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Michelle Montalban  Hi there😸

A pair of bare faces🐼💭 #wishmyfacewasasflawlessashis

“Water you doing in there!” #wetsuits&;waterfriends 🐠

Holding on to the the last bit of warm weather🌞🍂#ididntactuallygointhis #justcamedowntohugit #fall

Issa Paris partayyy🌸🎈

Attempts to take passionate cliché flower sniff photo*
"Cute! Act natural!"
I can't:/
"Why not!"
There's a 🐝on it🙈🌸

Beach sunset but these beauties are my sunshine🌞 #camphesskramergang 💛

📍Cat Café: Cats +coffee +Heidi, one of the sweetest coffee lovin souls you'll ever meet🌸😸☕️

Upon a climb that winds up and down steep terrain, sick engineering, &wild scenery.. World Wonder: The Great Wall ✅ #2down5togo #actinglikeimnotscaredofheights #thegreatwall

Traveled 12 hours by train eager to discover the Chinese northern boarder.. to realize I lost my 900¥ train ticket back to Southern China for work🙈thankfully I had a couple extra yuan for travel expenses to purchase a new ticket with, but that meant I couldn't travel Beijing..Reluctant to do anything other than what was planned I rationed out my yuan to meet travel plans& lived by 30¥ or $5 per day.. and it was an incredible experience. My roommate& I alone figured out the public transit system, found and ate cheap authentic Chinese street food just twice a day& made it through an array of workers and tours that refused to help us bc of the language barrier. But we made it.🌞The Great Wall, a winding path over rugged country and steep mountains, and a cable car back 🚠with a mesmerizing structure assuring the tenacity of the Chinese. Couldn't have done it without my amazing Beijing travel buddy of course💛 @zukoo_ "do you think there's a Geotag on #thegreatwall for my snap?"

It's been a grounding week for me chasing both physical wellness& my affinity for foreign culture🔮While teaching in China I ignored what I thought was a common cold& soon it developed into severe pneumonia. As an advocate for nutritional preventative medicine in place of pharmaceutical care I was especially reluctant when the Chinese instructors took me to the hospital for IV fluids. I've never felt so weak and out of tune with my own body..but I appreciate every second of it. Hooked to an IV for several hours over a week& the Chinese instructors were the best company I could ever ask for💙This China trip was my second attempt to maximize my physiological closeness to the culture..& I feel extremely lucky to have these amazing Chinese friends trust in me& share their thoughts. From gossiping over our students' silly behaviors to discussing Chinese government tactics, trends in political participation outcomes, the education system, the all nighters they've had, the differences in health care, their first prince charming love, the muse that drives their passions or their eagerness to discover their purpose in life,& of course numerous laughs& giggles at my attempt to mimic the exact pronunciation in Chinese for the days of the week, months, colors, how to tell time, #s to 1000, & how to say beautiful& handsome🙈I can't thank you enough for your geniality& all around sweet souls🌸thank you for helping me discover a cultural closeness as a facet of my cultural affinity& practically letting me take your ethnography🙈I fall more in love with Chinese culture each time❤️🇨🇳 #china #Shenzhen

Beautiful views to sea⚓️🌊🌞 #Shenzhen

We find ourselves in opposing time zones but before the day ends, feliz dia de independencia a el pais que amo con todo mi corazon..mi hermoso Peru❤️ 🇦🇹#machupicchu #huaynapicchu #peru

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