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Elizabeth Warren  Official campaign account of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).


If we’re going to make real change in this country, we can’t just talk to people who agree with us. So this Thanksgiving, try – just try – to talk to your Fox News-loving brother or uncle. Don’t start the conversation by saying: “That guy you voted for is a…” Talk about an issue that’s important to you, like health care. How it’s really scary that your sister who survived cancer could get priced out of her health care. That you don’t know what would happen if Medicaid wasn’t around to help your cousin’s preemie – or your grandpa who lives in a nursing home. And make sure everyone in your family has health care coverage before the enrollment deadline in your state. I know that it’s a lot tougher to talk to people in-person instead of through tweets or Instagram pics – but it’s powerfully important. #getcovered

ICYMI: Last night I caught up with Stephen Colbert for the first time in over a year. Link in bio to watch the full interview on our Facebook page. #lateshow #lssc

Tonight I'll be making my first visit to @colbertlateshow since Donald Trump became President. I think Stephen and I have a few things to catch up on. Tune in! #lateshow #lssc

Today is National Run for Office Day – and we need you (yes, YOU) to get in this fight. runforofficeday.com #runforsomething

We had a terrific town hall with 1000 people at Greenfield Middle School today! Thanks to everyone who filled the gym & auditorium to speak out and be a part of this fight.

Happy to bring MA’s finest @dunkindonuts to a terrific group of campaign volunteers in VA tonight. Let’s keep it up and vote tomorrow, VA! #GameOnVA

I love Halloween – dressing up, trick-or-treating, handing candy out at the door. (Confession: I have a real weakness for Mounds.) When my kids Amelia and Alex were little, long before the online shopping days, I’d spend days painting the perfect butterfly wings and hours stitching the perfect Spider-Man mask. I loved every minute of it.

But nothing beats being a grandma. I’m no longer on costume duty – at least, not for the kids. Every year that I get to see my grandchildren on Halloween, they give me a new assignment for their supporting cast. One year, my granddaughter Bennie talked me into becoming “the Sparkle Queen” – complete with a pink glitter wig – all so that I would complement her “Sparkle Princess” costume. Last year, the girls both dressed as black cats so I was a wicked witch. (Sorry, Republican attack ad makers – all photos have been deleted.) One of the trickiest costumes was when Bennie decided she was going to be Little Bo Peep and I would be her Lost Sheep. The Bo Peep costume was a snap to find, but the Lost Sheep was a little trickier – especially in fully-grown, adult size. I finally found a puff-fuzzy white pullover, and I could do gloves for my front paws (or whatever they are called on sheep). I cut the pockets out of the pullover to make sheep’s ears. It was just what Bo Peep needed. She had a wonderful time parading around and commanding her sheep to do various tricks.

I’m down in Washington this Halloween, where some truly scary things have been happening this year. Just when we think one nightmare is over, the Republicans seem to bring another terrible policy back from the dead. But it’s days like Halloween – where we dress up in silly costumes, eat too much candy, and make happy memories with the people we love – that remind us why we’re in this fight: so we can build the kind of future where our kids and grandkids can flourish. I hope you’re making happy Halloween memories today! #halloween

Back in the late 1990s, Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone and I spent a lot of late nights talking to each other on the phone. Let me explain that. At the time, I was teaching in Massachusetts – and my husband Bruce was teaching in Philadelphia. A lot of weeknights, I’d stay at the office working until 10, 11, midnight. I’d be sitting at the desk, and my phone would ring – and the voice on the other end would say, "Professor!!! What are you doing working at this hour?!?!" And I’d say, "Senator!!! What are you doing working at this hour?!?!" It was our own little Abbott and Costello routine.
Paul was calling because we were both digging in to the question – him as a senator, and me as a professor – of what was going wrong for working families in America and what we could do to help. At the time, the credit card companies were pushing a terrible bill that would make it harder for people who had hit hard times to file for bankruptcy. The credit card companies had money and power. And who was there to fight for a whole bunch of broke, desperate families? Paul. For Paul, it was always about the people.

Paul had that heart. Paul had that courage. And that’s why I’m not the only senator who considers him not just a hero, but a role model. We lost Paul 15 years ago today – and I think we all miss him even more than usual right now. Paul used to quote Marcia Timmel: "I’m so small," she said, "and the darkness is so great." Paul’s response: "Light a candle." Every time we fight to empower the powerless, they get stronger, and so do we: stronger for the next fight, and the next one, and the next one. So tonight, for Paul, light a candle. Share the flame. Keep it burning.

I take joy in being a grandmother – deep down, goosebump joy at the laughter, the hugs, the bedtime kisses, and the sustaining hope for what comes next. With so many terrible and scary things happening right now, my grandkids’ smiles remind me why I get up and fight every morning. It’s to build a future, not just for them – but for all of our kids. #GrandparentsDay

On the 54th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, I was honored to join Dr. Bernice King and the King Center at Ebenezer Baptist Church tonight. #bctkingcenter #mlk #ihaveadream #shepersisted

Tonight we saw the new sequel to Al Gore's @aninconvenienttruth. Climate change is upon us and time is running out, but Al Gore makes the case that people - all of us - can make the changes that can save us. #beinconvenient

I needed to replenish my soul tonight.

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