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Ellia J. Garlands  #TheShoshanaBeanOfDrag Live singing drag performer for booking: ElliaJGarlands@Gmail.com

You better get into this #EastVillage #Disney party!! #Repost @lance_horne with @get_repost
What’s your fav Disney song? Come Ring them Belles! It’s true, LeFou- tonight, the Outcasts will be Out There, whether from a poor, provincial town, Toon Town, or Just Around the River Bend. Get your #disney on and cheer up any Poor, Unfortunate Souls. Starts at 9pm, Step in Time! Second Bar to the right, and straight on ‘til morning! #mondaysintheclubwithlance @clubcumming special guest host: @living_wenslawskly art: @claybythebay photo: @austinyourface host with the most: @huntercanning

So excited to be performing at such an #Iconic event tonight!! Come hang out and have a ball!! Maybe @michellevisage will stop by for her birthday!!

#HereWeGo!! “Let’s try it out for a few weeks and see what happens,” says @lance_horne #HappyAnniversary, family!! Come celebrate an entire year of music, love, support, and madness tonight with the most ridiculous crew ever!! #Repost @clubcumming with @get_repost
#Repost @lance_horne with @get_repost
One Year! 525,600 minutes of birthdays, cats, musicals, mayhem, and singular sensations. Thank you everyone for making #mondaysintheclubwithlance so special. Come celebrate, Monday and every Monday, 9pm til 3?4? a-5,6,7,8! Artwork by the brilliant @claybythebay Photo @austinyourface Co-conspirator @huntercanning Behind the bar @andyandyandynyc Behind the musical mayhem, me on keys. #onesingularsensation #anniversary #seasonsoflove #achorusline #nycnightlife @clubcumming #eastvillage #nocovernever

OMG!! This night is going to be insane!! Come celebrate our one year anniversary at @clubcumming #Repost @clubcumming with @get_repost
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This Saturday I’m so excited I cannot stand it! @clubcumming one year anniversary! A show, a party and performances by @alancummingsnaps @catccohen
@missangedc @elliajgarlands
@alissathekid @henrykoperski @murnewyork
@antonycherrienyc @larryowenslive @daphne_always @gunnarmontana and more!
Immediately followed by @hausofcumming
#clubcumming #oneyearanniversary #eastvillage #hausofcumming #alancumming #extravaganza #nycnightlife #nycevents

There’s a new #Ursula in town!! #NYC is missing @vitasummers so much already, but I’m happy and honored to jump on board to fill in!! Come see me on the river this Friday!! #PoorUnfortunateSouls

What a way to remember this ridiculous #Summer!! It could not be more blessed to have spent my time in @thepinesfireisland with my sis, @bubblesdboob I’ll be the @barbrastreisand to your #JudyGarland and day, gurl!! Love you forever!! 💖💖💖
📸: @williswelch
#FIP #ShowtunesSunday #FireIsland #FireIslandPines #PostSeason #Summer2018 #Sisters

While @lance_horne and @huntercanning are off burning the man, @claybythebay @walkerout and I will be guest hosting #MondaysInTheClubWithLance @clubcumming !! Come out and sing a spell!! Let’s see what #Dreams come true tonight. 📰: @claybythebay #UnderTheRainbow #EastVillage #Dragaret #LiveMusic #WelCUMMToTheClub #NYC

Hey, loves!! #OutOfTheHat is back tonight at @clubcumming for our monthly show!! 💖🎩💖Come out for a night of fun music, great stories, and amazing friends!! Of course, @living_wenslawskly will be tickling each and every one of our ivories!! @gingersammynyc @sabrinaseebreeze & @brandonmgarr are behind the bar!! Show starts at 9pm!! Come see what comes out of the hat for you!! #EastVillage #LiveMusic #DragCabaret #ShoshanaBeanOfDrag

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#mondaysintheclubwithlance Calling all pianists! Play for a singer, have a drink on us. Special guest set starts at 9:30! Last week it was @nathanleegraham :) this week?... ;) Last week, 103-yr-old Mary Mimms sipped prosecco into the wee hours- you have no excuse! Photo by @austinyourface Artwork @claybythebay Hosting @huntercanning @walkerout Get there early for Show Queen Happy Hour w GUEST HOST @claybythebay and stay late for sunrise shenanigans. If we’re lucky, w @msambermartin ? Also, there won’t won’t be trumpets.

Love you forever, @robbynekaamilnyc 💖💖💖 #Repost @lance_horne with @get_repost
Tonight, we celebrate Robynne Kaamil and all that she stood for and the joy she spread while working @clubcumming , gone too soon. We’ll pass the hat for her funeral expenses and sing a lot of joyous music for her to groove to. Also... it’s Shark Week, so watch out, Jets. Lower East Side Story is on. #mondaysintheclubwithlance
cohost. @huntercanning
Artwork: @claybythebay
VJ/DJ: @austinyourface
singers: You!

#TheyDontMakeDemBeatsLikeTheyUsedTo!! Last night was it!! #OutOfTheHat is the new ticket!! See you all at the next one!! #MaybeThisTime
💄/📸: @brandonmgarr
📽: @j_kuch

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