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@oliversutro gettin’ jiggy on the gimbal last night along Little Annies and Richmond Ridge. There’s endless gravel out the back door around Aspen, it’s just full on chunk city. Last nights sunset was all time. No helmet was purely stylistic...I always wear a helmet. Aboard the @marinbikes Gestalt 3 with Nano 40s.

A year after our #wildvermont trip with @krinster, it’s been wild to watch @thaddeuscooke get fully bike obsessed. We’ve toured down the California Coast and across Thailand, and he’s signed up for as many gravel events and rides as possible, including Lost & Found and Vermont’s sadistic IRR. So stoked to see where the fuego will lead to next. #brucewayne of Burlington #batman

Brought my mountain bike home to Vermont for the first time since moving west and it’s a whole new world, Cochran’s went from a few scrappy, almost unrideable trails to the regional Mecca and the closest real gnar to Burlington. @griffdunne dawg sending on his Evil on Visceral above Richmond early this morning.

Creating a little bit of Project Mayhem in fancy valley. #gnarmega

Getting the engine in gear for summer adventures like this one. #summa #hours #training

While bugsie sleeps, the chaos of April in the West reminds me of the weather all of the time in Vermont. Photo: @tylerwr

This week was a memorable reminder of why I love skiing, I guess winter’s just a few months late these days...here’s Corinne sending with her ice axe in tow on a long memorable run in Chile where I forgot my crampons, dropped my gloves and all sorts of other eye-rolling moments. Andes this August anyone?

That was wild

He’s ready folks...

2 feet in April at #japalta can barely move..

Between Colorado and the Wasatch there’s a lotta good dirt rn! Surfs up! Seasonally confused... photo: @tylerwr

Woohoo! Great deal! $3.59. ~ I’ve only been able to exercise for about an hour at a time post-concussion (the last month) which has been hard but perfect for the stop-and-go rhythm of taking photos. Met up with @leilani.rose.b and @tylerwr while shooting some Patagonia images and got to jump in as a test dummy for some epic moments. The new HD4 felt endlessly capable in the desert terrain. photo leak: @tylerwr #bikeacting #timetoski

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