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Lizzy Gadd  Vancouver, Canada. Nature dweller, animal lover, peace keeper, adventure seeker, chocolate eater.

A year ago I stumbled across a little water canal running through the back streets of Cusco. Curiosity immediately had me balancing on the walls of the canal as I followed the stream up towards the sound of rushing water, where I found this waterfall staircase. It was surrounded by garbage, and the water was not particularly sweet smelling, yet all I could see was the beauty. I didn't take any photos then, but this image stuck with me all year... So when I found myself back in Cusco last week, I went straight back here, fighting my way through new overgrown bushes and splashing through the water up to this spot. Just as I remembered it, still surrounded by garbage and a pungent aroma, onlookers staring/laughing at me in confusion and disbelief as I cautiously climbed the smelly staircase of rushing waters...in a dress. But the beauty still stands out to me the most, the way the lush grass and vines and flowers hung over the edges, and how the cascading water peacefully drowned out the sounds of the city all around. It felt like a special place to me, so this year I'm glad to have captured it as I want to remember it..... Before immediately bumbling back across town for a good clean shower. 💃👌

Dreaming of these mountaintop summer sunsets, scrambling barefoot across the boulders, chasing every last drop of sunshine. 💕

Nothing makes me love and laugh more than spending time with my loyal bestie @adventurepepper . Seriously, that face. That tongue. That hairdo. Ugh. 😍
@sonyxperiaca #takenwithxperia

A throwback to 7 years ago, one of my earlier days of expirimenting with self-portraiture. It was always these peaceful moments I liked to capture best. ❤️

This was one of those moments where I was just happy to be alive. And I don't mean that in a freezing-my-arse-off sarcastic kind of way (except maybe a little bit). But more so, one of those moments where the cold and snow just added to the feeling of being alive and I couldn't have been happier about it. ❄️💙
(behind the scenes video over on @glizabethgadd)

I've always valued so deeply these still moments of solitude, where my mind is completely at ease... but I'm also learning to value more of life's scary moments, the stomach butterflies, the crazy hectic times, the unknown and every moment far and wide in between. I've been realizing there's something to be learned from every situation... So here's to riding the waves of this life with an open mind and appreciation for each given moment, hopefully gaining experiences and knowledge and memories we never would have known otherwise. 💚
(just writing down these thoughts before I forget... now to get back to important things like making vegan pizza. 🍕)

Currently sitting in the airport feeling fortunate to be returning back to Iceland sooner than I expected... Excited for my first workshop experience, helping teach alongside legends @davebrosha, @paulzizkaphoto and @maghood. 😊
Time to go swap all this Vancouver rain for some even colder rain!💃

"Run Home". A throwback to one of the first self portraits I took that helped spark the beginning my passion for combining my deep-rooted love of these natural wild surroundings with my"self" (the thoughts and emotions I can express through self portraiture). Using this art form as a way of journaling and expressing myself is, to this day, a deeply therapeutic experience for me. More often than not, shooting these photos brings me to the exact present moment - where the only things to exist are the fresh air, the mountains, the cold raindrops on my skin, and the feeling of the ground firmly beneath my feet... And I feel gifted with a moment to breathe, and permission to simply, be.

I remember this moment being one of pure, unfiltered happiness.  After trekking a few hours up the mountain, dropping our backpacks just in time to run across the ridges in the light of the setting sun, watching the clouds flow over the peaks all around, hearing the joyful exclamations of my friends… A true feeling of freedom and being on top of the world. 💛
…I would imagine it to be a similar feeling to being on top of my bill payments - which is never. 😂 But this week that got slightly easier as I'm collaborating with Paytm Canada, a fun and free downloadable app that allows me to pay my billers instantly through my smartphone with multiple payment methods.  I’m happy to offer my fellow Canadians 5% cashback on any bill payment made through the app (max of $10 cashback) – just use the code: <LIZZYGADD> at the bill payment checkout screen (one-time use only).✌️
@paytm_canada #paytmcanada #ad

There's a certain peace that comes when you give up resisting and start embracing. Leaning softly into your surroundings (or falling all in), replacing hesitation with openness. Discovering new beauty and making it yours.

Every opportunity I get to adventure into these mountains, fields and forests brings me a joy like none other... A childlike exhilaration and awakening of my imagination, a yearning to develop a deeper connection to the world around me and a longing to tell the stories it holds. I often use photography to capture how I feel in these moments, with a hope that my work can tell such stories and resonate with anyone who follows along.…This week I had the pleasure of collaborating on this photo with 20th Century Fox for their upcoming film, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”. Although my escapades may not involve high-speed train chases and explosions (phew), this is still where I feel most alive: Embracing and chasing after life’s adventures, while seeking a deeper understanding of the world and learning what it means to be a part of it/take care of it so that our story may continue. Now back to the train chases and explosions… if you’re into that kind of thing, check out the link in my bio to view the trailer for this upcoming film. It looks like an exciting time and I’m eager to follow along as the characters embark on their own journey of discovery and answers for this world and its people. 😊 @mazerunnermovie #WazeOfTheMaze #MazeRunner #DeathCure #sponsored

As my favourite Mother Teresa once said, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."
Posting this as a reminder to myself to not be overwhelmed, but to lean a little further into kindness every day. ❤️

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