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What can you do when nothing is going right? When life is dragging you down? When you are feeling overwhelmed? What can you do?... You can LIFT JESUS UP! Lift Him higher, and even higher than that, and even higher than that. Exalt His name, glorify Him for who He is, shout out your praises to heaven. Whatever your night looks like, pause and take a moment to just LIFT UP THE NAME OF JESUS!

I’m going around my apartment today trying to figure out what things I want to get rid of and what things I want to keep before I move to my new home. Gosh, I have loved living in this place. #peekintomyhomefl

Oh how I miss this little cutie butt. Also, I cried like 3 times yesterday because I miss my mommy @bfay63. Goodness gracious I’ve been emotional lately.

The sun is beating down but the wind off the water is refreshing. There’s just so much in my heart. So many words swirling in my head that I don’t know which ones to put to paper. As I breathe in and out, I can’t help but smile and whisper “Thank You Jesus” on my exhale.
My time here was everything. An oasis that I didn’t know I needed. A refreshment that my body feels rejuvenated by. When God told me to move to Florida in faith, I gave Him my “Yes” and I have continued to do so ever since.
This city was not supposed to be my destination. I was supposed to live an hour south of here but that wasn’t God’s plan. I was knocking on doors trying to find the right one when He had it tucked away for me all along. He put this desire on my heart to live alone which did not make sense with my finances but he made a way for me to get a 2 bedroom apartment. A home away from home for many who came to visit. A place where women met weekly in my living room to build each other up in the Lord. A place where people came over to be prayed over. A place where people got saved and baptized in the Spirit. A place where people came to pour out their hearts and seek deliverance.
He sent me to this place. A place minutes away from the ocean so that I could go and pray and worship by the water. Where I could walk and cry and shout and get drowned out by the waves.
He sent me to this place where I got an amazing work family who took me in and loved on me when I didn’t have anyone. A place where so many kids took a little piece of my heart with them. A place where I learned more about empathy and love than ever before.
He sent me to this place where I was blessed to find 2 church families and one temporary place of refuge. One called Hope which is what my heart longed for at the time. I found friends there and plugged in there and got prayed over there. Then, when that door closed, I found @reviveusnow. I never got plugged in because the Lord told me to just sit and as I did, I sat under the sweetest revelations of the Word and I grew stronger. Then, God sent me to the perfect place for me called, The Fellowship @fs_church. (Continued in comments)

My pre-k babies graduated on Saturday. I can’t help but think about how much they have changed throughout the year and how each one of them is ready for kindergarten in their own way. They needed to get through this year to gain the tools and knowledge to prepare them for “big kid school.”
I am also thinking about how much I have changed this year. How I am stronger. How I trust Jesus more than ever. How I am bolder. How I am braver. How I am more sure than ever that I am walking in obedience. I am only ready for my next season because of the tools I’ve gained in the waiting and process of this one.
It’s crazy what can happen in a year isn’t it!? I don’t know what you’re waiting for friend. But, I do know that waiting time is never wasted if you’re taking time to learn what you can where you’re at. Press into Jesus and sit as His feet. Find joy in the process because graduation will come right on time.

Friend, I don't know what kind of season you are in with Him. But, I do know, whatever it looks like whether fruitful or barren, whether quenching or dry, whether up or down, HE IS THE SAME. Cling to Him and His promises. Let us long to desperately crave Him even if we don't feel the instant satisfaction of Him. Lets keep on pressing into Him and digging in so that we find Him. Let's be so desperate for Him that it doesn't even matter what we get in return. Let's stand secure in who He is.

Dear mommy,
Thank you for modeling who a proverbs 31 woman is. Thank you for always giving of yourself without strings attached. Thank you for raising us up in the Word. Thank you for always encouraging me and holding me up when I feel like giving up. Thank you for leading by example always. Thank you for being a goofball and teaching us to never take ourselves seriously. Thank you for all the times you’ve leant a helping hand to others. Thank you for your heart to serve. Thank you for letting Jesus be Jesus in you. Thank you for your gentleness. Thank you for your fervent prayers. Thank you for your faithfulness and kindness. I am so blessed that you’re mine. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I wish I could be there with you today, to squeeze you and tell you this in person. Happy Mother’s Day @bfay63.

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.” - Psalm 91:2
He is a safe place. Hide in Him not from Him. He has so much sweetness for you.

“Dear Single Gals,

Let’s pretend we are at an adorable coffee shop right now. The music is light and dreamy, and of course the smells of coffee and baked goodies fill the air. You’re sipping your favorite drink, and I’m drinking a latte with coconut milk. We’re sitting in the most comfy chairs imaginable, my left leg tucked under me as I listen to you tell your story. You go through your struggles, your hurts, your failures, your victories, your breakthroughs, your hallelujah moments. We laugh at moments, and at one point we both tear up. I love rejoicing with you over what the Lord has done in your life. It feels like we are old friends even though we’ve just met.”
Read more from my article in @singlematters. Link in my profile.
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“To wait upon God is worth more than all the gold in the land, all the pearls in the sea, and all the diamonds in the earth. Waiting on God is paramount and indispensable. It is as urgent to true Christianity as breathing is to the body. Our waiting on God must be continuous and unbroken, as the breathing that maintains life. If we do not breathe, we die. If we do not wait on God, we come to spiritual night and barrenness, to spiritual poverty and death.” - L. W. Helm

In honor of Mother’s Day approaching, Becky and I partnered with our mom (@treasuresofyleo) with an exciting blog post on how to make all natural foaming face wash PLUS our mom donated some AMAZING items for a giveaway. She made some of that face wash in a beautiful amber bottle, plus she made some all natural lip scrub, plus she’s giving away 2 of our favorite oils - peppermint and lavender. EPICCCCCCCC!
The blog link is in my profile but head over to @nlvnd_ to enter the giveaway!

Doodling reminders that I need to cling to. Happy Friday folks.

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