait to try apply it to my model to see how much application time it saves!
#prostheticmakeup #mouldmaking #sfxmakeup #fibreglass #vacform

It’s here😍
Thanks so much to @pam_london for this amazing palette. I’m so super lucky and grateful💕
The maqpro palettes are must have in any kit!
#pamlondon #sfxmakeup #pam12daysofchristmas #maqpro

2017 was full of so many great memories, can’t wait to see what this year brings.
This is my fave makeup of the past year... design, sculpt, Moulds and application by @amberjlr and myself 💛
Hoping I’m going to be a little more active on here this year, thank you to all those who stayed and for the support, HNY ❤️
#sfxmakeup #prostheticmakeup #specialfx

Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏽❤️
I found this pic on my phone which I didn’t know I had from IMATS London 2017. I did this wound makeup on the VermillionFx @vfxartistry stand using their range of bloods #sfxmakeup #specialfx #prostheticmakeup #specialeffectsmakeup

Process of how I made the ear prosthetics.
Probably not necessary that I made them as a matrix, a simple squish Mould should be sufficient but I am about to matrix cavity mould something quite large and unusual shaped so wanted to get a little practice in and get my head around the process before I jumped in at the deep end👂🏼👂🏼👂🏼#sfxmakeup #specialfx #mouldmaking #prostheticmakeup

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