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Never take pics of myself so when I do ya know I'm feeeeeeelin it and I gotta hit ya with all the diff angles lmao πŸ˜‚

WORKINNNNNNNN on this fine Sunday. Shoulders arms and abs going down! ps these pants are @celestialbodiez and I like them more than Lulu there I said it #11weeksout #inspired #thisyearismine #procardhungry #workin

Love what we do πŸ‘™

Very proud of this Gal! We worked together on her posing a week ago and every morning she sent me a video & everyday she improved. This is what it's all about. You can ALWAYS improve if you have the attitude, drive, and support. I'm so proud of you Jill congratulations on a beautiful showing today!!!! @jilllliee I always tell my posing ladies... you work with me once and I'm your posing coach for your season. I want updates on your show day and I want update videos so I can make comments. πŸ’πŸ» #inbf #yankeeclassic #newburyport #bikini #tbfb #bikiniposing contact me for posing through the Email link on my profile!

Thank ya timehop!!!! Throwback Thursday to 3 years ago my first experience on the #npcbikini stage!!! The next day I woke up to a comment from @angelcompetitionbikinis asking if I was sponsored by a suit company--- IG was so different and I was so new to the competing world I didn't even know what sponsors were!!! Lmao!!! I was stoked!! Ugh thank you so much to @angelcompetitionbikinis for taking such good care of me all these years and believing in me from the very beginning. Keep dreaming y'all!!!!! The limit to greatness does not exist!!!!

Yes I was crying can you tell??? lol I love competing & I love being on the other side just as much!!!!! This girl... no words 😢 a client and absolute best friend. People come into your life for a reason. Hold them close!!!!!! Just a sappy moment thinking about the season ahead for all of my athletes including this pro bikini competitor!! Big things mama @ladypennington 😈 If you're interested in competing with @teambestfitbody this Fall 2017 now is a great time to start... email me for coaching inquires πŸ“§ info@bestfitbody.com #tbfb #bikiniprep #prepcoach I am taking a limited number right now! #yesiwascrying #canyoutell #sappy #proudaf


Oooooh back to short hair. Le sigh. (It's ok cause I do love my natural hair but peep IG story if you wanna know why lol) here is a valid lesson and reflection from today---- TBH I'm way less of a control freak than I used to be. I smile more, breathe in more consistent patterns, my right armpit sweats less (cmon can't be the only one who has one armpit that's like "hahaha let's let everyone know you're super nervous!). I focus much less on what happens if X happens and more on what the heck is happening right now. So while my hair was one big dreadlock that was as if it basked in bubble gum, honey, and a duct tape potion or something all I could think about was how calm I was & how the old version of me would have probably involuntarily cried due to inability to control emotions/navigate an uncomfortable situation. Take control of yourself. Learn that you aren't what happens to you (chaos, mistakes, life) but you are more of how you react to it. This shows true character & helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. βœ… today's strength was remaining calm even tho I hadn't eaten since 8 am and we were goin on 2pm with this hair biznes.

My hand looks like I belong in the sci-fi movie Signs πŸ‘½ whatever froyo to me is like the last supper (I'd take some spaghetti too) and I've got all those half empty water bottles all over my life/car just like Bo #bestmovie #iwannawatchitnow AnywayZzz thanks for the picture and more importantly date Bubalah @marcusstephen ! Post leg day I got to have a lil untracked froyo cause let's be real why have froyo if you gotta track it!!!!! Back to business today with my usual healthy meals. Not tomorrow, today y'all! #froyo #alien #happyplace #smilesobig #takethedamnpicsoicaneat #froyogains #gotomybutt #backtoprep #12weeksout

You're allowed 5 emotional mins a day then you gotta be savage the rest of em. Got major feels out on my IG story today and now I'm gearing up for a hiit session. I talk about needing to lose about 10lbs for the next time I step on stage (and when that will be). My goal is to become an IFBB pro one day... I will pay my dues however. First goal will be to qualify nationally and head to Miami in November. I will not stray from this goal. I will commit. I will not give up when times get hard. I will cry and then I'll get the f over it. I will work toward my goal until I achieve it. Here is my current physique right after getting back to macros on Sunday. I'll have one untracked day this weekend and then continue on with the rest of this prep. 10 lbs may not be accurate I may not need to lose that Much but I need to come down in size (body fat mostly and some bit of muscle in my legs). 😊 most people wouldn't benefit from losing muscle just an FYI!

This whole year has been a true test of where/with who/on what I want to spend my energy. You may not be able to control every situation and every outcome that comes your way in life but you can control how you react to it. Are you someone who gets locked out of the house by accident & kicks the trash can and breaks their toe bcuz you're bloody pissed? Or are you someone who locks themselves out of the house and laughs, stomps their feet for a moment and says "oh well, now I can spend an hour in the sun & pick out funny characters in the clouds, it is a beautiful day". The choice is yours my friends. It's not "that easy" to just be happy if you have a lot of weight on your shoulders but don't be helpless. Keep seeking ways to improve the quality of your life. DON'T. GIVE. UP. #yesimtalkingtoyou #ellerambles #kindafeelsy #dontbreakyourtoe #youllloseallyourgains #jk #butseriously #dontgiveuponseekinghappiness #bestrong

Back to it 😬 feeling good! Weighed in this am at 123.6 after all the treats yesterday. I Am back to macros today and already started on a new training plan. I need to be probably 110-113 pounds on stage the next time. They want tiny & tight? I am gonna give them tiny & tight. Looking at today as day 1 of phase 2 of creating some artwork!!!!! #npcbikini #tinybutmighty #onamission Leggings: @sweat.collection #npcbikini #npcnortheast

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