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Elizabeth Baxter  Life with my boys—Bill, Jack, Will & Sam—Wedding and Life Photographer. Lover of good food, family and life's big and little adventures 🌿Pennsylvania

I know, I know—you all say—it's been too long since we've seen a photo of your boys piled into a bed asleep. So I'll oblige. 😄 For me what this one lacks in good light and clarity is made up for by the connection—I love their sweet hands connecting one to the other. And nothing else is like the peace of the morning when I look at these guys side by side and realize how sweet it is that they have each other. #baxterbrotherlife

Our Will is 4 today. He *loves* his brothers. He's silly and the best at playing (I love how good he is at playing—give him toys or a stick or a cardboard box or a bowl and he and his big brother will do something great with it😅) and he's smarter everyday. It is just the greatest joy for him to be ours. #williamjamesbaxterv

Today is the birthday of my sweet sister @abbiebossom! I was looking through photos of us from the last year or two and there were a lot that I love—but something about this squinty-eyed, laughing, not-a-care-joy in being together—I just kept coming back to it. Abs, you are are just a delight. You're kind and funny, and beautiful and such a loving wife and most fun mom and I wish I could be with you today. I love how much our kids and husbands love each other. As much as I miss you, I love how you're thriving in Colorado and I love how much we get to cherish and don't take for granted every moment spent together because of it. I'm grateful for you and so glad to have you as such a favorite person and friend. I love you!

We had the best day today at the zoo celebrating our absolute favorite four year old. Sweaty worn out boys, sunshine, excitement and dinner out—it felt like vacation and was good for our hearts.

Last week I was organizing photos for my website and I came across this one of the sweet Sacks kids. It stopped me in my tracks and slowed me down as it got me reminiscing about these four and their mom and dad and their grandma all whom we love dearly. You all are on my heart again today. So grateful for the kind and loyal and fun friend that David was to my family and the generous, encouraging and challenging photography mentor that he was to me. So much love to you all today.

Went out for some fresh #elizabethbaxterphotography team headshots today and @carolineshorey snapped a couple photos of us. And I love this one because it feels so much like life with each other right now… I don’t know why but something about the last couple months… maybe we’ve gotten funnier? I don’t know but the amount of laughter is just great. I’m so glad we’re hysterical.

He's all about getting ahold of my phone or camera to go around snapping pictures—it's a fun little eye into being a six year old. Every shot of us is from below looking like a couple of giants, his favorite toys, a half eaten peanut butter and jelly or the other day 30+ perfectly crisp and well composed shots of the episode of curious George they were watching. Love my #jackdonaldbaxter

These sorts of kind words from our past bride @eeemmagay are the best—this is exactly how we hope to make our couples feel! — "These photographs are the most amazing things I have ever laid eyes on. Neither I nor my family can stop looking at them. We are eternally grateful to you for capturing this day so beautifully, in a way that somehow complements our memories of the weekend without overshadowing them. You are amazing. AMAZING I TELL YOU. Thank you SO SO SO much!" ❤️ #elizabethbaxterphotography

Adventure is out there! 🗻 A little mountain climbing... you know... in the form of scaling the rocky cliffs of this giant pile of gravel/rocks at the park. They've seen the actual Rocky Mountains, but when they reached this summit they cheered and hugged and marveled at the views with almost as much magic in their eyes. #baxterbrotherlife

Spent a chilly afternoon in Central Park with these two. It was beautiful and cold but the fun and glowing sun definitely over matched temperature! So great to spend this time with Melissa & Dan and capture their funny, and natural easygoing selves. #elizabethbaxterphotography

Snow day food is of the utmost importance over here! • Bill has been reading the "The Essentials of Italian Cooking" by Marcella Hazan and we've been talking about it...possibly too much. 😅 But thankfully we are both equally heart invested in the act of cooking, in its smells and it's sounds and it's satisfaction and all the enjoyments produced by it and we haven't bored each other yet by over-talking everything we make. • Bolognese and focaccia (with a hefty amount of butter!) for dinner—this was all Bill today and *so* good. #baxterfamilyeats

Spring day two. 👊🏻 I always come real close to choosing to not get outside on snow days—the bundling and cold and wetness is a lot—but so glad when we do! Because it's fun and real life magic out there. So excited for warmth but with another practically perfect snow day in the books it's hard to complain. ✨

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