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There is lots of crunch to my time. 6 weeks out & everything has to be perfect if I'm going to accomplish what I set out to do. What is that exactly? Give it my all. Remove doubt. Wear my crop tops to the gym and these damn low rise gymshark leggings to train abs because I'm no longer afraid of what I have left to do or how "far" I have to go. I am motivated that I'm working hard to achieve what I want and that is to stop stopping myself. I want to show you all that if you take action you CAN come out of a place of uncertainty and doubt. It takes the determination of a champion and the focus on what you truly want in your core. If I have annnnyyyyyyy advice to you it's to nail down what you want and stop trying to do things you "think" you want or what you're expected to do. Freaking rambles I am not even sorry πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ fire is not getting put out anytime soon #tbfb #ellerambles #gotworktodo #notafraidofit #lookingitdeadintheeyes #bathroombreakselfie #yallknowthosegallonofwaterfeels #apparentlyilikethistshirt

So fit much fitness yay macros super hungry

Caught in the rain but still smiling. Your circumstances do not define you. Your past does not define you. Your mood when you started the day? It doesn't mean the rest of the day needs to go that way too. You binge ate yesterday. You don't have to do it again today because you "failed" once. You skipped a full week of workouts. You don't need to wait til you have a "Fresh start" next week. You disappointed a friend or family member. Make amends. Nothing is for certain. You have the ability to change things and change your life. No one else holds that power... at least don't let them πŸ’š I'm gonna go splash in some puddles, make meatballs in the airfryer for the first time & mail out some Waffles N Syrup πŸ₯ž Oreos to a friend (@almazzurco) and have a fabulous day. Hope you do too.

Sorry I'm sharing so much food lately it's just really pretty & I am still eating good on 1500 cals. It's possible. Vlogging tomorrow starting with 6.5 weeks out prep!!! (Been secretly prepping for a while now lol but I'm confident in the package and mindset I have going into this first show of 2017. Please comment below what you'd like to see from me in the first episode!) This here is zucchini and lentil pasta I found in the frozen section of my grocery store. Full pic of nutrition facts are on my story. #foodpics #causetheydontneedmakeup #ido #7weeksout #eatinggood #wnbfpro #npcbikini

No carbs left? no problem here. Obsesssssssed with this type of meal for meal 4. I always pre plan my meal 5 before anything else to ensure I have food left to eat before I sleep cause no one likes to go to sleep hangry. So my meal 4 is usually whatever's left of my macros. I eat my carbs around my training and save a little for before bed so my dinner looks something like this! Fat and protons mostly. Egg whites omelette with turkey and asparagus. Whole egg 🍳 turkey bacon and a few cherry tomatoes! Sooooo freeeeeaking goooooood. All under 11g of carbs 😊 #lowcarb #nomnom #breakfastfordinner #alltheseasoning #salt #givemesodium #sogood

All my lifts done for the week. 45 mins on the stairs completed. Only 2 more cardio sessions this weekend. I am an all or nothing person & right now I'm definitely ALL. Gonna get suuuper deep with you on a Friday night. NGL I've had pretty bad body/self image for about a year & a half now. It's definitely not even all physical. Now that I've gotten my anxiety more under control I Do feel a lot better (Very thankful to have a wonderful doctor who I could talk to and get help from) but truthfully I think the poor body image was overall disappointment toward myself BC i didn't have any pride in my accomplishments. I was all over the place (probs due to anxiety and my inability to focus) but I didn't like anything that I was doing. I wasn't happy with any of my "goals", where I was living, and who I was. I was pretty lost. The only thing I was able to put my energy into was my clients & their needs (I am blessed for that because it brings me so much joy to help my girls succeed). I have been able to take the backseat and view my life and self from the outside while I've gone through some major changes. I'm gonna stop rambling and kinda sum this up but if you're feeling like you don't know WTH you're doing... you're not alone. If you feel bored or that you're not doing anything "great" set a personal goal that will encourage you to push yourself to your limits so you can feel pride and accomplishment. I hope this helps someone cause my feels are literally out on the table right now ❀️thanks for listening #ellerambles #endorphins #apparently #feelsy #ilovehavinggoals #datdermentalhealth #flexit

Can't think of a clever caption or anything exceptionally motivating I just feel good yo

All day I dream about breakfast. Today is a low carb day for me (115g carbs) I'm sharing this and my macros because I think it's crucial we have some people who are in the competitive world to understand that sometimes ya can't cut & be shredded right away on 200g of carbs and one cardio session per week. Will I always be on low carb? No, it's just a way to lower my calories to help create a deficit without feeling starving all day (fat and protein increased) so my satiety is much better. As I get leaner my calories will likely increase and I will have more frequent refeeds. Getting lean lean lean is no joke βš”οΈβŒ this is not for the average person looking to lose body fat. #facts #imalittleperson #alsoverysedentary #lowcarbday #iprefertocallithighfatday #lessdepressingthatway #lmao *breakfast is oats, egg whites, almond butter, strawberries, a little @pescience chocolate cupcake protein for flavor and duhhhhh pink salt on top! I put it in the freezer for a few to cool down cause I cook it for like a zillion hours in the microwave and eating hot food doesn't even taste like anything but steam and I prefer all my food cold cause I'm a freaking weirdo.

We all start somewhere!!! Day after my second show ever 😭❀️ (shoutout to my OG followers who remember this!) my heart was literally exploding with excitement and passion for this sport. Don't get me wrong... I definitely got frustrated with the fitness industry for the last year or so but since distancing myself from some of the bs I felt forced into... I feel so much better and encouraged to do things MY way without any influence or pressures from other people. I want to show you all that your journey needs to be all about YOU & not what someone else is doing. Use others as motivation because they are trying their hardest and doing their best work and NOT because they look a certain way or have certain things. Intrinsic motivation is the only thing that will truly get you when the going gets tough. You have to want it deep in your core, whatever it is. #sorryforpostingsomuchtoday #ellerambles #iwishiwasblondestill #themsquarenails #gladistoppeddoingthat #lmao

I'm curious to find out... do you take a multivitamin? Comment below. I used to think "I eat enough variety & I eat enough... I don't need a multi" but I finally unpacked a bag and found my @pescience Tru Multi for women and I'm excited to add it back into my routine as a security blanket type deal! Designed for athletes πŸ’ͺ🏻 I'm looking forward to adding this to my daily supplement routine. Get yours or any PEScience products for 30% off using my code πŸ‘‰πŸ» ELLEN πŸ‘ˆπŸ» #PEScience #selectthebest #pinkeverything #whoamI

Less talk, more work. First time putting on my new @angelcompetitionbikinis and feeling motivatedπŸ”₯ I won't give up. I will make it back on stage this summer and I really appreciate all your support in doing so #paleAF #ifIfeelgoodpaleimaginewhatillfeellikewithatan #nofilter #nomakeup #onamission #workforit #realtalk #tbfb

Going to the movies to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (yaaaaay) I love baby Groot already. Here's my lil trail mix. Protein bar (thanks @brittrit89) and kamut puffs & 10g of Vanilla Chex cereal πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ» 49 carbs 9 fat 23 protein. I figured since my Instagram engagement is literally crap I would post more stuff like this because I wanna share my fitness hacks and not have to worry about "being an influencer" like I have a job to do. There are sooo many pressures on social media to post a certain way or limit things off your page but NAH. Not here. Bye social pressures. Peace the f out. See ya never. Swipe to see how small I cut the bar up. But seriously is anyone else's engagement like πŸ’©???? Plz must know.

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