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ella's art 💕  uk artist ♡ 2001 ♡ #100headschallenge

what's the point of even sleeping?

ovarian torsion and appearing horses. am currently interested in chinese homophones so this was inspired by the similarity between 妈 (mother) and 马 (horse), maybe this could become a series? i'd like to develop this idea more tbh

tonal drawing of ear house

an ear house inhabitant going about his daily business

ear house no. ??? at this point

practicing from models again. i was under the impression that i hadn't improved much in the past year but i definitely found these drawings much easier to pull off than the ones i did several months ago, so 💪

i sat for about two hours at this open house thing drawing a stranger's whippets, i think they're my favourite type of dog to draw. they're like a regular dog but drawn by egon schiele

i'm in a horses mood
#watercolor #equineart

faces from life

ear house!!

a peaceful farming commune inside a giant mutated ear where music and spoken language are considered culturally important 👂🏠

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