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8 years ago this was my little Jude. And now he's a big 14 year old freshman in Highschool running his own coffee business! I'm so proud of my sunshine boy. If you'd like to try Jude's coffee, check out his Instagram @ravencrestcoffee !! You can order online and Jude will roast the beans and ship it to you within 2 days. His coffee is amazing, if I do say so myself!! ☕️☕️☕️

I wrote about this!! Link in profile!

Finished the last of my built-ins. This side is more dense with books because...I have a lot of books! I still like how it turned out, though. My favorite is the tiny shabby chic lamp and the Christian women writers shelf (including me!). So fun.

This is Scooter. He has come to stay with us for a few weeks while my neighbor has some work done in her backyard. Scooter belonged to another neighbor before she got him. He's sort of the neighborhood tortoise. He's huuuuuuge. Like 60 pounds. From what we can tell, he's an African Spurred Tortoise. They can live 50-150 years!!!! He's so fascinating to watch. It's like having a dinosaur in our backyard. He loves lettuce and tomatoes. And at night, he burrows himself deep beneath some bushes and low hanging trees and sleeps until like 11am the next morning! I just love animals so much!! 🐢🐢🐢

WINNER UPDATE! So happy to announce the winner of "Of Mess & Moxie" is @reneith!!
@reneith please message me your mailing address and I will get this wonderful book in the mail to you pronto. :) XO. CONGRATS! 💗.
Just me and a few of my friends. And one of them has a NEW BOOK BABY! And I get to give you a copy!! Look at @jenhatmaker 's new book #ofmessandmoxie !!! I've already underlined half the book and laughed so much and felt so much better about LIFE!! To win a copy of Jen's awesome new book, just leave a comment tagging a friend!! I'll message the randomly chosen winner by Friday. 💗💗💗💗 YAYAYAY!!!

So I got back home on the same day North Korea apparently threatened nuclear war and I was like: EVERYTHING IS FINE WE ARE ALL FINE LET'S REARRANGE THE BOOKCASES AGAIN!!
And let's be honest: who wants to look at backwards books anyways? If the world is ending, I at least want to see the proper titles of my books no matter what Pinterest says, OK?? And now my friends are back. My beloved books are back and here to stay.
And now I feel much better. Thank you, Jesus. Time for celebratory margaritas!! 🍸

My youngest child, Joss. She's not a baby anymore but she'll always be MY baby. 💜

Letting go is extremely difficult for me. I'm a champion clinger. A white-knuckled grasper.
I retreat to California's central coast to remind myself that, like sand slipping through my fingers, I cannot hold on forever. I must let go.
I am terrified to relax my grip, to loosen my fist, to release.....what if by letting go I never again have what I need to survive? What will happen if I fall? Who will catch me?
Tonight, as I say my prayers before sleep I repeat a verse that has comforted me over the years. "These three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13
Love remains. Even when nothing else does. Love is the greatest remain-er. And there is a love that is everlasting, a love that never fades with time, a love that knew me long before I was born, and will draw me close at my last breath.
God is love. I rest in that.
Give it to God and go to sleep. 💗

I need to live here. There is truly no other place on earth where I feel so at home. At peace. #Cambria #fiscaliniranch

Rainbow through the mist. @visitcambria

My soul finds rest by the sea.

That twinlife tho.
It's been years since they wore matching outfits. But we found this cute little dress and they BOTH wanted to wear it so we bought two. I thought this stage was over but I gotta say it made me happy to see them twinning again. :)

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