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Elizabeth Cathcart  Life seen through the eyes of a lost, but almost found, teenage girl...scratch that. I'm completely lost.

It's times like these when you know it will be hard. Not having my dad around to wish me a happy 16th birthday floods my eyes with tears. My body aches of sorrow every time I think of him. But then I realize he's always with me; I can feel it. I love you daddy, I'm always thinking about you. Together forever. ❀

I am truly grateful to have the friends and family I have in my life. From happy tears to sad tears, laughing hard and being loud, these are the things that make you realize how lucky you are. God blessed me with beautiful people in my life and that's all I could ever hope for. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you guys so much. ❀ @mikaylatownend @kfitty_1997 @kirstkariappa @zkahiel @rachrlt @cassandracrc @meganndavidsonn

Gonna miss this goofball.

Now that is a big ass tree.

Chilling at my boy JAM's crib. (John A Macdonald) 😏

Love this. :)

I just want you. End of discussion.

Keepin' it real with @khalid_ghadie in class. Miss this RB πŸ’”

I miss you and how we used to be together. I didn't realize that you made me happier than I thought I could be. We brought out the best in each other and I want that back. Things never should've turned out the way we did; now all we need to do is start over.

Welcome August. Or should I say the National Goat Cheese month of the USA. Exciting things happening...vacation, tattoo, birthday, possibly a pup. Hope this month is a good one. 🌞

Found this on my phone...classic. @mikaylatownend

Since the 1st grade up until beginning of 10th grade, I have been bullied for my weight. It all started when Ms. Clark gathered the entire class together, lined us up, and weighed us to find out who the fattest kid in the class was. I was the fattest girl. Since then, I has been made fun of for my weight up until I moved to Ottawa in grade 7. But, the bullying continued. Boys called me whale, made whale noises, and rumour went around that I have thunder thighs. In the 8th grade, I starved myself until I past out in the shower. I realize I need to eat. How will I see progress? Well, it finally hit me that in order to see change, I need to make an effort. I will never know what's it's like to look in the mirror and call myself beautiful, but I will sure as hell work my ass off to try.

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