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Please find me lost in the stacks...always πŸ“š

My first red carpet experience! This is crazy! #zootopia #premiere

Writing essentials for a productive writing day must always include cookies. And my very favorite person Shephard. πŸ’œ #amwriting #writingday

Pop stars on buses in malls. 🀘🏻

In real life πŸ“½

Got my hair twisted up tonight for some possible curls tomorrow...or a complete and utter fail. I'll let ya know. πŸ’πŸ»#hairdiy

Happy birthday to my niece Caroline. I remember mom checking me out of school early freshman year to go to the hospital, I remember the rolling thunderheads over Heritage were so grey they were almost green, I remember Phil Collins "You'll Be In My Heart" was playing on the radio, and I remember thinking will she be cool? Because that's what you think at 15. I remember holding you at home as we watched Xmen and 90210, the one where Brandon and Brenda are dateless for prom. I explained in detail the importance of each of these characters, and their arcs. I remember trying to call you "Cat" because I thought it was cool, but clearly it never took off. πŸ˜‚ And now you're the age I was when you were born. And life is weird. Because now you'll be driving soon. And all of life seems to take place within the next 6 years. But just remember, it may seem that way, but it doesn't. And you have so much time. And your brilliant. And deeply, deeply loved. By all of us. Cheers to you, Caroline Hope, on your 15th birthday. 🎈

I could show you all the beautiful (and cliche) sights, or my current view while we wait on roadside assistance to jump our car because I left the lights on! C'est la vie. πŸ™ŒπŸ» #kirksdosanfrancisco #fromwhereistand

San Francisco, you are way cooler than me in all areas. 🏍

Hanging out in San Fran for the new year! And we stumbled upon the famous Mrs. Doubtfire house. And by stumbled, I mean, I put the coordinates in the gps because it was necessary for my life's happiness to finally see it. 🏑 #kirksdosanfrancisco

Throwback to a highlight of my life when I had caramel cheesecake in a jar on a train in Paris. In a JAR! 🍯

Grateful for these two beautiful gifts in my life. Well, three if you count the 🌊.