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Elizabeth Panter Mac Donald 

Letting her break all the no no's today. Every fish needs to be watered. #aliceynajrahn

Making up from my boo time missed Monday visit.

Having some Spring like fun in the grass at meme's house.

Playing barnyard animals at meme's adding cows chickens and baby horses fools #aliceynajrahn #barnyardfun

After returning from our weekend trip and finding a bag of flour cornmeal and noodles under our bed we bought safety latches. Guess it's working #adoptdontstop #catsofinstagram

When you sponsor your grandson at his elementary school for a fun run in turn you get a thank you ❤❤❤

This grumpa is waiting for his Tate T Burger to come play trains.

Is it wrong to pick up your grandson from school early just because you don't want his strawberry milkshake to melt. Nope not in this meme.'s 👀 eyes...#memesrule

Even in the WNC mountains we get awesome sunsets.

Just missing these two