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LN  Energetic and empathetic. Deep fondness for people. Typography enthusiast and checklist kind-of-gal. Tends to "beam with positivity."


Today’s 10am gathering was all about vulnerability and my, was it good. It’s hard to practice being vulnerable in certain moments but we must try as to lead by example :: The courage to be imperfect. #vulnerability #human #humanbeings

When you’re forced to live on top of a refrigerator because you’re too terrified of a guest 🐶 — this is what it looks like. Oh god, what’s that sound? Can’t eat. Can’t sleep. #whoisthis dog #catsofinstagram #refrigeratorlife @gavindm_fit

Today’s contribution. #thanksgiving #veggies

This little buddy. #boo #nighthowlers #catsofinstagram

Dear Cub Foods (Quarry location): why do you always have such shitty avocados 🥑? This is easily the 8th time I’ve selected green-exterior avocados, let them ripen naturally at home, bruise free, and then this 👆🏼 or worse happens. #venting #dissapointed #nomore shopping at Cub for 🥑

Gavin after i commented “this seems very doable” on his work out 🏋️ post. “It was very hard, Elle.” #partnership #grateful #youmakemelaugh

This MPLS building (don’t know what it’s called, but I think it’s apartments) always glows so brightly, especially when there’s moisture in the air. #minneapolis #skyline

At a community conversation with #headway #emotionalhealth .
Its about #resilience #letstalkresilience

When children gather around the media, they look like zombies. #happyhalloween #quiettime

This is baby Gabe who is getting pretty good at walking. On this particular day he was most interested in the bathroom and whether or not the person in there was MOM. It was not. #dang #chiaroscuro

Me: “What should we name the horse?”
Grace: “Chyas”
Me: “Chad?”
Grace: “no Chaz”
Me: “oh Jazz”
Grace: “yeah jazz”
#yeahjazz #MOA

Gavin reading on the dock. #stillwaters #nofilter

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