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Fitness•Lifestyle•Personal Dev  🌲PNW grown, 20-something on a journey to my best self: physically, spiritually & professionally 💪🏻Tips & musings 👇🏻Download my FREE 4 week gym guide


Woke up with a smile after sleeping a full night in bed for the first time in 7 days 🙌🏻 I've been out this past week from debilitating back pain...excruciating muscle spasms that lasted 20-30 minutes, sleeping upright for a week because laying down would trigger another episode, difficulty breathing, being drowsy all the time from 💊 yet unable to sleep more than 1 or 2 hours at a time... it was MISERABLE. Many appointments later, I'm thankful the worst of it is over. My PT gave me some exercises to re-engage my diaphragm and core since most of my breathing this past week has been shallow, short breaths using only my chest. It's weird having to consciously make your body do something it usually does on its own. I will never again take for granted the privilege and joy of being able to move without pain and just BREATHE. We are so hard on our bodies and how we look that we often forget how lucky we are to just be alive and healthy. I hope you show your body a little extra love today for all the hard work it does 💕 I'll probably stay away from the gym for another week to let myself fully heal, but I am beyond excited to take Charlie boy 🐶 on a walk today and let the fresh air fill up my lungs. Deep breath in, deep breath out 🌬🙏🏻 It really is the little things in life. #foodforthought #dailygratitude #justbreathe

🆓GYM GUIDE 🎁💪🏻⬇️
I know how scary/hard it can be to step into the gym for the first time in a long while (or maybe ever)...so I'm gifting you a FREE 4 week gym guide on the blog today to get you started! You'll receive six heart pumping 💓workouts that you can repeat weekly over the next 28 days to:
⬆️improve your physique
📲Click the link in my bio to download the goods😘

In case no one today has told you...your butt looks great, you're doing your best, and your smile makes this world a better place ☺️💕#happythursday #beyourownkindofbeautiful

🤷🏻‍♀️⁉️Do you feel overwhelmed by all the booty/abs/(insert glamour muscle group) guides, meal plans & gym memberships being thrown in your face? The beginning of a new year can feel like a frantic race to see who can buy your attention first, so here's a friendly reminder to help you sort through the chaos: FITNESS👏🏻IS👏🏻NOT👏🏻ONE👏🏻SIZE👏🏻FITS👏🏻ALL.
❌ You are not obligated to buy a program because it's on sale
❌ You don't NEED a gym membership to achieve your goals
❌ Just because your favorite Insta fitspo does XYZ, does not mean that if you do the same thing you will look like them. Our bodies are so unique and need different things for optimal performance/aesthetics. Trial and error is your best bet.
❌ Lastly, I talk about lifting and show you weight training based workouts on this account because that's what I genuinely enjoy. That doesn't mean lifting is the only way to workout! The most important factor in achieving results: find something that you actually LIKE and stick with it ☝🏻 If that's chasing your dog around the yard and paddle boarding on the weekends, AWESOME! If it's barre classes 2x a week and a walk after dinner, YOU GO GIRL! Training for a triathalon, cycling, CrossFit, swing dance, joining a sports league or whatever gets you pumped to sweat...DO THAT!! 👊🏻💥

I used to feel like a fraud for having a fitness account and not looking the part; who would believe anything I said if I didn't have the shredded body to "prove" it? What I've come to realize is that health is so much more than your body fat %. Health includes what you say about your body, the way you handle adversity, how well you sleep, the quality of your relationships with yourself and others, and your ability to face challenges and grow from them. It's having healthy hormones and a healthy mind, a body that moves often (esp. outside of the gym or scheduled workouts), and a grateful heart ❤️🙌🏻
So yes, I've got rolls and wrinkles, and if leanness is your only qualifier, I'm probably not your go-to girl for advice. But if you care about education and whole body health, I will do my best to use my degree in Exercise Science and life experiences to help us both become our best selves: physically, mentally, and spiritually💪🏻🤓🙏🏻 #endrant #healthateverysize

Oh hey, 2018 👋🏻 My resolution this year is simply to speak kinder words: to myself, my body, and the people around me. No obsessive diets, no specific weight loss goals, no forced workouts. Repeat after me: I AM ALREADY ENOUGH - the ambition to become more does not diminish that truth✨

Hope your New Year's Eve is as bright as this #LumiGlow palette✨What are your plans tonight? I'm ringing in #2018 in true homebody fashion, indulging & playing board games w/ loved ones🥂☺️
Products #complimentary of #LOrealParis @Influenster @LOrealMakeup #contest

Any of you FitBit users want to take on the Pohono Trail Yosemite challenge with me? It's a race to walk a cumulative 62,500 steps, and adventures (even virtual ones😉) are always more fun with friends by your side👯If you're interested, leave your name below so I can find and invite you on the #fitbit app! Let's get movin' together💪🏻🤗

FOLLOW YOUR FEAR | I did when I finally quit my job this month after deciding no amount of money or false security is more valuable than my happiness, my dreams, or my purpose. Leaving without a job offer already lined up was scary as hell, but I am thankful to be in a place in my life where I can afford to take such a risk. The truth is, no time ever feels like a "good time" to be uncomfortable. I encourage you to evaluate your relationships, how you spend your time, and what gives you passion and purpose. Do the things that fulfill you and the things you do daily match up? We all deserve to make the most of our precious and limited time. You may be scared, but I promise you're not alone. Here's to stepping out in faith and free falling into new possibilities 💙

This cute boy is the best remedy for bad days, cold winters, and getting my butt off the couch 🤣🐶💕#dogsofinstagram #exploreoregon

l'll take my mornings w/ a lil' bit of coffee & a whole lot of Jesus🙏🏻☕️❤️ I'm learning to be more intentional with my quiet time, so I'd love to hear from those of you who have made it a habit what your favorite daily devotionals (or blogs & podcasts) are? #happywednesday

P.S. hugs to @dnel13 & @pham.dana for keeping me caffeinated and cozy with my new mug & blanket! 🤗

My interview with @julssolomon on #theinfluensterpodcast just dropped on iTunes!! 🎙💕 We chat about how I pitched my first job out of college, paid off $20K in debt, and ways to win as a microinfluencer 🤗 Go give it a listen 👂🏼- I tagged a few ladies who might find this information useful 😘

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