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Elle King  ⚡️ELLE KING and THE BRETHREN ⚡️Psychedelic Spice⚡️

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Haven’t laughed this hard in awhile. Thank you @brittcoy


I have a new side project I’m excited to share with you all. It’s a psych-rock sexy country rom com razzle dazzle called Brother Cousin. You’re gonna love it. We eat little mini sandwiches.

polite pedal play. can’t get over this 1960’s airline guitar.

Last night I got a mix of the last song I recorded with The Brethren, and it hit me. Woah dude. The album is in the thick of gittin mixed which = no more recordings for record2. It’s pretty surreal. We worked so hard and I literally physically mentally emotionally lost my mind and found myself again. First few shows I played after going completely crazy were super weird and intense. I couldn’t lift my eyes up from the stage floor. Too vulnerable. So playing shows with Robert Plant was beyond inspiring and I’m so grateful for his kindness and showmanship. I’m finding my footing and I’m ready to show you guys what we’ve made. I saw a thing online today where a chick wrote “where’s elle king she fell off the face of the earth”. Well, yeah, I guess I kind of did. But I’m back. And as scary and terrifying as it is to put out a collection of songs that truly mean something and really come from somewhere within you, I’m ready for it all. There’s always that big booming voice in the back of your mind saying “NO ONES GOING TO LIKE IT. YOURE GOING TO FAIL. NOBODY EVER TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY YOU SUCK” but you know, I’ve been called worse things. And I don’t make music for anybody but myself and what makes me move and feel and open my mind, my sense of self. If anybody else happens to catch a groove, then that’s what it’s all about. I don’t like tomatoes on a sandwich, but I’m not going harp on about it. Different strokes for different folks. Thanks for the patience from fans and friends of the fellowship. Photo @danielmudliar

VIPmom before she got handcuffed. Trouble don’t fall far from the tree. Photo @danielmudliar

VIPmom in full force on tour. A police officer let me handcuff her. Thanks again to Robert Plant and his whole gang for some awesome shows. Inspiring. But especially thanks for not kicking my mom out.

Maybe greatest gif ever @shooterjennings 🌟🌈🌵👅🤘🏻

This little fledgling caught my attention around 5 am lost in a busy doorway to a diner with heavy construction and lots of big feet. My bird loving heart wanted to just SCOOP him up, but instead I tried to steer him to a safer place. He went into a service entrance of the diner and I tried to walk away. But as I looked back I saw men with dollies full of boxes loading in and out. I just couldn’t leave the little guy there. So I went in and brought him to a safer place to explore and find his footing out here among the rest of us. A really nice reminder to help out our brothers and sisters. It doesn’t take much time out from your day, and I GUARANTEE you’ll feel how much the sun will be shining for YOU that day. There is love in the world. It’s in all of us! Good luck little guy!

We saved a bird, turned in a found credit card, all before 6 am. Not all heroes wear capes...but they love cranes. @brittcoy my personal hero, on her birthday week. Robert plant tour here we come!

Denver, we lived a high life together. Next stop, Atlanta opening for THE Robert Plant. Is anyone even ready for that? •

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