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πŸ’»πŸŒŸ ella  terrible art, bizarre colours 🌠 16 uk


life drawing

life drawing

workspace aesthetic

still heavily dislike this but i put in another shadow and the composition at least looks better
#alevelart #selfportrait

pika for my parents' 21st wedding anniversary

these are crap but i somehow started watching georgian x factor videos on youtube? somehow? and i love liza kalandadze she's the coolest ever, look her up! her highlight is an excellently strange cover of lana's blue jeans!

i've realised that i'm not in a technical position to be giving out art tips (looking back at this account i'm atrociously bad at drawing the human mouth), but i am at the stage where people start talking about "talent", which is awful because it doesn't exist in an artistic capacity. i believe everyone has the potential to create really cool things, and the world would be a better place if they tried to fulfill that potential. also i know a lot of people really get into the idea of drawing and then get discouraged which is Not Cool because then we get less chance of seeing good things from them in the future! which they are capable of! so here are some story screenshots i made which i hope will help ppl stick to creative pursuits and build up a good foundation of drawing skill, i love you all!!!

getting back into oil portraits with @pyperbleu , who makes very beautiful and relaxing youtube videos under "catcreature" i implore you to check them out

name suggestions are open for this little guy! he's teaching me so much about anatomy that i regret not having picked up on before, but you need to make bad art and life choices before you can make good ones, right?
i'm in the process of getting a ton of stuff marked and sent back, so i'll show you guys all the sketchbook pages from my first a level project (landscape drawing and painting) in about two weeks and all the sheets from my gcse final project (shiny horses and colourful mirrors) in just under a month πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

love sociology. love to actually learn something that i didn't already learn on the gcse course someday

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