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I was honored to join the @ma_hsdems at their #newenglandsummit at the @emkinstitute this weekend. Our party, our country, & our democracy are counting on these students to fight.

Had a great time at our town hall in New Bedford this weekend. We had some terrific questions on the CARE act, making college more affordable, and creating jobs. Thanks to the hundreds of people who braved the rain to make their voices heard!

I was just a kid when my daddy had a heart attack. I remember the night my mother said, “Betsy, we’re going to the hospital. You stay here. Eat your dinner.” By then my three big brothers had all grown up and moved out, so it was just me and my little dog, Missy.

After he got out of the hospital, Daddy looked gray and tired. He was out of work for a long time. The bills just piled up.

And then one day, I walked into my mother’s bedroom. Her face was red and puffy, and about a dozen wadded-up tissues were on the bedspread next to a black dress. It was my mother’s best dress – the one she wore to weddings and funerals. At first I was confused. I wondered if someone had died. She said, “We are not going to lose this house.” She squeezed into that dress, put on her lipstick and high heels, blew her nose and wiped her eyes, and walked to the Sears Roebuck down the street. At 50 years old, she got her first job outside the home answering the phones and taking catalog orders.

My mother’s minimum wage job at Sears saved our home, and it saved our family. Today? A minimum wage job won’t keep a momma and baby out of poverty.
When my mother put on that dress and walked out the front door, she taught me that mothers do whatever it takes to fight back. Where mothers and families end up in life today is more than just hard work and good fortune - policies matter too. That’s why I fight to honor my mother, on Mother’s Day and every day.

Right now in the richest country on the planet, American teachers are getting crushed. Too many teachers are making insulting salaries, working two or three jobs to make ends meet. But in states across the country, teachers are rising up to say enough is enough. Our kids deserve better than tattered textbooks and our teachers deserve more than shoestring budgets. And the good news is - it's working. Teachers are winning. #teacherappreciationweek

Happy birthday to my favorite actor and not-so-secret crush @therock! I keep this on my desk in Washington to remember to stay ballin’. Send my love to your beautiful family!

May 1, 2018: The day I officially became a cool grandma. Thank you @mileycyrus & @jimmykimmellive!

Delighted to join AFT Massachusetts in Quincy this weekend for their 50th convention. Teachers are fighting back and I’m standing with them — because a teacher’s success is a child’s success, and a child’s success is America’s success. #aftma50

It was a BEAUTIFUL spring day in Massachusetts for an outdoor town hall in Brockton. We’re grateful so many people joined us on steps of West Junior High School to speak out & make their voices heard.

I'm very grateful to everyone who joined us last night at UMass Lowell for a community conversation about the opioid epidemic, and my new bill to invest $100 billion in state, local and tribal governments to fight this crisis in the Merrimack Valley and all across the country.
We heard from Sue Levine at the Lowell Community Health Center and Tim Grover from Megan's House, an opioid treatment program in Lowell. These experts are doing everything they can to fight this epidemic day after day -- but they need our help. We also heard from local leaders like Lowell City Manager Eileen Donoghue, who need a strong partner with the federal government to fund the programs that are making a difference in our communities.
It's not easy to come to a town hall and talk about how your mom is in a lot of pain, or your pharmacist wouldn't take back your pills, or you're using an opioid as we speak. Part of the reason the response to this crisis has been so slow is the stigma of talking about this. But we must tell each other's stories and get in this fight. People are dying. We don't have any other choice.

“What?!” My very traditional mother asked the question with equal parts shock and amazement. I’d just said that I was buying Bruce a cookbook for his birthday.
OK, it was a long time ago. Bruce and I hadn’t been married for long, and Bruce’s adjustment to a ready-made family (I had two kids, a dog and a station wagon) was to try to take care of us. And that meant cooking night after night.
The problem: he was actually a really good cook. I was a serviceable cook—fast, fried, done. Bruce was all about complex dishes, slowly simmered and carefully displayed, layered in with interesting spices and exotic foods that neither the kids, the dog, or I had ever really eaten.
So I had picked out The Bread and Soup Cookbook, with the plan that I would both appreciate his cooking and, at the same time, move it in a bit more... um... workable direction.
The book was a hit. Bruce found several recipes, and I even dipped in to it to learn how to make Mexican Oatmeal soup (delicious!). We gobbled it up. And birthday after birthday, I bought Bruce another cookbook for his collection.
The cookbooks became a statement about our family. Over time, the kids and I became more adventurous eaters. Bread and Soup gave way to tasty pasta dishes, and delicious global foods, and some downright weird stuff. But we always tried it, and we always had fun.
Today is Bruce’s birthday. It gives me a chance to say thank you for all the wonderful meals—and for all the wonderful years.
Love, E ❤️

Today we had a thoughtful and heartbreaking conversation at Cape Cod Technical High School about the opioid crisis in Massachusetts. This week, Rep. Elijah Cummings and I introduced the CARE Act to give state, local, and tribal governments the resources they need to fight this crisis.

Thank you to the 250 people who joined us on the Cape today to talk about their own struggles, and the struggles of the people they love. Fighting the opioid crisis isn't about politics - it's about saving lives.

The car from Bullitt is on the Mall in DC! (If you’re too young to remember Bullitt, go watch it on Netflix. Steve McQueen’s car chase is so cool.)

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