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Ellie May  Simba was walking slow....so I told him to MUFASAAAA 🤓🦁🚶🏽🏃🏽


The past 15 years of our friendship have been filled with laughs, cries, hugs (hugs AF-swipe right to see) dancing, eating, drinking (intertwined) , big life events, trauma, traveling, singing and everything in between. Life has been a whirlwind of change but hey! Whatever life throws at us next, I know we’ll be just fine if we keep side by side :) **ESPECIALLY when we both dive in to assume our default “kiss on cheek” pose and end up accidentally kissing (swipe right...AF)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) to my gorgeous @cariboberries! I love you #nestie #happybirthday #fbf #ooti #vegas #baegas #besties #graduation #drank #seeyouspoon #llamaslayalldayokay #shanoodlesanddoodles #sailormoon #sailormars

Happy birthday @brandonwgamboa! Couldn’t think of a better guy for my shcockiepants, so lucky to have you both in my life! Now let’s celebrate your birth!! (Ps, we did WAY better at taking viddies and pix this year!!) scroll for silly viddies of us 😛😂 #brandonsBOOthday #brandonsbirthdaybonanza

Words cannot express how happy @stephenette made me by sending me some old footage! Throwing it back to learning some of Twitchie's choreo with my Shaka fam in 2009!! Miss you all and miss THIS too damn much! @sir_twitch_alot this makes me want to step my shoe game once again! 😂😂 #shakathatish #shoegamesick #chappy #teamshaka #gotowork #hiphop

Was going to put all our bey dances in a mix together but didn't realize we had so many...id be workin til Bey day next year if I tried so instead here's a clip of some late night improv and feel good choreo by my Diegodoodle @diegoandresgasca. Why? Because I miss you and this a lot...thank you for being my heart beebee #SlayBaesForBey #diegodoodlesbikramsassclass #namaslayalldayforqueenbeyokay #llamaslayallday #Allnite #SlayBae #DanceforYou #Sept4 #QueenBey #aybeybey #shanoodlesanddoodles #shanoodlesintheshadows **i do not own any rights to this music (All Nite by Beyoncé) #happybirthday #tbt

I'm a day late but doesn't change the remarkable aptitude of artistry that the late legend and King of Pop, Michael Jackson had. So in honor of his day, here's a #tbt to a time i miss oodles!!! Missing my Team Shakaroos & miss hearing @sir_twitch_alot @sarahbrycemann @napogladney @ironman_jasontse cheering and loling front row of every show!

Emotional posts about both my studios coming to an ig account near you next week but for today, IT'S A WRAP!!! Last competition of the year and wow...could not be more proud of every single student of ours who took the stage today! Congrats to all, we love you!!(not pictured: @dancing2mydreams and @ankiepunkie ...love you ladies!) #proudmama #icrytoomuch #CashPrizesMeanSlurpeesForEveryone #boomerangAF

I guess it was the moment round midnight when @cariboberries and @lbyrne91 were running around from guest to guest at their own wedding reception yelling "don't leave! @roscoesdeli for the wedding After Party" that I was reminded how darn lucky I am to have that amazing, savage, supportive, genuinely in love newly wed of a couple in my life.
Cheers mates!! It has been an honor and absolute blast being a part of your magic the past few weeks!! To the beginning of a blissful and fulfilling forever! Let's rally!! #feelthebyrne #twolessfishiesinthesea #cariwedsliam2017 #AnAussieAndhisAriel #didwejustbecomebestfriends #newfriendsfromaustralia #newfriendsfromNY #eaglerockAF #wheresTheBouquet #EllieDoTheBirdMatingCall #mybestfriendswedding #Nestie #boomerangAF #letswalkthroughdominos

To my teacher who continuously protects my foot by quietly modifying movement on the spot when I take his class, to my slay bae who has mastered all of the sass, to the gentleman who holds all of the doors open for me, to the co worker that fluently understands and converses with me in my native tongue...SoundEffectular (with a gibberishdoodle dialect). To my Diegodoodle aka @diegoandresgasca who wears many hats ( all of the hats) daily to keep me happy and sane....I am most grateful for your best friend hat. Your birth is one of the things i treasure most in this world.

#wcw on #mcm because exactly a week ago was @ur_tiny_dancer's bday and I adore this beauty! #happybirthday you sassy minx, I'm so lucky to have such a fierce and amazing friend like you in my life! Love you! Ps all choreography is by lead Slay bae, @diegoandresgasca!! #shanoodlesanddoodles #drebae #llamaslayalldayokay #diegodoodlesbikramsassclass

Technique and details are sloppy but since I've been really determined to find a surgery or therapy that will one day bring full recovery to my right foot, I'm using this clip for my #waybackwednesday post. Grateful for my recovery and journey but determined to continue pushing myself and my strength💪🏽 #LeapingIsFlyingInElliesWorld #shanoodlesanddoodles #llamaslayalldayokay

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