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Ella Rachel Elbaz  22 // Bournemouth 🌸 Fitness | Lifestyle | Balance 💌 ella_elbaz@yahoo.co.uk

This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle 🌸
Remember what you do to get to your goals must be sustainable!

It’s coming home ⚽️ and so am I.. in a wheelchair 🔥
Give this killer booty workout a go! Each exercise was 15/12 reps x 4 sets!
I finished off my workout with 30 minutes on the stair master as I’m currently on a cut for my holiday 🌴
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#hustletics #hustleticswomen

Set yourself a goal and put your all into making it happen 👊🏼
June 2018 - July 2017 🍑

I was born a water baby 🐬
I’ve spent my afternoon out at sea paddle boarding! Most water sports are such good exercise so get yourself out the gym and in the water ☀️

Anyone else love making lists and ticking them off once things get done?! 📝 I’ve literally had the busiest week and got so many things done! I’m feeling so positive about everything at the moment, training, work, friends & family 🌸 Remember to always celebrate those small wins ✨

I cannot wait to travel the world with this one ❤️ 65 days till our next adventure 🇹🇷

As if this weather wasn’t motivating enough, I’ve booked another holiday ☀️ Since I got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t sure on what to do with my diet/training which made me slightly demotivated. It’s still summer and I didn’t want to bulk quit yet 🐻 Since I’ve booked a holiday for September I’m now back on a cut! This time round unlike before my previous holiday I’m a lot leaner and I’ve manage to work my calories up! I will be keeping my cheats as clean as possible as there’s no point in being in a deficit all week just to make it back up on the weekend 🍕 As I am leaner I also won’t have to do as much cardio so I’ll actually enjoy cardio!
I’m so ready to beat my last holidays body 🌚

That’s Monday done! Whatever this week throws at you, you got this 💛

Throwing it back to that amazing day in Santorini a couple of weeks ago ✨ Who needs a holiday when the weather is like this in the UK though ☀️

Pre holiday transformation 🌻
My problem areas have always been my arms and lower stomach. They are also luckily the areas the I tend to lose fat on first and the most amount 👊🏼 However, remember that you cannot chose what areas you lose fat in!
Keep killing it in the gym, have that diet on point and be accountable for what you do and you’ll achieve your goals ✨

Forever working on those ratios ⏳
New week, same goals! Be your own motivation this Monday 💪🏼
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#hustletics #hustleticswomen

Back to reality after an incredible holiday 🏋🏽‍♀️ Since I’ve gotten back from holiday Monday I’ve changed a few things! My goal is to try and maintain a leaner look throughout summer but not be on such an intense cut and living for cardio!
I’ve slightly upped my cals since my cut especially as I ate what I wanted on holiday and I’ve lowered my cardio. I’m still quite strict with my diet but I do generally enjoy eating healthy ‘clean’ foods 🥦 -
How cute are these leggings too?! They’re from @hustleticsapparel - Use code ‘ELLA’ at the checkout for discount!
Have a lovely weekend 💕
#hustletics #hustleticswomen

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