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Elizabeth Baxter  Life with my boys—Bill, Jack, Will & Sam—Wedding and Life Photographer. Lover of good food, family and life's big and little adventures 🌿Pennsylvania


So many favorites from today—but for the moment I think this light hearted beauty sums it pretty well. #elizabethbaxterphotography

Toward the end of today's wedding we were out taking incredible sunset bride and groom portraits and look who I see off in the distance—my crew! 😍

In North Carolina for a wedding tomorrow! After a nine hour drive it's hard to beat jumping around a hotel room, splashing in the bathtub and cuddling up in a big fluffy bed. #baxterbrotherlife

Just love. Complete adoration and love for these two humans. #samwiseellis

We always love any chance to do life with our favorite Morris crew. ❤️ It's been a full four days of visiting and productivity (eating and talking and working and laughing while our kids have fun together.) Grateful for these friends.

Jack's first lost tooth! • As parents how often do you remember that your kids need to learn *everything* from you? Like a month or so ago it struck me... Jack had no idea that he's going to lose his teeth soon! So as the wise mother I am I shared this information with him. Many tears, heartbreak and exclamations of "but I looove my teeth—they're beautiful!" later we moved along and assured him it will be fine and happen when it needs to. Fast forward to Friday when cousin Emily came over to our house eagerly showing Jack her first lost tooth! I saw his eyes become concerned as he observed the situation... he feigned a smile and nervously moved along. Then yesterday we were out to dinner and while chomping on a chicken tender the little tooth was gone! He laughed with a strange excitement. No heartbreak like I expected, just all happiness! These are sweet things to work through with each kiddo and all their quirks and different worries. • Also, my actual favorite part about it is when we told him he should check under his pillow in the morning for a treat... he was ecstatic about this unusual proposal... this morning he came into our room a couple hours earlier than normal gave a us a big hug and "thank you! the candy was good." And we had visions of him sitting in his dark bed devouring a whole bag of m&ms before the rest of us woke up. 😅#jackdonaldbaxter

Can I share something real with you all? I have a very tender spot in my heart for mini cannoli. I mean the big ones are great (termini bros all the way!)! But many a city wedding or dol party lays out a lovely dessert spread toward the end of the event, and well... about that time when all the family you've been photographing all day say "please! Go eat some dessert!!" And you don't want to be rude so... you grab a quick cup of hot coffee and partake in however many mini cannoli are appropriate for one professional person to eat... at once... in a public space. Thank you city venues for always providing me with my cannoli fix. ❤️

This shot is titled: Samwise contemplates existence. 😅

Grandpa Ellis sent my mom home from Indiana this past week with a hearty armful of tomatoes. Any excuse to make a giant board worth of bruschetta is approved of around here. Delicious and something special about a little extra grandpa love going into today's dinner. (Also, swipe for a couple more sweet moments from the backyard ❤️) #baxterfamilyeats

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning." - Fred Rogers • So grateful for all the wide-eyed wonder and learning about new places and things for these guys this past week. Here's my "Jack's First Day of Kindergarten!" And "Will's First Day of Preschool!" post (I'm loving all the fresh clothes and adorable back-packed kids!) from Rocky Mountain National Park the other day. And excited for so much happy learning outside, marveling at the world around us, reading good books and being together. • Also! I just really love this photo of them loving life with their sweet cousin Laura. ❤️ #baxterbrotherlife

The hour long drive through Rocky Mountain National Park was probably the most stunning thing we've seen. So beautiful and vast and varying. We all loved every bit it.

We've spent the last nine days in Colorado. So grateful for the fun and seeing and experiencing of completely new things. We've had dirt covered and tired boys every night and that is absolutely the sign of a good time. 😅 #baxterbrotherlife

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