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We had an INCREDIBLE Father’s Day!

In the 1920s, my daddy had big dreams. He wanted to fly airplanes. But like many other people who endured the double blows of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, he didn’t get the chance to follow his dream. Decades later, both my parents still talked of bank failures and families who lost their farms during some of the toughest times for our country. By the time WWII came along, my mother and daddy already had three young boys. Daddy tried to enlist to be a fighter pilot in the war, but the Army Air Forces (as it was known then) said he was too old, or at least that’s the explanation I heard. When the war finally ended, Daddy desperately wanted a job flying the new passenger planes. But that didn’t work out either. My mother told me that those jobs also went to younger men.

So Daddy moved from one job to another: he was a salesman, he fixed cars, he was a janitor. He liked working with his hands, doing repairs around the house. And like a zillion other families, we got by.

When I was a senior in high school, I started thinking about college. I wanted to be a teacher, and that meant I needed a college diploma. But my mother said it was out of the question. She pointed out that we couldn’t afford college, that she and Daddy just didn’t make enough money. Besides, my daddy had had a heart attack, and now it took both of my parents’ paychecks to manage. Then Daddy surprised both of us, saying: “Let her try, Polly.” And I was off and running.

There were lots of bumps and wrong turns along the way. But eventually, I made it. Whatever I did, my Daddy believed in me. He would say, “That’s my Betsy." That kind of sacrifice – a sacrifice fueled by love – is why I’m in this fight all the way: for access to healthcare, for a living wage, for affordable education, for keeping families together. All of our children deserve a chance to succeed. And all of our parents deserve the peace of mind knowing their hard work created a better future for their children and grandchildren.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies who are trying their hardest to give their children a strong future – and who set the example every day of what it means to care for the people you love.

French toast and coffee: a great way to celebrate Father’s Day (or Grand Dad’s Day)!

@melissa_etheridge: icon, activist, fighter, and my marching buddy for Boston Pride this weekend. Thanks for firing up the team with your inspiring words and your brilliant performance!

We'll keep marching. We'll keep dancing. We'll keep fighting until every person feels safe to be who they are and to love who they love. Equal is equal. #Pride2018 #PersistWithPride

How to end a perfect Pride Day? Cookie Time Bakery with Bruce

#BostonPride might be my single most favorite day of the year because it’s the day we all come together and celebrate love. Thank you, @Melissa_etheridge for dancing with me! #PersistWithPride #WickedProud

My fabulous boa looks great with my new pair of shoes, don't you think, @mileycyrus ? Proud to dance in Boston Pride with @melissa_etheridge today! #PersistWithPride #Pride2018

Massachusetts led the country in marriage equality in 2004. We’re going to continue to fight for equality and safety for all. #PersistWithPride #Pride2018

States should be able to set their own marijuana policies. Period. That's why I just introduced a bipartisan bill with Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner to end the federal ban on marijuana.

This is what persistence looks like! Thanks to all the dedicated @massdems activists who stopped by our booth to say hi at the #demvention. Together, we'll keep up the fight and #persist.

I’m deeply grateful for the chance that Massachusetts has given me to fight on behalf of working people. And this weekend, I promised Massachusetts Democrats: I’m just getting started. #demvention #mapoli