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We are really onto somethingggg. What do I know?💥😏💥just that this is real ROCKING ROLL🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻 @_mattpence and @echolabstudios have changed our lives. This is history and serious street cred in the making❤️

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Straight up country shit

I have never truly felt like an actual musician. I've always seriously joked about faking it and getting by, but now I have no excuse. I am a good musician. I think I'm proud to say I'm great AT TIMES. I know when and where I shine. But I'm always pushing myself to be better. Probably to an unhealthy amount. But I'm a messy perfectionist. My life is organized chaos. But recording is like being under a microscope. And I do NOT like NOT being able to do something. But I am also, NOT a quitter. I cried a couple of tears tonight out of sheer childish frustration. I wanted to throw my fucking banjo. But instead I kicked everyone out of the control room and worked my way through the song and eventually found my parts. I'm glad I did. I should apply this to other aspects of my life. Sticking through those uncomfortable moments, having patience or mustering some up from nothing, fucking trying AT ALL...these are the bridges that lead us to victory. But they are wobbly ass rope bridges and the drop is so far you can't even see the bottom. It's scary to push yourself. But you HAVE to. Remember my old desert buddy? Man gave me sage advice...A turtle doesn't get anywhere unless he sticks his neck out. Get your fuckin turtle on baby. You could be eagle stew, but you could also be chillin in some tite ass river soaking up the sun rays. Like the ones on my sick jacket from @classicrockcouture !!! Thanks for sending me all my new favorite items of clothing. I'm obsessed. OK THATS MY RANT FOR THE DAY!!! I love all uh yuns. ITS ONLY DAY 2/10. #GreatestHits 🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻

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Is that real pleather?

mas cabésa coraźon

This journey of making a record and also ... um being a humanperson thing ... it's been rly hard. Even though I've felt utterly alone, trapped mentally and physically, I have all of you to thank. Even the people who ruffled my feathers. The day I realized that help wasn't coming, I took MY life into MY own hands and I ASKED for help. You only get what you ASK for so speak up for yourself. I know how crazy I've seemed! I know because I AM crazy! Life can be fucked up. I cut a lot of shitty friends out of my life and it was lonely. But you have to make room for goodness in your life. That's painful! But the easy road rarely has the same payoff of as a rollercoaster. Rollercoasters are scary. Yet we always seem to want to ride them. As I allow feelings to enter back into my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul, I speak up for myself and say that word that's hard to say. No. There is power in that word. Don't be discouraged when "No" meets resistance. It's just a loop in the ride that makes your stomach drop a little bit. And like a drop that sucks the air out of you, always remember that you eventually catch your breath. You might even laugh a little. I leave tomorrow to meet up with my family band and I am FULL of emotions which is the opposite of the last time which was absolutely numb. Wish me luck. Send me your love. This is a magical time in the universe. I'm excited for the eclipse. Let's all get recharged and beam some love from our care bear bellies❤️💚💙💜💛

Change is coming.

This photo taken by my favorite person in the whole wide world @personalmurph

If you understand me, thank you. If you have tried to understand me, thank you. If you don't understand me, don't worry about me and I will go on not knowing you exist.

✨you got to get lost to get found✨

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