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Ellie S Hepburn  🇧🇸Elnet Maritime Logistics | Elite Marine Management St Croix US Virgin Islands 🇺🇸🇻🇮

Keep it going Elliott! You have been pushing your agenda for the last 10 years and just as you envisioned and dreamed the 🇧🇸 is beginning to see the value in the Medical marijuana industry! 💯💯💯 #HepHustle

Working in the maritime industry has granted me many opportunities, doors were opened for me that weren’t opened for my father or grandfather by men that I’ve never had the pleasure to know or say thank you to! I used those opportunities to create new opportunities and open a few doors as well and it greatly motivates me to see the young 🇧🇸 Ships Agents @elnetmaritimeagency doing business and corresponding with Captains, Oil Traders, Oil Inspectors, Superintendents and Ship Owners all across the 🌎🌍🌏!! #MaritimeLife #IHaveADream

Week 3, we ready! #HappyBDayMLK, MLK’s life and fight is even more reasons to succeed and elevate yourself to levels beyond even your wildest imagination! #BlackExcellence! 💯💯 #DiplomaticStatus #Vl #Dipset #SuccessAndEnemiesBranded

Paid the cost to be the #Boss! 💯💯!! #YoungQueenESH

Don’t let thy heart be troubled! John 14:1, God used my Grammys favorite verse in scripture to bring peace to our entire family! God Is Great #RIPDolly 💯

Heading to Abaco for my lovely grandmothers funeral! I’m going to need all the D’Usse I can get to get through this one! #RIPDolly

Pride is ignorance, humility is strength! 💯💯 #BeGreater

Back in the day on my @_conceptboats #ZeroTolerance with my mamma @janetmillsshepherd 💯💯🇧🇸🚤💨💨💨 #TBT2011

This lil guy didn’t know what was about to happen! 😂😂🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸 #SpinyLobster

“I thought I knew what success was until I changed my world view and then my view of the world changed.
And now here I am, ten years later to the day. Celebrating a dream. From a two-person vision in a kids room in a house, to scores of employees, a full fledged maritime agency and affiliate investments spread across the globe. From Dickies to my own clothing line. From eating from the table, to sitting at the table, to building my own damn table. From being laughed at and ridiculed for daring to dream, to being sought out to share how I accomplished my dream. From not knowing what my next move was going to be, to creating a new movement. And this story is bigger than me. This is not just my story, this belongs to every single one of you in here. You may not share the past but you are helping to shape this future. I wanted you to be proud of your history. To understand what you represent every day you wake up and put on that logo. I’ll admit I may not be the easiest person to work with, but I need you to understand where that drive and passion and hunger comes from. I want you to feel it and live and become it. So, one day, you will stand in a room full of people like I am now, sharing your own journey to greatness.
With that logo on your chest, you represent everything that they said we couldn’t be, in an industry that didn’t include us at the table and who the major players did not look like us. We are the first of our kind to do it like we did it. And in 2018 we will remind them, everyday we get up hustle and grind and break more records and rewrite history. We will remind them in 2018, why we were, are and will always be the best!”- Elbert S Hepburn #WeDidTheAir1sNeverDidThe3Quarters music by @jimjonescapo #WastedTalent on the way! 💯💯💯

Never allow the success to change you to the point where you forget those you came up with, not everyone can grow with you and it hurts, but if you know me you know one thing for certain I’m going to try! Proud of my brothers!! When we changed our world view, our view of the world changed! #BeGreat2018 💯💯🇧🇸

“The difference between passion and insanity, is not found in the person exhibiting the traits, but in the one interpreting them. What do I mean by that? I mean in the absence of knowing someone’s true story, we fill the emptiness with opinion, judgment and assumptions. It’s easy for you to misjudge who I am and why I am, if you don’t know from where I came. People tend to look at the end result and forget that there was a journey. But see, don’t ever rule out how important that journey is. Because it’s on that course, that we are challenged, forged and defined..“ -Elbert S Hepburn @elnetmaritimeagency AGM! #10YearsOfGraceVisionAndExcellence #BeGreaterToday

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