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Ellen Fisher  ✌🏻️♻️Vegan family • 🌿Maui life • Home birther • God is love 🌍 💌 Ellen.fisher44@gmail.com 🎥 YouTube: EllenFisher 🍌Health tips + Recipe EBOOKS🍌⤵️


Yesterday's flower festival🌸🌺🌻🌷wearing his daddy's vintage shirt from when he👨🏻was a baby and bloomers made out of upcycled Indian kantha blankets by @foxandthetravelinggypsy. Sipping a pitaya/dragon fruit👅smoothie out of our mason jar/steel straw I brought with us to avoid plastic.👌🏻Scoring in the eco friendly vibes department today not only because ✔️the less waste/plastic in our life the better and ✔️the more recycled items we can use the better (instead of purchasing new), but also because 🍉🌿plant foods have a significantly lighter footprint on the planet than animal foods do. (Watch @cowspiracy on Netflix if you haven't seen it yet to get inspired!) Every little effort counts so give yourself a pat on the back when you know you've made good choices that day to help lighten your footprint on our planet Earth🌎🌈.

We communicate worthiness to our children through our full-on engaged presence. Our children, whether young or old, deserve to feel we delight in them simply because they exist. They need to know that they don't have to do anything to deserve our fixed attention and that by simply being born they have earned the right to be cherished and delighted in. We must raise this next generation of children to be immersed in so much love that love oozes out of them back into the🌎world. 👶🏽👦🏼👧🏻👶🏿👧🏽👶🏼#positiveparenting #gentleparenting #earthday

He's the grounding one in the relationship. He's the one who doesn't sweat the small stuff. Who reminds me stress is a waste of energy space and time. Who doesn't care what people think of him. Who's always reminding me of better and more beautiful perspectives on things I get down about. @andrewfisher44 that's you. ✨🔥⚡️So, you know how it can be easy to think about the negative aspects about your partner, friend, mother, brother, etc? Shift your focus on their most amazing POSITIVES and you'll see the🌎world in a whole new light. Cuz none of us are perfect, but we all have the love inside. Now @andrewfisher44 I tag you, what do you love about me? 💋🤗

Yesterday we got to spend the evening with @thebucketlistfamily so we took them to the⛰mountains + incredibly cold and invigorating stream to swim in (see my insta stories for more of that👌🏻.) Jessica and I have been messaging for a while and you guys, they are even sweeter in person than I could have imagined! They're the nicest family, I'm telling you! It's so refreshing. I'm so in love with social media for that aspect, to get the chance to connect with so many amazing people across the🌎world. Some of my closest friends in life are people I've met through social media, you know who you are💋. Anyways, we are gonna make them dinner tonight, wish us luck I hope they like our food! 🤞🏼

Enjoying watermelon papaya👅 with @veganmermama + @sarahfaithbernstein at the river 🙌🏼🤙🏼PaPaYa is my favorite snack to grab on the go. Just bring utensils, some lime or lilikoi and you're all set! What's your favorite healthy vegan snack to bring with you on the go? 👇🏼👇🏼Tell me below, I'm always looking for new and creative snack ideas for da kids! (And myself😂)

All over Maui people are flocking to this newly popped up 🌻 sunflower field because it's a different kind of beauty we're not used to. The bees🐝busily buzzing in the huge yellow flowers going for acres and acres + the mountain background takes my breath away a little bit. 🌈🌸☀️Soak up the present moment cuz there is beauty all around! Youtube🎥video from this day coming soon! 👱🏼‍♀️👨🏻👦🏼👶🏼

Lately I've been keeping my own mason jars and reusable straws in our car so that when we make a pit stop for smoothies we cut down on plastic waste by having the shop put our goods🍌🍓in our glass containers! I also keep bamboo to-go utensils @togoware in my bag at all times so we don't use throw away plastic utensils. Whole Foods has compostable containers for certain food items so that's a plus too!! And some health shops are even carrying containers that look like plastic but they are made from corn so they biodegrade. 🙌🏼 But does anyone go to shops like and bring their own reusable containers to fill up your 🥗food/acai bowls to cut out the use of throw away products completely? Do they even allow you to do that? So far we've just been taking the containers home to reuse. We don't go out to eat very often but when we do I wanna be 100% waste FREE (or as much as possible.) Lastly, we bring our @hydroflask everywhere to avoid plastic water bottles. Ok so what's YOUR favorite tip to reduce plastic waste?! (Or reduce waste in general!) Share in the comments below👇🏼so we can help inspire each other! 🙌🏼👏🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Stick your tongue👅out and SMILE cuz it's da weekend! 🌈🌸☀️#veganbaby

Sometimes I get caught up in thinking, "Why does my child say 'no' all the time? To almost everything?!" A huge part of it is simply their innate desire to show they are individuals, that they aren’t robots doing everything that big people tell them to do. They have their own preferences and feelings and desires just like we do. Not to mention, their brains still have a lot of developing to do. So that’s why we are here! To help them grow, both physically and emotionally.

And how many of us like to be told what to do all day long? Not me!

Also, a good reminder is, do we model the “no” behavior to them? Do we encourage our children to say “no” to us all the time because WE say “no” to THEM all the time? “No, you can’t climb on that.” “NO, you can’t play with that, that’s not a toy.” “No, you can’t watch a movie right now.” “No you can’t use the knife.” “No, i’m not able to play Leggos with you right now because I’m busy at the moment.” "NO, you can't build a rocket launcher🚀out of cardboard, lighter fluid and baking soda.🤔" The list goes on.
Obviously, we can’t say “yes” to everything. Like, “NO, you can’t jump out the window” is a GOOD thing to say no to. And learning that it’s a normal part of life that you don’t get instant gratification in everything, is an important lesson for our children. AND "no" is a good thing when they are standing up for themselves/respecting boundaries.
But what if we tried to say “yes” more often? I think my children feel more loved when I do this! Because by responding to them in a positive way helps them feel like their voice is heard and that we care about their opinions. For example, when Elvis showed interested in helping in the kitchen and wanted to use a knife to cut vegetables, instead of me saying “no”, I explained to him how sharp this knife is and that it could potentially slice a little finger off, and we don’t want that! So instead, let’s go order you some nylon kid knives so you can do your own chopping with a kid-safe knife! By me caring about his interests in doing big people things, he felt loved. And in return, he showed me more love! It’s a symbiotic relationship and how beautiful is that!

So high on loving you babe ⚡️It's not always perfect and we sometimes get on each other's nerves😜, but the only kind of life I want to live is one with you in it. Celebrating 8 years of marriage this month and 15 years of being together👊🏼. Thinking back to our relationship when we were in high school at 15 years old, and how different we were back then, is kind of comical and amazing at the same time. We've come a long way haven't we @andrewfisher44 😂. #younglove #eternallove

Last night's dinner was 🥘Coconut chickpea curry served over baked sweet potatoes! 👅👅👍🏻So BOMB. @sarahlemkus and @danlemkus made this dinner for us one night while they were visiting us and we've been making it every week since! So easy to put together and the👶🏼👦🏼kids love it. Stayed tuned for the recipe cuz @sarahlemkus will be putting it up on her YouTube channel soon! (Her channel is "Sarah Lemkus") ⚡️oh and PS-A new video "My morning a Routine | MOM LIFE!" Is now up on my YT channel🎥 "Ellen Fisher" 🌈💃🏼hope you love it ❤❤PPS-I talk about Jade eggs in the video 💋😱do you know what they are mamas? You can thank me later. You're welcome

You know I love you when I'm willing to give you one of my mangos (especially when you👶🏼already had✌🏼two for breakfast and you are one quarter the size of me) 😂 Thanks for snapping📷 the moment @sarahfaithbernstein 💋

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