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Elizabeth Jaime  〰️ previously senior visuals editor @bonappetitmag now prop styling ✨ get in touch! elizabethvjaime@gmail.com mia / ny


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union square market ❤️

up close look at new prop styling work for @goop - v simple but v colorful!

TBT to a year ago aka best time ever!

chillin or workin?

Always trying to take more photos with my real camera but of course, it almost always ends up being iPhone pics. Here’s the few I managed to capture on our trip.

For your viewing pleasure

midday spumante is the way

Every time I come to Rome, I fall a little more in love. Should I just move here?

We had toyed with the idea of going to a country neither of us had been to before but eventually decided to return to Italy. Specifically Sicily, where we wanted to rent an apartment and pretend we were locals. And that’s what we did! We were lazy, shopped at the local market, avoided the beach because there were way too many people and took a lot of naps. Because visiting a country for the first time is always exciting but there’s nothing quite like settling in and pretending you live a different kind of life. Especially at a time like this where we’re both like “well, what do we do next?!” I guess that’s why I have only like ten photos of our whole time here.

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