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Espero que la Nochebuena te traiga amor, compañía, y paz al invitar el nuevo año en familia. Que disfrutes de este fin de semana con cariño. #sundaykindoflove #seattlepottery #seattlepotter

Calles oscuras, camino ligero, me llevo la luna y su dulzura. Me acompaña su luz, cuentos de duendes inquietos hasta el amanecer. Me encuentro y me entierro en cobijas, calientan mis pies cansados y abrumados del paso de ayer.

@morningsideware with that matte black. #seattlepottery

tests pieces came out solid! @morningsideware

got my picture taken today by @andrewethomp

shits always being curated, organized, intended to exude “cool” on IG. But, fuck it; imma be real and leave this here because movement is a huge part of my development as a person. I keep getting asked,” what i’m gonna do for my birthday?” Imma move in all kinds of ways. This was a month before I moved out to Seattle, a need to explore beyond the visual artistry and Suspiria awoke an innate desire for indomitable bravery, I wish you all a bold life. IT ME, 29; prepping for 30.

I left miami suddenly because I found promise in spontaneity and courage. Confronting indoctrinations, silence, and ego in nature have proven to be essential for my spirit. #nogutsnoglory // turning 29 in a couple of days, grateful for everyone I’ve had the pleasure of sharing space with. thank you for abundant wisdom, I am here because of you, because of me.

mean mugger with sharp claws, here’s another one of my girl; UNIX.

Atman is Brahman, today is a glorious one.

hazel lights, modern frights lurking in these city nights of ghoulish spirits taming the wicked, howling and groping they fell asleep.

leaving this here, so miami folk envision a Seattle evening. 💫GO VOTE.

dried ice look, from burning between our lips.

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