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Elizabeth Warren  Official campaign account of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).


When I was 12, my daddy had a heart attack. All three of my brothers were off in the military, and Daddy was out of work for a long time. We lost our family station wagon, and we were about an inch away from losing our home. One day, I walked into my mother’s room and found her crying. She said, “We are not going to lose this house.” She wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and pulled on her best dress – the one she wore to funerals and graduations. At 50 years old, she walked down the street and got her first paying job: answering the phones at Sears. That minimum wage job saved our home, and my mother saved our family. I learned in that moment how mothers do what needs to be done to fight back. Whether you’re a mother or grandmother like me, or you plan to celebrate or remember the special women in your life, I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Mother’s Day.

This week my oldest granddaughter O turned 16. I'm in deep denial (sort of like a Senate Republican denying climate change). O has transformed from being Gammy's best tickle-buddy to a smart, kind young woman who still has a great laugh. I suit up and head into the Senate to fight for a better future for O — and her little brother and sister — and for all of our kids and grandkids. Happy Birthday, Miss O. #tbt

I had the pleasure of meeting former acting Attorney General Sally Yates two weeks ago when she received the Mary Church Terrell Freedom and Justice Award from the Detroit NAACP. I thanked her for her courage to stand up to the Trump Administration and for her commitment to protecting civil rights - and I thank her again today.

When people talk to me about how broken Washington is, I really can’t argue with them. It’s a mess, and sometimes I leave work at night so frustrated I want to spit. But by my side – on the good days and bad days and everything in between – is my sweetie Bruce. Today is Bruce’s birthday, and he hates anyone making a fuss over him. But the whole world should know that Bruce is the very best. I love you, Sweetie. Happy birthday.

Tonight I'll be making my @fallontonight debut. Set your DVRs & tune in! #fallontonight

Fight like a girl.

We’re still tallying up the final numbers for our first fundraising quarter since I announced that I was running for re-election in Massachusetts. But I couldn’t wait to share with you one amazing stat: In the first three months of 2017, almost 16,000 people from every corner of Massachusetts chipped in to support our campaign. To me, this map shows something powerfully important: that a strong grassroots movement is ready to fight back and make real change for our Commonwealth and our country. I’m deeply grateful that you’re a part of this fight – and we’re just getting started. #mapoli

Tonight I joined @thedemocrats Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison for a conversation about how we can keep fighting back against Donald Trump's reckless agenda. Watch the video on the Democratic Party's Facebook page.

When Justice Scalia died, giant corporations and their right-wing buddies spent millions to keep the Supreme Court seat open for Donald Trump. Judge Neil Gorsuch has a long, detailed record that shows he cares more about corporations than women, workers, consumers and families. I joined @prochoiceamerica & the People's Defense organizations on the Supreme Court steps this morning to kick off delivery of 1 million petition signatures for senators to oppose Judge Gorsuch. #weobject #stopgorsuch #scotus

Had an incredible Saturday night seeing the one and only James Earl Jones, Bill Heck, Dana Delany and the rest of the amazing cast of The Night of the Iguana, the Tennessee Williams play being performed right here at the @americanrep in Cambridge. #nightoftheiguanaart

Today I stand in solidarity with "A Day Without Immigrants" protesters. #immigrantsfeedamerica, and immigrants make our country strong. #adaywithoutimmigrants #immigrantsmakeamericagreat

My mother was born on February 14, and she loved her special connection to Valentine’s Day. When I was a little girl, I bought some heart-shaped pans at the dime store. I still have my heart-shaped pans – and even though my mother is gone now, I still bake a heart-shaped cake every Valentine’s Day to remember her. But this year, I’m doing something more: I’m fighting for the Affordable Care Act to make sure everyone’s mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, wife, partner, friend and neighbor can get the health care they need to live longer, healthier lives. That seems like the right way to celebrate the people you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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