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It's no secret this man is an immigrant. What you may not know is the path he took to get here. He put himself through schooling since the age of 15 to seek a better life without the financial support of his family. At the age of 33, he had the courage to start a new life in America with hopes of a creative and successful future. He has achieved every goal he put his mind to and I've seen it first hand.
This man has taught me kindness, generosity, empathy, and the courage to go after my dreams amongst a slew of other qualities. While traveling back to Europe with him, I felt the impact he has had on the people who know him. Friends from all over Europe (truly!) were ecstatic to see him, run into him, and wish him well - even after 10+ years of not seeing him.

His Turkish Muslim family and relatives graciously accepted me into their home while in Germany. They prepared me more food than my belly could handle. They even threw me a birthday party! I sat amongst them for days as they spoke to me in broken English and were so genuinely interested in my life and wellbeing and making sure I was comfortable. I came back feeling overwhelmed and accepted and most importantly LOVED...by a community of people who had never met me before. I am ashamed that this country is not extending the same warm welcome to a community of people who so warmly welcomed me. I find hope in the majority of people around the country who are standing up for this atrocity. I can not and will not imagine a life without this man by my side. We are all immigrants and he is #myimmigrant . ❤️

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