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Elle King  ⚡️Psychedelic Spice⚡️

Morning Stoner boners. Countdown to my BIRTHDAY STARTS RN T-MINUS 666 DAYZ

Happy Birthday to my Leo. Thank you for making me a God Mother. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love looks like. I am amazed to watch you grow.

HOOP THERE IT IS! (they're buying a house)

Cool guys jus buyin a cool house. Te amo

Good morning sunshine. Today is a nude day. Make the breast of it. Thank you Arkansas for showing me the love I needed, and the lesson I continue to embrace on my journey through less inebriation. Oh and to all of you people who consider all my hooping videos me on drugs, go fuck yourself. Quit being so quick to judge. Yet I still hoop you have a nice day💫🤘🏻💫 one of my favorite songs 'Ave Lucifer' by Os Mutantes 🌈

Also sorry for the long @$$ posts about sadness. So here's an ice cream cake I got with a message for what I want in life. Cuz U gotz 2 put out wut U want 2 da uNiVerSe 2 get wut U want AMIRIGHT?!?🤞🏻💫❤️⚡️

I lay awake dreaming of licks I'll never quite get right to distract myself from the fact that I have this sword through my gut about leaving my house for the second time in 2 weeks. Leaving my Psychedelic Spice, Barbie dream home, and going out of state for a show...I just feel scared. But what is fear? Is it insecurities? I got em. Is it stepping out of your comfort zone? Done that. Loved it. Maybe I'm afraid to ACTUALLY take that leap from •PTSD-cannot-will not-leave my house• to something new and unfamiliar. Happiness. Ever since I was little I've been spinning in comfortable chaos. When do we break the cycle? You can pay people to literally do ALMOST anything you ask, but...No one can do THAT for you. Life has done a number on us all. I have always been so open, almost to a fault, but I never thought I'd be this open about my struggles with interpersonal relational trauma and PTSD. But this magical thing has happened. I've never felt more connected and in touch with my fans and the people who are fucking fist pumping and rooting for me. I hear you cheering me on. People have begun to send me messages, share their stories of trauma, love lost, depression, and woes. This is real stuff. I read these stories and burst into tears or try to give advice. But it's deeper than someone just saying that they feel connected to my music through joy or through pain. It's just a fucking human connection. Strangers that share a bond. We exchange words, emotions, even ways to cope in a healthy way like hooping, or my recent favorite, adult coloring books, instead of self medicating or self harm. I am NOT an advocate or anything of that nature. I don't actually even know what that word means (I'll google it) all I am is someone openly sharing my journey from dark to light. And I truly want to thank you all for the encouragement, the acceptance, the non judgement, and the love through a really fucking hard time. If you or anyone you know suffers from depression or has experienced trauma, come to terms and make peace with the fact that it might never go away, but you can and WILL one day let it go. Take back your power. I'm going to. Fuck yeah I am. Love,💫Psychedelic Spice💫

You never forget your first .... @fender Telecaster ❤️🤘🏻❤️ 📷 @alexanderbemis

You know what's funny? I really rarely care or pay attention to the amount of followers I have, even though anyone who follows me I hope you're laughing and loving through life with me! But I lost some followers because of all of my hooping videos!!! It made me laugh. I have PTSD, and I find it really hard to leave my house. But instead of sitting and sulking, I've started learning new instruments and hula hooping. It's extremely calming to me and it's actually a really great workout and you feel connected to your body and it's wonderful to feel yourself flow and move again...especially if you haven't allowed yourself to feel anything for a while. So this is a reminder to not give a flying fuck what people think about you. Always be your true self, even your ever growing self. The truly beautiful souls will gravitate towards you. Love you all. Today is a hard day for me. Send me some good lovin and huggin. Hoop you have a nice day 💫

When it comes to nutrition, I keep my girlish figure by leavin it all up to the D's. Doritos & Mountain Dew.

I have to say, that still to this day, Midnight Marauders is my all time favorite hip hop album.

My love @joanjett 🖤

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