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ELLA ARIE  7YRS designer/ 11YRS photographer/ 1YR potter • LIGHT & TYPE •


#climatechange #scientificevidencebased #millenialstimetofightforthefuture IF WERE NOT DOING SOMETHING TO CHANGE OUR LIFESTYLE TO MITIGATE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, what the fuck are we doing with our time and existence? scroll but activate. REFUSE/REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE. 🌴💧

“As society around us evolves or crumbles.” - @axelvoid and his homage to the Serrano Family that resided in #wynwood // HOME was a two day exhibit to commemorate life and letting go. A surprisingly emotional day. Shout out to @saaspaces , @l.e.other, @charlotte_pyatt


If you didn’t make it to my place a month ago for @musiana debut of her EP in this rotating installation of #musianacasatour , now is the chance! a new home and a different love. TIX ON HER BIO🗓4/20— because love is inhaled and exhaled as we hug one another. Let’s get close, come out NEXT FRIDAY.

femme fatale estilo moody miami flavor con sazón y limón.

late night thoughts.

becoming of age 📷@jeannnes

A project that @axelvoid has been working on for the past two years. Home is a body of work exhibited in a residential house on the 14th and 15th of April on 25th street in Wynwood, Miami. The house will be demolished together with the paintings on the 16th of April.
The Home project explores the life of Ana and Julio Serrano, a Puerto Rican couple who moved to Miami in 1962 with their two sons Julio and Anibal. They bought the house on 25th street and would remain in this home until their last days.

Axel got in touch with Anibal to commemorate their story and the life of this community. Julio and Ana where a beloved couple, by their extended family and neighbors. They celebrated big parties and get togethers. Anibal recalls one Christmas where two hundred people came to their home to play music, eat and dance. The house is the last standing on the street, a neighborhood remembered by the Serrano family as a lively and vibrant place.

This project intends to underline the changes our generation has brought to the area and our communities generally. The area is now largely developed and gentrified as an arts district and is growing to other neighborhoods like Little Haiti and Overtown.
This is a tribute to the story of this home and neighborhood. Intending to celebrate and preserve the lives of the everyday families from the past and embrace the ones we still have in our present.
Make sure to be there for the vernissage on 14th 4pm - 7:30pm and again on the 16th for the finessage from 10am - 12pm and the demolition of the house will start at 12pm.

This project is curated by @saaspaces and co-organized by @l.e.other and @charlotte_pyatt.

@makerfairemiami this past weekend, 305 LEGO.

Y’all ready for hurricane season? place your bets. which ones will they be?

🌎APRIL 14th / 12:30 - 4PM 🗳 a panel is being held at UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SCHOOL OF LAW. We’ll be discussing #renewableenergy , #climatechange, #policyandchange , #sustainability, #publichealth all through our initiative of @mfsmiami. We have an extensive list of panelists who are experts in their field promoting policy change for the good of our state. GUYS, we’re back at it again this month.

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