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Elizabeth Vera  New Mexico| Texas | Engineering | climbing | yoga | jewelry | farming | dog lovin' | plant-based | first person to dance at parties

I'm sitting in thermodynamics class right now, my head is swirling, and I can't concentrate. So here's a picture of a climb called Swirl Wall, which for me is just as mentally challenging. You commit to a mantle move and then reeeeach.
Photo by @sessionsclimbing
#girlsboulder #huecotanks #climbing #takeholdlv

Celebrating in the exact same spot where we met! Love this human.

Saturdays are for climbing. Less than 24 hours now until I'm back outside. I'm so over these 17hour school days of nonstop studying where at one point I actually looked up what the avg salary for a stripper is. Turns out that it's about the same as an entry level engineer. #foodforthought #engineeringschool
I also learned that in Albuquerque, police officers used pizza to lure suicide attempters off a bridge... So we had pizza delivered to the library because after several late studying days and no sleep a bridge was sounding pretty nice... And pizza is an effective reminder that there is still good left in this world.
Anyway, it's good to keep my Saturdays open for sake of my mental well being. Hope to see you all out on the rocks tomorrow!
Thanks for sending me this video @ale_da_
#huecotanks #climbing #therapy

EDIT: this is me getting Moonshine Roof | V4 two weekends ago. I sent it and then did it again for video but was almost too pumped to finish...almost.

Oh look! It's a picture of me not climbing. Actually, it's a picture of me not doing anything at all.

Got to try these for the first time yesterday. My campusing definitely needs work but these are too much fun.
#slopers #campusparty #climbing

Trying to absorb the last minutes of sunlight and warmth together.

On Wednesdays we wear whatever damn color we want. But pink is nice. Let's wear pink.
Rembrandt Pu$$yhorse | v4-ish
📷: @sessionsclimbing
#onwednesdayswewearpink #climbgirls #huecotanks #soill #takehold #climbing

Favorite childhood lessons:
1) Go outside and play
2) Everyone is an instant friend if you're nice enough
3) If you're not having fun then you're doing it wrong.
Be with friends who want to go and do anything so long as you can be outside, rock matching outfits (even on accident), talk to everyone you meet with open hearts, or pretend to be trees on mountain tops. Thanks to all my beautiful friends who remind me to just be a kid sometimes and enjoy life. 📷: @fashionate_warrior

Being on a rope is still a feeling I'm trying to get used to. For a view like this, I could get used to it.

Things were getting a little batty at The Bat Cave.


It feel like our Indian summer may have finally ended yesterday. This is me coming to the realization that the pickins were too slim for me on Slim Pickins.
Photography by: @j0hana_aa
#huecotanks #girlsboulder #soill #takeholdlv

I finally got to try this climb and it was so much fun to make quick work of it.
Brutus | V5
Photo cred: @sessionsclimbing
#soill #huecotanks #girlsboulder

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