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Ellen  🌱24 ♿️Vascular Disease & Paraplegic 📍recovering 3rd Surgery 🇩🇪🇳🇴 🌍I'll get💪🏼&👣again "When the very worst can happen, the very best may happen also"

Oh guys, forgive me for being absent for over two weeks now. But I am sure you understand as you hear my reasons. The main one as you probably already guessed is my health. It’s the thing I can not by any means control, no matter how much I try to brace myself. I have been very ill and in an tremendous amout of pain, and still am. A lot of things happened over the course of these two weeks I’ve been offline. Not talking to anyone on any kind of social media at all. Being so preoccupied it came to a point where I just had to turn off the wifi and data and take a break not even able to tell you, because it was really not intended in the first place and I never thought I would go AWOL for so long. But it just happened over night as I was hurt quite bad and needed rest. I also had to go through something that was very emotionally exhausting for me and ripped up in a lot of old wounds, I didn’t want to share at that exact time.
Due to all of this; I have a lot to tell you now and I want to share it all bit by bit like I usually do after not updating you for days.
The main big and happy event though, were of course my parents 25yrs silver wedding anniversary this weekend. The actual date was yesterday on the 19th (also 50yrs since our King Harald and Queen Sonja got engaged, as annonced on TV yd) but as it was on a weekday they had booked a hotel weekend stay as close to the date as possible. Last year only the two of them went, but as it was their Silver Anniversary this year they wanted everyone to be there celebrating. It was actually a getaway surprise for me and my sister, but for me to be able to go through with this I knew (and they also knew) I had to charge my batteries and they let me know so I could take time to prepear as best I could. And there was nothing more I wanted to, than to be there for them on this special occasion. And it ended up them being ambushed with all the surprises Victoria and I had lined up for them along the way. Starting Friday ending Monday. It turned out to be a success and I’ll share all about that too 💍🥂❤️

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary - To our wonderful parents! With everything you have gone through, you made it, 25 years of marriage! 👰🏻💍🤵🏻❤️ Thank you for giving us life and let us part take in your journey and celebration 👭 We hope you loved all the surprises Victoria and I arranged for your special weekend event (and everything on the actual Anniversary day which was today, the 19th) as much as we love you! 💍🐾🍾🌹🎶 .

Hi guys ❤️👋🏼 Just letting you know I’m in a lot of pain these days. I hurt my back again a few days ago, suspecting the weather has a lot to do with it. Joints stiffen, movement becomes hard. Like last time, I was bending down,to put my slippers on when the lumbago stroke. It snaps and feels as if my back breaks off across between the lower & mid back. It hurts beyond anything to the point where I actually faint. I’ve been really careful not to bend to pick up anything since, only gently stretching, seated properly, legs stretched out infront🧘🏼‍♀️. I was up all night last night and not feeling too good today. Managed to get in the bathtub for a little while early this morning, to relax & ease up the joints 🛀🏻 Then I had to go back to bed🧖🏼‍♀️🛌 The pain has been overwhelming today but I did catch a solid hour on the eye after the tub and getting dressed.I’m so exhausted. Woke up with excrusiating pain, in the abdomen,lungs,kidneys, back(obviously),my right arm and legs. I took something for it before writing this. Thankfully they’re the kind that work relatively quick, lasting roughly 6-10h depending on my mettle, pain level & what’s in my stomach. Liqorice pastilles are my friends right now, my throat is a little sore during night & mornings. It’s remarkably cold out now, so been a little hecitant to go out. March 1st yd and the forecast predicted super cold the coming two weeks! 😧(Spring, where r u at?).
Yesterday I had to leave the house because I needed to scan my passport into my banks database 🏦 I dressed well & safe🧣Should’ve worn a white mask 😷 but remembered when we reached town. Trying my best to avoid pneumonia again since my lungs are still fragile & hurting🌬🙅🏼‍♀️This #Mariusgenser I am wearing is of great comfort though. My mother #knitted it some years ago and I love wearing it every winter. She‘s currently planning on knitting me another one, in a diffrent set of colours. This is the #traditional one; dark blue, white and red 🇳🇴 I was thinking light baby-blue, white and dark blue 🎽 What do you think? Can’t get enough of knits these days 🤗🐑❄️. #knittedsweater#march#colddaysahead#dunbar#maythurner#kidneydisease#ncs#paraplegia

I don’t know about your dogs, but every dog I’ve owned just love(d) going under the table to wear the tablecloth on their head... Must be something oddly satisfying about it ?
🙆🏼‍♀️🤔🐶💭🤷🏼‍♀️☺️ This time she used it to sneak her way onto my lap for treats while I was having lunch a few weeks ago. Well, it’s become a daily thing... #ithasforawhile - And I don’t mind, esp as she seems to prefer my vegan food above any other so I’m actually quite proud of her 🌱🥕and the cloth on her head is just a cuteness bonus 😄🐕❤️ #ohPipaIloveyou#you#sneakydog#clothonhead #satisfied #youneverknowuntilyoutry#dogsandtheirhabits#whateveryouprefer#littledog#strangehabits

It has been so cold these days! Yesterday the sun was shining so promising and it lured me out for fresh air, only to find out it was freezing ❄️ Today was extremly windy and Pipa hates wind 🌬🐕 poor thing shaking like a leaf 🍂 This morning she curled up into my bed and put her head under the covers. It’s snowing again here tonight, hope tomorrow we won’t be snowed in ☃️



Probably the coolest check out counter 🏎💳 #carascounter#shop

Last weekend I lost my favourite glowes 😔 but I found a perfect new pair yesterday, matching my coat and everything!
2nd picture I also bought a tiny cross body purse matching...AND the perfect mustard(!) yellow(!) coat!!! 🙌🏼🤩🤓☀️

We’ve always loved hats 🤠 - which brings me back to another childhood memory that is very close to my heart.
My mom always put a hat on me when I was a kid, we had so many diffrent ones and it was my favourite piece of clothing. In my teens too I wore a hat whenever I could find an occasion to wear one 😇🎩

When we arrived at the shopping centre we went straight to the shop that catched both of our eyes 👀 A shop with hats!! 👒🎩🧢

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