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This shorty is officially a finalist for the LGBTQ+ Shorty Award!!! There are no words for how grateful and humbled I am for this opportunity. From my heart to yours, thank you. Now let’s go change the world! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

“You are my favorite story I could reread over and over again” -s. frosch


These were taken by someone who makes me smile 😊

There are no words to describe how incredibly proud I am of this guy. Alex and I first met when I was 14 and he was 17. His band was one of the opening acts for a concert I attended in a small venue in my hometown. Afterwards, we ended up talking about music that inspires us from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake, and have been in each other’s lives since. Alex is the most kind and genuine artist I have ever met. When I first met him I was just a kid (with bangs that swooped more than Justin Bieber’s) and would have never expected us to become friends. I didn’t have a following or any social media presence whatsoever. He was still there to call me on my birthday, and reach out when my mom passed away. I would listen to his music to make my heart smile and teach myself how to play guitar. I’ve watched him fall back to square one and build himself back up even stronger than before. He’s never let any bitter challenge from the world steal his sweetness which he expresses beautifully through his craft. I am humbled to call this man a friend. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today if it wasn’t for Alex, so please do me a favor and preorder his new album, 206: Act 1. You’ll be doing yourself a favor too. 🖤💀 @bohnes

Pretty sure @adaripp is my spirit animal. He could step on my foot any day #HRC 💛💙

Well that was the gayest show ever. Had a blast being a guest on @macdoesit’s first show of his tour! Be sure to give him some love and go see him because he’s incredible 😊

Seven years ago today I lost the most important woman in my life. During her birthday two weeks ago I stayed away from social media and kept to myself. I was planning to do the same today until I realized it’s #internationalwomensday, which I can’t recognize without also recognizing my mom. The woman I am today is a reflection of the woman she was. My mom’s laughter is what I imagine the sound of sunshine would be like. Her continuous optimist taught me to see beauty in everything. She showed me what it’s like to be unconditionally loved, and every battle I faced, she faced with me. When I was outed and bullied for being gay in high school my mom’s support kept me going every time I wanted to give up and throw it all away. She supported every dream I’ve ever had, was at all of my theatre performances, let me dye my hair purple and blue, gave me my first guitar, would randomly text me, “I love you.” She wasn’t only special because she was my mom; she was special because of who she was. She left every person feeling better after even the smallest interaction with her. I couldn’t ask for a better role model because there really isn’t a greater one out there. Even though it hurts everyday that she is no longer physically with me, I am so grateful for the 18 years I was privileged enough to have her by my side. I chose to honor her everyday by living my life to the fullest. I can still hear her voice singing along every time I hear an Aerosmith or Billy Joel song. I feel her presence every time I smile ♥️

I became jealous of the impression left behind by your lip stain on my coffee cup, while my mouth remained clean - s.frosch 📷: @outcastcity

Daddy long legs 🦗
📷: @outcastcity

Shoutout to my friend with the jazz hands in the back

Sneak peek of what I’m going to look like when I start grad school. No makeup, and kinda alive?

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