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Not usually a fan but these are pretty comfy @gymshark @gymsharkwomen #bootyselfie #whatelseisnew *edit I am wearing a size Small and I'm 5'3 and 130# they are the only gymshark leggings that aren't way too long they actually fit the length of the Lululemon align 3/4 pants on me!

Juuuuuust chillin! I have a doctors appt tomorrow and he will tell me when I'm cleared to train again 😊 then it's tackling some goals goals goals! For those who have asked I had a breast augmentation revision surgery due to implants moving/pocket stretching in the sides and it was becoming extremely uncomfortable to do daily things like drive with arms in front of me/sit and type at my computer and training upper body--- no bueno. I was dealing with it for a long time and was like meh πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈthis must just be what it's like to have boobs. Apparently pain and discomfort isn't normal, lmao. So, I decided to have them replaced. I already feel so much better and I just can't wait to be king. Jk Lion King is stuck in my head. I just can't wait to be cleared. Then get shredded. Prob not for the stage but still wanna get shredded for myself 🦁🐯 figured I might as well share it on here cause dis is my journey and I hold nothing back. Thanks for all the DMs and comments and snaps and cards and such! They made me feel so much better πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I've been Laying in bed/on the couch for the last 5 days being a blob while these new girls heal. So I might as well come up with some #Ellerambles to make it worth while... here goes: ----------
let's talk about achieving goals and being mediocre. Y'all complain about not being where you want to be because whatever it is, is too hard or not possible for you because this that and the other thing. False. You just don't actually care enough about that end result or the goal you think you want to achieve. -----------
You can't half ass something and expect to be great at it. You can't only want the result without the process because it shows in your actions. If you want to eat pizza all weekend and skip the gym every other day but you want to be shredded you don't want to be shredded enough. If you want it, you'll make sacrifices. If you want straight A's you don't stop doing homework or studying for your exams. You stay up all night to make sure you're prepared. IF YOU WANT THOSE THINGS THEY REQUIRE YOUR DEDICATION EVEN WHEN THE MOOD IN WHICH YOU SET THEM IN HAS LEFT YOU. -------
The truth is... it's OK if you don't really want those end results it's OK if your priorities are different the absolute most important thing is that you don't live a life that is in between that results in you hating yourself for not going after your goals & what you truly want. Figure out what that is & I promise you that you will create a realistic game plan that will lead you to happiness. YOU will create that and it will be the best path for you to travel on.

Seriously though. This is my personal diary on here. I never want to forget that. I didn't start my Instagram to make money & I didn't start it with any notion my full time job would be based off social media (it wasn't even a thing when I started, lol). ---- I lose sight of this sometime and worry it's not what people "want" to see. Damn algorithm. But I want to get back to my roots and what I love to share on here. My thoughts, my struggles, my inner dialogue or "roommate" coming to life making me question my decisions, and life etc. I'm learning to face that roommate rather than let it throw me through anxious cycles of questioning who I am or what I'm doing. I am NOT who that roommate says I am because that b*tch changes her mind every other day. If you listen to that voice in your head it literally narrates your every move & until you free yourself from that can you truly grow into who you want to be and steer away from the conflicting thoughts in your head. Take a minute and listen to that voice what does it say? "I don't have a voice" "yes you do" "oh shit Elle is right" "lol" "stop talking to yourself" See? You have it too... now spend the next few days seeing if you can catch it while it's murmuring back and forth to itself and see if you can control it before it controls y.o.u. #ellerambles #hi #brainthings

It's a solid feeling being your own motivation πŸ”₯😍❀️ I'm lame but seriously this throwback from last year is stupid motivating for me. I cannnnnnot wait to be back in the gym in a few weeks 😬 since we're on the topic (we weren't on the topic), sharing a photo like this doesn't mean I'm sexualizing fitness it just means I worked damn hard for this body and I'm gonna celebrate that #motivationmonday #forreal #appreciateyoself #tbfb #faketans #imactuallyporcelain #yeslikethetoilet winner is @b.fit__ congrats Brooke!

Enjoyed a dinner with my family last night and starting today off with a little protein & a little caffeine (cause I'm still full LOL)πŸ™πŸ»πŸ° this is the CafΓ© Series by @pescience which is a coffee formula with added protein (20grams per scoop) and 100mg of caffeine per scoop. I mixed it here with some Califa Unsweetened Almond Milk (my favorite brand as of late... used to be a cashew milk girl but I like this much better). πŸ™ŒπŸ» if you'd like to get your hands on this product you can use my code: ELLEN at checkout & be sure you email me your receipt (info@bestfitbody.com) to be entered into my giveaway for April! #selectthebest #pescience #pescienceathlete #vanillafrappe

Took a nice cute lil pic post workout then was like oooh try balancing on one foot a little more to pop your glutes out for the gram ya know? swipe to see the fire selfie 🀳 #clumsy #af #justtrainabs #stabilityalittleoff #givemeabreak #remindertotrainabstoday #cablecrunches #alwaysgetheshot #evenifyourenotinit

I posted the details on my other account but seriously guys I have to say something here. You will go through losses, heartbreak and h e double L in life and I swear 2017 has been testing me beyond what I once thought were my limits. I don't say this for pity whatsoever it's just a reality and I am accepting of that. The only thing you can do is have faith and tell the ones you love that they matter to you. If you're going through any of that now you are not alone. Don't be afraid to ask for help or just reach out to someone for a shoulder to cry on. It's okay to be weak, you are human after all. Just know. picking yourself back up off the floor helps you to grow and be a little bit better and stronger the next time life knocks you down. That is what I am going to do and I want you to try to do the same #resteasy #lifeisshort #everyoneshouldbealittlekinder #everyoneshouldlovealittleharder #everyoneshouldtryit

Little physique update. Once I'm through the next 10 days & my surgery and recovery I'll be on a new path of goals. I really wish I was able to be on a program but not sure how long I'll be out of the gym for! Til then I'll just "hang out" #howdoidothat #ineedstructure #needgoals I have to go for a 2nd breast augmentation I have capsular contracture (likely) but what's bothering me most is my left side is stretched and displaced... notice on my left side by my sports bra? Boob is kinda in my Armpit... that's super freaking uncomfortable lol). It's nobodies fault that this happened and it's relatively common and Of course run the risks when you choose to have a cosmetic surgery. That being said Has anyone had this happen? Should I vlog the recovery? Ahhhh #butfirstletmetakeaselfie #showeryousmell #gogetready #progresspic #ispyafewabs #justAfew

Sometimes ya just gotta selfie and if that's wrong I don't want to be right. Do your thing, ladies. Next time you're taking a selfie in the gym and someone looks don't end up with that blurry photo of your shoes bc you were embarrassed for taking the pic. Appreciate your body, be confident in your choice to be confident, and share/encourage that to the other ladies who may be afraid to be proud of their body and mind. A selfie may be a picture cause you think you look damn good OR it may be capturing a moment in time, an emotion or an accomplishment whatever it is go on with your bad self(ie) #selfie #butfirstletmetakeaselfie #realizinghowimportantitistoloveyourselfunapologetically #alloveragain #ellerambles

Since there's now 100k of you there may be some new ones so hey what's up hello here are a few Things about me!
1. I was platinum blonde once
2. I said I would never compete once (since then competed 9x)
3. I'm extremely impulsive in a semi destructive way
4. I am a dog mom to a lil cavapoo named Wally and he's my pride and joy
5. I listen to the most degrading music in the gym... I would be embarrassed if someone asked me what I was listening to mid workout (my new gym friends plz don't do this now lmao).
6. I danced my whole life. Pointe (ballet where you're all the way up on your toes) was my favorite and I still have all my shoes
7. I get my butt (genetically) from my Grandpa but I also really like RDLs and sumo squats.
8. I don't like drama but if you need to be confronted about something I'll do it no problem and have a discussion to find a solution cause practicality could be my middle name. (Middle name is actually Renee)
9. I find my comfort in extremes but balance takes effort (trying to work on this, this year)
10. Most of my #ellerambles or tweets are pep talks to myself and my goal one day is to primarily do motivational speaking at a high level bcuz #goals
Hoped ya learned something knew or on the other end of the spectrum you remember when my hair was this color 😬 #nodramamama #bigbootygrampa #blondebarbie #bestselfiemirror #iwillbeburiedwithit #peptalks #besttalks #randomfacts #thisiphoneissotiny #gainshavebeenmade

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