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☼ Elizabeth Andrews ☼  elizabeth marie *✧:・✧ philadelphia elizabethmaiandrews@gmail.com

when your best friend is so short that she makes you look like a scarecrow (im not even that tall)

wishing i had pho

it's 7:46 and all i can think about is how much i want taco bell

channeled my inner coachella today since i'm stuck in philadelphia (spot my pug in my sunglasses)

today was so warm, i spent my night smiling more than ever and then ate a lot of sushi so it's been the best day i've had in a long time.

i just realized i have this bralette top on in like 5 pictures but i swear i only wear it once a week, it just looks so cute in pictures (lizzie mcguire you are an outfit repeater)

rip to last weekend and the pink. i know it's thursday but does anyone wanna pretend it's wine wednesday with me

i got a little more added on to my arm last week and i'm so in love with it (also back to my monotone self for a lil bit)

tomorrow is st. patrick's day but is it ok to drink wine instead of beer?

my silver hair will last about three more hours tonight until it's gone again

does anyone else want to boycott snow with me because i'm ready for sunny weather already

nacho queen

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