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Elizabeth Warren  US Senator, MA. Fmr teacher & law professor. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, CFPB), grandmother & Okie. Official account: 2020 Presidential Campaign.

If there were ever a moment in history that proved we need more women in leadership roles, it's now. Women understand why it matters to fight for the underdog. And we're not afraid of a fight – not even the hard ones. Check the link in bio for my profile in @marieclairemag.

Let’s be clear: there is no “emergency” down at our border. The people of Lawrenceville, GA agreed – immigration makes our country stronger, not weaker.

Last night, I told James Corden and 50 Cent that we have a chance for real, structural change in 2020. And that includes my new plan for #UniversalChildCare.

One of my favorite parts about being on the road is taking pictures (and getting hugs!) from people all across this country. Here's what my first full day in Iowa as a candidate for President of the United States looked like.

Universal Child Care, my In-N-Out order, and tattoos. Covered a lot of ground on the @latelateshow last night with @50cent (and grandkids are jealous I got to meet @arianagrande!)

Thanks for having me, Pod Save America! It was great to talk about my 2020 agenda with Tommy Vietor, and I love-love-loved meeting Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett’s dogs (don’t tell Bailey). Tune in to Thursday’s episode to hear our conversation.

Today, I’m proposing something bold: a Universal Child Care plan that would make child care free for millions of American families, and affordable for everyone. If you agree that every family in the country should have access to high-quality child care, add your name to our petition (link in bio). #UniversalChildCare

The rules of our economy are rigged in favor of the wealthy and well-connected. When I talk about this, some rich guys scream “class warfare!” Well, let me tell you something. These same rich guys have been waging class warfare against hard-working people for decades – I say it’s time to fight back.

Child care should be a fundamental right, period. I remember how hard it was to find affordable, high-quality child care for my two kids when I was a working mom – and it's a zillion times harder today. At the end of my rope, I called my 78-year-old Aunt Bee in Oklahoma and broke down, telling her between tears that I couldn’t make it work and had to quit my job. Then Aunt Bee said eleven words that changed my life forever: “I can’t get there tomorrow, but I can come on Thursday.” Two days later, she arrived at the airport with seven suitcases and a Pekingese named Buddy — and stayed for 16 years. My #UniversalChildCare plan is pretty simple – see for yourself through the link in bio.

This got a big applause tonight. (Hint: it has to do with putting tax returns online.)

I’ll never give up on your kids and grandkids, and I’ll never give up on their futures. That’s a promise.

It’s not equal justice when a kid with an ounce of pot can get thrown in jail, while a bank executive who launders money for a drug cartel can get a bonus. We need reform.

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