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Ellen Fisher  ✌🏻️♻️Vegan family • 🌿Maui life • Home birther • God is love 🌍 🎥 YouTube: EllenFisher 🍌Health tips + Recipe EBOOKS🍌⤵️


New YouTube 🎥video is up from my 30th birthday 🎉👏🏼🌟Channel name is Ellen Fisher.

ETHICS, to me, is listening to my conscience and striving to be the best version of myself. Letting it guide me to make choices that support my ethics. Actions speak louder than words. And allowing myself to be humbled-so I can learn ways to change and evolve for the better.

We can have amazing ethics but not be acting on them.
I find value in asking myself if my actions are inline with my ethics. And I think ultimately we all have very similar ethics inside-we all have that love inside of us. But sometimes the choices we make don't reflect our values.
As an example, I always thought animals deserved protection and that we shouldn't harm them. If I had seen someone kill an animal before my eyes I would have been horrified and saddened. But I didn't realize I was contributing to that same harm by supporting those industries-through the animal products I was purchasing.
Growing up I always believed all humans should be treated equally and with respect. I liked to say I cared for the wellbeing of other nations. But I didn't realize the harm I was supporting through purchasing cheap clothing made with unsafe/unfair or child labor. By shifting my purchases towards second hand clothing or saving up for one quality piece that was made with fair trade practices and 🌿eco friendly material, my actions began to align with those values.
But I could easily still be making choices that aren't supporting my ethics that I still need to grow. My ethics tells me to let only kind words come out of my mouth. But do my actions always align with that? Let’s grow and evolve together! Let’s be humble and open to care for the planet🌎and the beings that dwell on it. This is what ethics🙏🏼means to me. WHAT DOES ETHICS MEAN TO YOU? 🌟Fair wear organic cotton tank by @ethcs 🌟

BLUEBERRY CHIA SMOOTHIE TIME! 🕺🏼🔮🍌Today's smoothie has spotty bananas, frozen mango, 1 cup wild blueberries, 2 collard green🌿leaves and 2 tbsp soaked chia seeds with water blended smooth!
The chia seeds are from my friends over at @sunpyramid.health 🤙🏼🙌🏼They're doing a contest to win a trip to the Tulum Veg Fest. Check out their page for more details! ❤️➡️ @sunpyramid.health #sp

Sandy leaning in for the oatmeal smooch. 💋🍓The boys and I spent the morning with @veganmermama @itsallwaysbeautiful and @humantimothy at this refreshing stream, taking cold water dips then filling the babes'👶🏼bellies with warm cinnamon oatmeal that Brittany brought + papaya, lychees and mango. Can't go wrong there! The kids get along so well when they're in nature🌿 sharing fruit together. It's unreal the difference compared to when we have a play date at one of our houses😂. Any parent out there know what I mean?! Instead of arguing over who's turn it is on the bike or who stole who's toy, they can throw sticks and rocks in the stream without arguing because there is an ENDLESS amount of sticks and rocks!😍🙏🏼💦😂 #vegankids

This is how we feel right now🤗! With all your support on my ebook special the last few days we raised and donated $2,540 US dollars to the @chakabars "Go Fund Me Unite for the Children" to rebuild an orphanage in the DR Congo! You can see the details of this amazing project im SO EXCITED to support in the link in @chakabars profile. And if you scroll down on the go fund me page you can see all the donations and you'll see my donation says "£1965" (the donation is made in British pounds since that is the currency @chakabars uses.) 😍🎉🤗🌎🌈💃🏼🙌🏼Again, thank you for all your love and support, YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!

HeArTy LeNtIl CuRrY stew🥘and home made VEGGIE SOUP from my ebook "Epic Vegan Food."🙌🏼👅🙌🏼👅In case you missed it, TODAY'S THE LAST DAY for my ebook special! In honor of my🎉birthday i’ve been doing an 🌟EBOOK SPECIAL🌟 for 3 DAYS! (May 13-15.) 50% of all my ebook sales made from the 13th until the end of today will go to @chakabars “Go Fund Me” to rebuild an orphanage in the DR Congo🌍to create better living conditions for the children in Kinshasa! (See a few posts back of the📷pic of me and the kids👶🏼👦🏼eating our favorite soup for more details about the orphanage!) Love you all, thanks for all your support for far for this cause🙏🏼! LINK TO MY EBOOKS IN PROFILE or go to ellenfisher.com

@humantimothy is here for a visit! If you know Timothy you know our week is filled with all sorts of throws, jumps and 🌳tree climbing 😂and the kids are over the moon about it! 🌎🌑we love you @humantimothy ! #veganmen

To all the mama's out there, you are givers of life🌎, and you deserve to be celebrated! #mothersday 👏🏼👏🏼 I've been so showered with love this weekend by the boys👦🏼👶🏼👨🏻including back massages, hand made cards💌, surprise kisses, dinner of my choice, and dad's best effort taking care of all the kid duties-diapers/potty, dishes, wiping messy faces etc. (He's really good at it.) We spent my 30th birthday yesterday at a secluded waterfall with @cissylala💋. Then the rest of the day daddy and the boys made me "queen of the day". Here's to round✌🏼of "queen of the day" for me! #icouldgetusedtothis 😂. If you missed my last post, look back to it to see the 🌟EBOOK SPECIAL🌟 I have going on for 3 days (May 13-15) where 50% of my ebook sales are going to support rebuilding an orphanage in the DR Congo! (See last post for details!)👉🏼

Hearty Lentil Curry Stew from my recipe ebook👅 “Epic Vegan Food!” and hey I’m 30 years old today! 🎉what! Time flies man.
In honor of my🎉birthday i’m doing an 🌟EBOOK SPECIAL🌟 for the next 3 DAYS! (May 13-15.) 50% of all my ebook sales made from now to the 15th will go to @chakabars “go fund me” to rebuild an orphanage in the DR Congo to create better living conditions for the children!
Chaka visited an orphanage in Kinshasa and got to meet the beautiful children. The problem is that their living conditions are currently very poor. While visiting, he saw many of the children were getting sick because of their poor diets and environment. The children currently live right by a rubbish dump, human waste runs into the river by their home, and when it floods during the rainy season sewage runs into the orphanage.
@chakabars already raised money and rebuilt their medical center! And he also supports an orphanage in Ngaba paying for school fees and making sure they get fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

So this project I want to support Chaka in is going to build the orphanage in Kinshasa a new home in the beautiful Congolese countryside on 6 acres of land that he purchased. He’s going to build an eco village to support 150 children!

I love Chaka and all the humanitarian work he’s doing and the awareness he's bringing to the beauty of 🌍Africa. And I am so excited to support him. so let’s show him some love! Buy one or both of my ebooks and 50% of your purchase will go directly to rebuilding an orphanage in the DR Congo! Here is the link to the go fund me page so you can learn more about this project or donate directly: https://www.gofundme.com/uniteforthechildren. THANKS!

My FAVORITE s a l a d🌿right now! RECIPE: greens of choice (arugula, red leaf, romaine, kale), diced tomato, onion, cucumber and mango. Topped with sea veggie dulse and a creamy mango dressing (blend 1 mango, 1/3 an avocado, 3 tbsp lemon juice, small chunk onion + 1/4 cup cilantro). U may need to double the dressing recipe to get it to blend properly if your blender is large. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper🌶and turmeric for a spicy kick. The ingredients that went into this salad is inspired by my friend Anthony William the @medicalmedium -his passion to get out the message of the healing💪🏼power of fruits and veg is so inspiring! ❤️ #medicalmedium #bestofvegan

Sun's out☀️hair buns out!☀️☀️so many of you asked in my last post at the beach where my swimsuit is from! I'm wearing the comfiest suit by @peonyswimwear - made with lux fabrics and ethical work practices built upon fairness, love and quality. 🌸#peonyswimwear #sp

Dirty feet👣from out door play, hand-me down Bob the Builder Pjs, and the sweetest papaya👅for family breakfast enjoyed in our backyard is what mornings look like for me🙌🏼and I wouldn't have it any other way. + let's not forget the brothers arguing, toddler peeing on our shoes, hose water💦squirting everywhere and papaya smashed over all the nice blanket. It's kind of a package deal if you know what I mean ☺️😜#momlife #keepitreal

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