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Another benefit of going to Disney in mid January during a rainy days is that you don’t have to photoshop people out of your cute photo ops! 🐭 It’s the little things you guys! :p

I adore the rain, probably because I’m from California and it’s a novelty for us #spoiledbrats . It also gave me the excuse to buy this clear umbrella from @target , which I found out today at my meeting with my new CPA is a tax write off, so #winwin ? Who said #adulting can’t be fun? ☔️ Thanks to @melisfoulks for snapping this pic of me AND picking up the umbrellas! #rainyday #clearumbrella #rainraindontgoaway

Ok super important question: do you ever put whipped cream... on your coffee??? This gloomy rainy weather here in CA is giving me life (and tons of excuses to top my coffee with whipped cream!) But does anyone else do that? I recently asked for whipped cream on a latte and the barista looked like her head was about to explode.😂 I can’t be the only person who does this!? Photo snapped by @photocalifornia

ABOUT TO SPILL SOME SHOCKING TRUTHS: Since 2016 I’ve had fake nails almost 24/7 as I have a short + wide nail bed and I love how they elongate my hands and make them look more glamorous and dramatic.

BUT I just calculated that they have cost me about $2860 in three years on a lean estimate. Had I spent that money on oh, say paying more on my car payment for instance, I would have finished paying off my car this month, reducing my monthly expenses by $256/month! But instead, I chose to have an extra centimeter of added length on my nails.😑 #regrets Let’s not even begin to discuss how fake nails break and lift, sometimes hurt, weaken your nail bed and also cost me hours of my life.

It’s pretty sobering when you really step back and adult up. So I’ve decided to make #dippingpowder a rare treat and prioritize getting my financial house in order. Plus short nails can be just as charming as long nails and you can actually play the piano.😌 (Side note: do you ever stop to consider just how seriously #beautystandards oppress women financially? Starting to think about that a lot more...) @beauty_redefined has me thinking about that a lot.

So, I invested in a couple of cheap tools and gave myself a fresh mani. Do we like? Tell me: what’s your nail care routine, if any?

It’s been awhile since I’ve formally introduced myself on here, and since there are so many new faces (and it’s a new year!) there’s no better time. You can call me Elle and I am passionate about inspiring women to cultivate a life of purpose and joy by sharing my own ups and downs as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, musician, plus size model, teacher, and #bodypositivity/ #intuitiveeating focused lifestyle YouTuber and blogger [phew, that’s a mouthful!] I received a Masters Degree from UCLA in opera, and currently divide my life performing, teaching, modeling, and creating content to connect with my tribe here on IG, my blog (TheHomeBodyDiva.net) and YouTube.

A huge element of what I talk about is food freedom, channeling confidence, fat liberation and body positivity. As someone who struggled my whole life with an #eatingdisorder coming from a family with a long history of disordered eating, I entered #edrecovery four years ago, delving head first into intuitive eating with an anti-dieting counselor, which reignited my passion for lifting and introduced me to #HAES. Years later I discovered the #bodypositivity community online, and realized that I was tired of letting #imposersyndrome get the better of me, and dove head first into cultivating an online presence, finally giving myself permission to BE SEEN, take up space and unapologetically pursue my passions!

I am a Renaissance woman, and as such you’ll find a smattering of my passions here: #opera, home decor, decluttering, fashion, beauty, makeup, travel, and mental wellness. To make life simpler, I’ve created another page @curvyelle focused on modeling, photography, #fatfitness and my lingerie addiction!

BUT HOLD ON: There are way too many “I”s above, so I invite you to tell me ALL about you below. I’d love to know your first name, what you do, what drives you to get out of bed everyday, and how you found your way to this little corner on the internet!

The universe literally paired me up with the perfect cat to match my personality: equal parts cuddly/ affectionate and SASSY AF. Do you have a cat? Tell me it’s name and breed in the comments! [This is Abby and she’s NOT in the mood today.] #himalayan #ragdoll #notinthemood #sassycats #blueeyedcats #thehomebodydiva #photooftheday #catsagram #warmandfuzzy

How about we make 2019 the year we start demanding that social media influencers and brands stop photoshopping the hell out of their bodies? Like I understand SLIGHT (and I mean slight alterations that could have been adjusted with a better pose) but I’ve been seeing some edits on IG lately that have been making me 🧐. For contrast I was just on @alpinebutterflyswim ‘s site recently and it was SUCH a breath of fresh air. Like THANK YOU. It’s sad that we have to normalize people to be accustomed to seeing normal unaltered bodies. Also as a former photoshop addict a few years ago, I can tell you that you will always look back and regret that choice to change your fundamental measurements and features... #regrets

In other news I have a new S H O P highlighted story section and am taking the next few days to list a bunch of my closet on @poshmark . This dress is now for sale among many other things! Go scope it out!

#poshmark #unretouched #plussizeblogger #plusfashion #celebratemysize #vdayready #valentinesdaylook

Can I adjust my New Year’s resolution to be to having fresh flowers + cinnamon candles next to my nightstand year-round?✨ Many of you have seen that I have become obsessed with working on my space this past week. My fiancé even asked me irritated, “Why are you doing all these projects NOW?” It’s because I believe that our space seriously impacts our mood, productivity, and wellness.

I realized that little repairs, pieces of furniture (or lack thereof), and room colors would subconsciously irk me day in and day out but I ignored it and put off investing time and money into doing something about it!
I can’t tell you how much I love my home now and how serene I feel here, so I hope this inspires you all to invest in your surroundings because it really does make SUCH a difference. #thehomebodydiva

#diy #nightstand #homeblogger #lifestyleblogger #bedroomdecor #changeyourhomechangeyourlife #freshroses #moodboard

Friendships are investments, and you don’t want your life to pass by and realize that you’ve invested zero stock in others beyond your family and romantic life.

Prioritizing friendships is a major intention for 2019 for me. Our careers, family, partners and home life seems to always take priority in scheduling until before you know it, you’ve systematically isolated yourself. Friendships fill up a unique part of our emotional tank and help us evolve into better people. I’m so grateful that I’ve already got to step into the New Year having spent time this first week with @tayja_vu at Olympic Spa, @melisfoulks at both her amazing Christmas Party and for brunch yesterday (yay to new #bloggerfriends) and can’t wait to have a gym date with my girl @miqulai on Thursday!

Tag a friend that you want to spend more time with in 2019! ☺️ Tagging @laughlearngrow and @angelica.rowell myself. 🌟Shot by @melisfoulks 🌟

How my first weeks of January are mainly being spent! I had dozens of projects around the home that I constantly put off because other things always felt more important, but the reality is, our environment affects us... a LOT, and since I work from home I need my space to work for me in 2019 and bring me peace and new energy! #THEHOMEBODYDIVA

I’ll make a HOME highlighted story today so you all can see the transformation! In the meantime tell me, what’s one home project you’re tackling this month? #diylife #paintingproject #homedecor #homeimprovement #homebody #thehomebodydiva

Guess what?! There are only 354 more days until Christmas 🥰 #disneyland #goodbyechristmas #endoftheseason

My story today explains why I have two IGs, which I know it probably seems like overkill, but I’m a lady with a lot of passions and splitting them up helps YOU connect with what interests you most. In a nutshell, hang out here if you want to get a more general overview of my life with a focus on #plussizefashion , beauty + makeup, mental health, self-actualization, and life as an opera singer and #TheHomeBodyDiva ! Be prepped for some #HomeDIY , tips for living with intention sprinkled with a scattering of #TravelsWithElle in 2019. ✈️
My @curvyelle page is for those curious about the modeling side of things as well as my hub for sharing my passion for #FatFitness , lingerie, and content creator tips!
BOTH pages will be chock full of #bodypositivity goodness and tips, advice, encouragement and lots of support to help you reach your own goals in 2019. I hope to see you here, there or both and am grateful for you. :)
wearing @forever21plus with @talbotsofficial on the feet!

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