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Lizzy Gadd  Vancouver, Canada. Nature dweller, animal lover, chocolate eater.


Went back to this castle in Northern Ireland the other day. Still takes my breath away. πŸ˜πŸ’š

When smoky skies and rain collides. πŸ’›

...is it fall yet? πŸ™ˆ

Are you one to embrace the calm moments for as long as possible, grasping onto every second of stillness and quiet? Or are you one to chase the action, finding a thrill in life's chaos and living to the absolute fullest? I've always been a very calm person by nature and find myself in the former mood more often than not. I think finding peace and contentment in long periods of stillness is an important value to learn... But on the otherhand, I find it easy to often feel stuck in walls I build to hold in my own solitary calmness... I hate to admit sometimes it results in a slight envy for those pursuing life to the fullest. I suppose there's a balance to be learned, eh? One day at a time. πŸ’™ What tendency do you lean towards? Action seeker or calm keeper?

Throwback to that one time last year when I got stuck on a tree stump. (Okay there were multiple times.)

The forest calls to me in the silence of these tranquil mornings. Guiding my footsteps softly through the trees, drawing me deeper into its heart... And mine.

Currently relaxing on the West Coast with my bestie. Wouldn't rather be chilling with any other dude. 😎 @adventurepepper


Who really inspires you on this social platform? These days I often find myself checking back through all the beautiful dreamy landscapes by @bejamin and @marc.adamus, as well as the emotion-filled portraits by @georgiarosehardy and @laurazalenga. Whenever I need a little inspirational push, these artists never fail to get the job done πŸ‘Œ (I mean, when their work doesn't make me want to quit altogether πŸ˜‚). Now tell me! Who do you look up to on here? 😊

There's a certain loveliness to be found in loneliness. Beauty seemingly excels with the contrast of pain. The mind can be quick to tumble down darker routes, so several times a day I say the words out loud to myself: "Be here now". They pull my mind back on track to the present moment, where the thunderous waves and the quiet rain-forests and the cries of the eagles all conspire together to say "Look! Just look where you are now." Suddenly both physical and mental pains aren't such a hardship, but a reminder of being part of an incredible journey. The human absence is not a desolate roar of isolation, but a peaceful serenity. And I feel a strengthening connection to the roots of creation. And a renewed gratefulness to be here now. *Just returned from a 6-day solo trek on the West Coast Trail... It was tough, much needed and absolutely stunning, to say the least. πŸ’›πŸ˜Š

I can't resist sharing this because just look at the little adorkable floof @adventurepepper and how he's such a good boy sitting and waiting with utmost patience and adoration in his eyes 😍 (not for me, but for dinner).

Going through old work and just found this outtake from a sunrise selfie session way up in the mountains a couple years ago... Still one of the most magnificent foggy sunrises I have ever seen. πŸ’›

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