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let me tell you the story about this beautiful cake. yesterday was my sister’s birthday, and because she is a curly haired diva, i wanted a curly haired diva cake to celebrate her. so, last week, while at my favorite bakery in durham, i explained what i wanted and showed the baker a photo of my sister >>swipe left>> she sketched an outline as i stood there, and i was pleased with what i saw. when i tell you that the bakery captured everything i wanted + more! i couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. moral of the story: when your vision is clear and articulated well to a great team, magic can happen! is your dream team in place? is your vision for your wedding or event clear? if not, allow me to help you articulate it! schedule an event strategy session with me today. {link to book in bio}

moral of the story: you never have to accept something the way it’s presented to you. customization is ALWAYS possible. #saturday #weekendvibes #shop #shopping #customize #personalize #youcanhavewhateveryoulike

i need to speak to the DIYers for a second. even if you are a do-it-yourself bride planning your own wedding, there is still one critical component that you should consult with a wedding planner on: your wedding weekend timeline! this document is the written summary of everything you've planned to this point. it will be used by your venue, vendors, and bridal party to keep everyone on the same page--literally and figuratively--for your wedding day. // there's no point in hiring quality vendors and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars but not doing your due diligence to tie it together at the end.
luckily, i have a solution for you! i create wedding weekend timelines and take great pride in crafting air tight, minute by minute plans for special days. what day is more special than your wedding?
because of the time and detail it takes, i'm only accepting 5 more clients for this customized service until october 1st. jump in while you can, brides!

exposed brick + a crate wall + string lights = a super charming event venue in fayetteville, nc, called @studio215events. i love it here; it has such a great vibe. easily, my favorite venue in town. #unc #goheels #gdtbath #friday #friyay #event #eventplanner #eventplanning #nceventplanner #lunch #studio215 #venue #ncvenue #wedding #weddingvenue #weddingplanner #ncweddingplanner

we're back at @studio215events for part 2 of the UNC event series in fayetteville! this morning, we are in the little studio welcoming high school counselors, high school teachers, and community college counselors to chat with us over lunch and talk shop about the college application process. i loveeee this venue and the space we're in today. it's so charming and chic! #unc #goheels #gdtbath #friday #friyay #event #eventplanner #eventplanning #nceventplanner #lunch #studio215 #venue #ncvenue #wedding #weddingvenue #weddingplanner #ncweddingplanner

event set up and details. i love the industrial feel of @studio215events. it was perfect for tonight's reception and the ambiance that i wanted to create. #thursday #unc #goheels #gdtbath #alum #event #eventplanner #nceventplanner #weddingplanner #ncweddingplanner #fayetteville #nc #studio215 #warehouse

tonight's UNC event in the fayetteville area is well under way! it's for high school seniors that are interested in applying to UNC. #thursday #unc #goheels #gdtbath #alum #event #eventplanner #nceventplanner #weddingplanner #ncweddingplanner #fayetteville #nc

brides and grooms, we have a new service offering: wedding weekend timeline creation! **let me explain** a wedding weekend timeline is a critical piece to your wedding puzzle. it should include all events and activities beginning with the final drop off meeting at your venue (this is when you take the bulk of your wedding items--programs, menu cards, ceremony items, decor--to be stored so you don't have to do manual labor on the wedding day) through till the end of your reception. if you host any events after the wedding day, like a farewell brunch for your guests, that should be included as well. // the timeline will contain every detail, down to the minute, of what will happen throughout the weekend. if you or someone you know is about to get married and doesn't have this, be a bridge for their sanity and encourage them to secure a timeline today. {link in bio to book}

it's hard to believe, but it's september 1st! the weather in north carolina is noticeably changing, and it's been much cooler here for the past week or so. what does that mean? it's almost fall! = we're in a state of transition. in some years, the transition between seasons occurs more seamlessly than others. in other years, the transition can feel extreme, bumpy, and disjointed. much like weather transitions, event transitions are more pleasant when they feel natural and seamless. be sure to order and schedule your event elements in a way that make sense, flow well, and feel good to your guests. it can definitely make or break their experience. example: at a wedding reception 1. introducing the bridal party 2. announcing the bride and groom 3. the couple's first dance as married people followed by 4. the start of dinner service makes more sense as an order of events than 1. the couple's first dance 2. introducing the bridal party 3. starting dinner then 4. announcing the couple. if your wedding is in 30 days or less, you should already have the flow of activities for your ceremony and reception mapped out. seamless transitions between activities should be incorporated throughout. if you do not, THAT is your assignment for this holiday weekend. if you need help, hire out! no need to struggle if you don't have to. my event audit service would be perfect for you. click the link in the bio to schedule your audit today! #september #friday #friyay #falliscoming #wedding #event #brideandgroom #weddingplanner #ncweddingplanner #timeline #flow #tipsandtricks #weddingtips #weddingadvice #audit #eventaudit #ellesdreamevents #theellereport

anyone that knows me knows that i absolutely loveeee wedding talk. tune in tonight as i go live to share the top 10 things you MUST do if your wedding is in 30 days or less. come ready to interact and get your most pressing questions answered! tag a friend that could use these tips! #wedding #weddingtalk #weddingplanner #weddingplanning #ncweddingplanner #theplannersociety #theplannerisin #bride #groom #countdown #tips #tricks #live #ellesdreamevents #theellereport

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