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E L L E  FASHION STYLIST | PHOTO-GRAPHER Southern Black Fat Femme in BKLYN *Before y’all get attitudes, I unfollowed everybody... I had to take a break..*

@therealtsmadison what?! Jesus had a fat bitch, too!!?!! 😂😂😂😂 SN: YALL YALL HOES LOVE FAT BITCHES... call me 🤙🏽 💁🏽‍♀️ like they can stunt on us. But you love us!

Today tho.... blush blemishes

My skin looked soooo goood yesterday...

@traceeellisross raised me. 😩😩 Trying to be a @glossier & @fentybeauty model

Speaking of hoes... this room is for sell in BKLYN, Bedstuy to be exact. She’s white and wide open. Small quaint room perfect for taking sexy bright tumblr and instagram photos. .
Private room/ shared bath with stand up shower. Who takes baths in NYC? 😷 .
Close to a lot of great bars... the BBC is heavy in this area. TRUST ME. But like don’t be bring all these lovers over every night. .
One roommate | Me
A bad ass black fat femme. Occasional visits from my Dom and My ex boyfriend do occur but mostly, I’m home alone with my thoughts or buried with paperwork.
Will come furnished with a full size bed, big enough for a lover or two. A Mirror, and a wardrobe rack! No pets though. I hate animal hair. .
No couples / unless y’all wanna be poly then let’s make this a family! 😂😂
But for real no couples... .
$1200/month plus utilities. Month to Month. Queer & 420 friendly. #bedstuy #brooklyn #nyc #roommatewanted #queerfriendly #poc

So I’m going back in time for my birthday. My hair is back dark... curls gonna be longer than ever. Pin up vibes

It is so funny how on the internet ppl are always telling me how beautiful I am and approaching me on dating sites and DMs but in person, NOBODY talks to me. Am I like ugly in person? Do I intimidate people? Like I’m so confused.

Since y’all love false idols so much, worship me. 👍🏽
#fatgirl #fatpositive #bodypositive #bodypositivity #nyc #brooklyn

This is my favorite shirt. I feel inspired to make a shirt with political, fat, and sex positive vibes... all these other shirts like “fat girl vibes” THATS CUTE. But what I really want is a shirt that say, “I kill men by sitting on their faces with my big ass” 😂😂 .
#motivation #fatgirl #fatpositivity #bodypositive #bodyacceptance #fatacceptance

I’ve noticed since I stop doing my sharp ass brows, nobody compliments me on my brows... I’m going for a more @traceeellisross vibe with everything I do OKAY. That’s my mom.

When ppl say I don’t have friends. Shiddd we out ‘chere taking photos with my homie Chris that got locked up for carry 2lbs of weed. He in good spirits though.

The lies you men tell your homies and yourself... don’t pull up at my house. My door don’t open for you.

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