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Ellen Fisher  ✌🏻️♻️Vegan family • 🌿Maui life • Home birther • God is love 🌍 💌 Ellen.fisher44@gmail.com 🎥 YouTube: EllenFisher 🍌Health tips + Recipe EBOOKS🍌⤵️


Let go. Release. Life is not a competition. Don’t be jealous of others. Be joyful for their successes! Other people’s success in life is not a limitation of your own. Be grateful. Don’t stress about how others perceive you🙏🏼, because you will NEVER please everyone. Find who you are from within and let in shine from your core. Don’t hide who you really are! Who you are is BEAUTIFUL just as is. Let your values shine and don’t let them be hidden or dampened by societal pressures. Stand out and make a difference in the world🌎. Do what you are passionate about. Live it and breathe it. Because this is your life, how do you want it to go? 🌿So much growth and learning this year.🌿 Photo by @juliatrotti

Thank you @linasaber for sharing your awesome #babybumtricks and tips that @earthyandy, and I are doing for @babybum on how to help kids love their fruits and veggies! Check out her post for the tips. Her food is always SURE to bring the kids a runnin’ towards the GOOD STUFF! 🍎🍌🥒🥝🥑🍇🌿 TIP: To help your kids love their fruits and veg, keep it interesting for them by mixing up the way their food is presented. Even on a cool new plate or “crazy straws” for their green monster smoothies can make fruits and vegetables exciting for your littles. Try using a small ice cream scooper to make melon balls or in @linsaber’s case, dragon fruit and kiwi balls! 🌸🌸🌸Keep sharing your healthy kid tips + vegan recipes tagging @ellenfisher @earthyandy and @babybum with the hashtag #babybumtricks 🌸🌸🌸

We had a fully present family day today 👦🏼👶🏼👨🏻👱🏼‍♀️(check my insta story to see it in action). And it ended with family snuggles on the bed, lots and lots of 💋kisses + tickle fights. None of us are perfect parents. We never will be. But if at the end of the day you kiss their foreheads and know they are going to bed feeling loved, then you are doing a damn good job. Soaking up the little moments 💯Thank you👨🏻 @andrewfisher44 for doing life with me. I can't even fathom doing it without you. ❤🔥

"To enter into a state of pure connection with your child, you can achieve this by setting aside any sense of superiority.” - Shefali Tsabary, from the 🙌🏼beautiful positive parenting book called “The Conscious Parent”

All I need is some squishy babies👶🏼, my people✌🏼, and the sea 🐬💦 @sarahlemkus

It's time for another #babybumtricks feature from the feature comp @earthyandy and I are doing! (TO ENTER: do a post tagging @earthyandy @ellenfisher and #babybumtricks In the caption and share your tips/tricks or vegan recipes to help kids be as excited about 🍌fruits and 🌿veggies as Elvis is excited in this photo! I.E. JUMPING FOR JOY!) @sierrasoul84 has some amazing encouragement: "My littles are 11,9,7,and 5 and we have JUST now begun to encourage our kids to eat vegan. We were vegetarian for longer, never understanding the full truth about the dairy and egg industry. 🌞🌻But, it's never to late to start caring. It's never to late to grasp on to a truth and claim it and apply it and LOVE it and share it! So, how do I get my older kids to start eating more fruits and veggies when for so long those foods have been "sides"? I educate them! I let them watch documentaries with me about factory farming, the disappearing rainforests, the health effects of eating a carnivorous diet ... how our bodies work, and how animals feel. We watch beautiful, colorful, hope filled YouTube videos about this amazing planet, yummy vegan recipes, and we connect online with like minded individuals. We buy books about loving the planet and all people and sentient beings. My babies are making the connection and I can't say enough how wonderful it is to have a child say "no thanks" to an old favorite because they now know the harm that was caused to create that food... and the harm it will cause inside of them. So, @ellenfisher and @earthandy , thank you for making me think!! Keep the tips coming, and to all the other mamas... never be afraid to change when you know it's right ... your kiddos will respect and love you for your strength!” THANK YOU @Sierasoul84 🙏🏻!
For those y'all interested on educating young ones: check out @bitesizevegan’s “kid series” YouTube videos on veganism! like “how KIDS can save the world!” “Do fish have FEELINGS?” and “why eggs are gross!” Also, for older kids ready for documentaries, @cowspiracy on Netflix and “Earthlings” are amazing.
I have so many more posts I wanna share from this feature. I'll post more within the next couple days!

Easy 🌿lettuce cups! Just mashed avocado and a squeeze of lime + garlic powder for guac. Separate romaine lettuce and kale leaves for the cups. Top the lettuce with guac, sprouts (homemade for us!) and bell pepper, cucumber🥒 + tomato slices! 🍅 I brought this dish to a friend's potluck wedding celebration on the beach and it was devoured pretty quick. Some of Elvis' friends were eating🍪cookies at the party and he told me later that he wanted some vegan cookies. Normally I'm on my game💪🏼bringing all his favorite special treats and snacks to share with everyone at social events but this time I dropped the ball and only brought the lettuce cups😔😂. So when we got home we whipped up a batch of easy and healthy vegan cookies and watched Trolls🌈 together and I promised him next time we go to a party we will bring some of these cookies. which lit up his face so much! The recipe was inspired by my friend Amanda, @alohasol808 : 1 part mashed ripe banana, 1 part oats. Mix together and add in raisins, walnuts, a little maple syrup and cacao nibs. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Turns out like healthy bananas bread cookies and he loved them. 🙌🏻👍🏻💯. 🤙🏼

Sandy loves animals SO much. Whether a puppy, pig, cat, gecko, spider, chicken, cow, etc. he views them all the same in his 👁eyes: someone to be loved on, protected and cared for. We can learn a lot from children if we just open our hearts. #veganbaby #veganislove 🦋🦍🕷🐓🐠🐖🐕🦎

He does this thing where he leans in to give you a big smooch💋but then at the last second pulls a trick over your head and licks your face instead👅😂. Then laughs about it like he thinks he is hilarious. 🌸🌈💎 #cheekyboy

How interesting we call it planet earth. Maybe we should really call it planet ocean? 🌍🐬♻️

There’s SOO many good entries already for the #babybumtricks feature comp @earthyandy and I are doing for @babybum! (See a couple posts back of Elvis eating kale wraps for the details). Here’s some of the super helpful tips n’ tricks to help your KIDS EAT HEALTHY🌿PLANT FOODS in ABUNDANCE! @mamaeatsplants says: A great way to get kids to eat more veggies and fruits is to make the food look pretty. We eat with our eyes first and kids are no exception!
@laurenginger says in a photo of her child drinking a BIG GREEN DRINK: Name the food in honor of something they are interested in. For example, I make a lot of "Unicorn Drinks" or "Fairy Potions" that go down a lot quicker and easier because my eldest loves unicorns 🦄 and Fairies ✨. I load up the rainbow colors 🌈and greens 💚because, you know, that's how unicorns get their powers and how fairies get their magic😉✨. Some other ideas are to use "pirate", "princess", "monster" in front of alternatives names for the food or drink like "potion", "chow", "elixir", "powerade", "cocktail". Use your imagination and it will pay off! 🌈
@jennastrubhar says: One of my tips is to GET THE KIDS INVOLVED! Let them pick produce from the market or grocery store that they will eat or are interested in trying. Let them plant seeds and pick food from the garden and help prepare dinner. The more hands-on they are the more eager they will be to eat the food they helped with! These are also great life skills for kids and is an opportunity for kids to learn where their food comes from. ⭐️⭐️THANKS GUYS! Love all the mamas and papas coming together to share their best TIPS, TRICKS and RECIPES to help your kids love the beauty and health of vegan foods! Keep entering the @babybum feature comp by tagging @earthyandy @ellenfisher and #babybumtricks in the caption! ⭐️⭐️

10 and a half years✌🏼VEGAN and I’m never going back! Healed my disordered eating, acne, digestive issues + gained more vitality and energy and can eat until I’m totally satisfied (no more calorie restriction. no more mind games to try to “eat less to stay thin”!) I’ve since had two healthy vegan pregnancies and have been raising 👦🏼👶🏼them abundantly and healthily on entirely plant foods🍌🌿since conception.

I’m SOO happy that the documentary “What the Health”▶️ @wthfilm has just been released to help educate and inspire more people towards a plant based diet. IT’s SOOOO good guys, you will not regret taking the time to watch this AMAZING documentary which drops truth bombs all over the place for the 1.5 hour duration of the video👏🏼. I put a few clips in my Insta story today giving you a little preview of the documentary. The link to the documentary is in▶️ @wthfilm profile!
I’m so passionate about this topic ⭐️ 1. because there is so much misinformation out there that can be confusing when you’re first looking into what’s healthy and ⭐️ 2. because once I stopped eating animal products my heart opened up to live vegan for MORE THAN JUST MY HEALTH: it became also for the environment♻️🌍 and to expand my circle of compassion beyond humans to the animals as well🐓🐄🐖🐠. It’s been entirely LIFE CHANGING! check out @wthfilm i know youll love it.

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