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Eliza McCartney  New Zealand Pole Vaulter 💪🏼


What an absolute privilege to see these beautiful Tuatara in the native sanctuary on Young Nick’s Head. We are so lucky to have such special species in NZ🦎

How amazing to see all the kids braving the weather and participating in the North Island Colgate Games today! I felt quite lucky to be handing out medals to our up and coming athletics stars ⭐️🏃🏽‍♀️#40thcolgategames #kiwikids

Today was the best training session I could have hoped for to end the year! Not only was it the first week back vaulting in almost 6 months but I also managed a new 6 stride pb of 4.00m 🙌🏼 Very happy girl ☺️

Good luck to all the young athletes training hard for the 40th Colgate Games! Remember the most important thing is to get out there and try your best ☺️

IT’S FRESH NZ BLUEBERRY SEASON!! These beauties are one of my favourite summer treats and they are in season now, ready for you all to eat up 😋 Who doesn’t love a big, juicy blueberry in summer!? Boomerang credited to @urbanlistakl @blueberriesnz #inseason #nzblueberryseason

It’s coming up to my favourite time of year 🎉 but while we wish for presents some children and families around the world are wishing for peace and a full tummy. Well, we can make a difference by purchasing a Smile Gift on the World Vision website (link in bio). By doing this you will be donating a unique present to a family in need. It could be a goat, education, school books, or even garden tools! Aaaaand when you do purchase a Smile Gift you can choose one of 4 special cards, but make sure you pick my card hehe. Make a difference this year and support those who need it ☺️ @worldvisionnz #smilegift #makeadifference

My baby boy is getting big 🙈

Just another week 🙃 #alwaysupsidedown

For the next 30 days I challenge you to switch out sugary drinks and choose water instead! Sugary drinks are full of empty calories with no nutritional value, and on top of that the acidity eats away at your teeth 😬 Choosing water is such an easy start to a healthier life! Join the Switch to Water challenge with the NZ Dental Association😁#healthylifestyle

Coach Jeremy still showing us up, but I think first one down definitely wins 😌 #SuperCoach

A massive good luck to all the athletes competing in the Halberg Junior Disability Games over the weekend! Thank you so much for inviting me to the opening ceremony, it was inspiring to meet some of you and see the excitement you all have to get out there and compete. Go hard and have fun 💪🏼

We are only 6 months out from the Commonwealth Games! It's an incredible honour to be able to follow in the footsteps of our greatest athletes and wear the fern with pride 🌿 #earnthefern

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