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ĒLLIE SZCZOTKĀ🌹  All my jokes are cries for help

Gd bye japan. you’re savage cos you wear tracksuits in 35 degrees and you can sleep anywhere. But you’re so polite and gentle (except that one guy on the train). Wow I think I’m going to cry in terminal no 66.

I walk around arrogantly now because I’ve worked out the train system

Let’s fuck this night

Cuppla big stemo’s on the menu #bde

An actual photo of me having sex

I used my full rexona clinical protection SUMMER STRENGTH in 3 days #wasabi

You (orange) vs the girl (blue) he tells you not to worry about #genuine #versace

Haven’t shaved my legs in I don’t even know how long. Not a statement I just can’t be fucked #anklesaretheworst #furry #maybetomorrow #wherestheskin

Cropping out males because I’m a cock block to myself already 🐓

Get a blow(dry) that makes you feel this good. I haven’t washed my own hair in weeks 💁🏼‍♀️

Prayer circle at a church Braiding each other’s hair probably talking about the diiickk #howbig #toobig

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